Obama seeks to reassure Saudi Arabia over Iran, Syria

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saudia wrote:

Its not Sunni Muslims, its the House of Sauds who want to be protected.

Why would the Kingdom want protection? So they can continue to be rich and control the people.

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moneyzoo wrote:

No, no, you g-damd idiot. Russia, to RUSSIA!!!

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westernshame wrote:

“whom fear that Shi’ite Iran will take advantage of any reduction in international pressure to spread its influence by supporting co-religionists.”

if i’m understanding this correctly, they’re fear Iran will do exactly what the Sunni Saudi’s are doing……..

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RSchuckman wrote:

This article doesn’t even mention China’s possible purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia using yuan, thereby avoiding use of the petrodollar. This is on top of China’s deal to buy Russian energy with yuan. The ongoing movement away from using the dollar as the world’s reserve currency will greatly impact the US economy. This issue is connected, of course, with Iran and it’s oil, but this article makes no mention of any of that, only the Shia/Sunni divide.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

House of Saud should be put on trial along with Assads of Syria. House of Saud is a nest of poisonous snakes. This BS so called royals who were robbers are criminal through and through. So US President should avoid them as they will fall like all ME criminals have fallen in the near past because people power and march of freedom & democracy will sweep them to the gutters where they belong.

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stambo2001 wrote:

Think Obama will give the Saudis a lecture on gay rights?!? Or how about demanding a more democratic government? Nope. Funny how American politicians forget all about human rights or democracy when they visit Saudi Arabia. Isn’t that the same country were it’s illegal for women to drive? Ah, American hypocrisy at its finest.

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moneyzoo wrote:

Hmm, isn’t that what he done said to our buddy in Eygpt???

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tony4 wrote:

The walls are closing in on Obama.He has pretty much failed in everything he’s done, and our children are going to pay for it. The others who should pay are the Dems who back him on everything. Isn’t it interesting that the Senators who are in trouble are now proposing various bills to “fix” Obamacare? They knew it was bad to begin with.

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madmatt wrote:

The House of Saud and their kindred souls in the Bush administration should of been executed as the terrorist slavers they are after 911.

But hey when 16 of the terrorists are Saudi filth what better chance to attack Iraq.

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carlmartel wrote:

In 1996 and 1998, Osama bin Laden declared war on the US for six reasons. The first was US support for Israel. The second was US support for Arab dictators and monarchs. The third was US bases on the Arabian Peninsula. The main reason for US support for Arab kings and dictators and for US bases on the Arabian Peninsula is to defend Israel. His forces successfully attacked US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the USS Cole in Aden in 2000, and the Twin Towers and Pentagon in 2001.

Most Arab “monarchs” were elevated from tribal chiefs by European colonial powers. The new “monarchs” were the tribal chiefs who “cooperated” the most with the European colonial powers.

Ibn Saud helped British Colonel T. E. Lawrence sabotage the Turkish supply lines in WWI, so the British Empire made Ibn Saud king of Arabia. Ibn Saud changed the name to Saudi Arabia to cement his claim to rule.

As long as the US protects Israel, aids Arab kings and dictators, and keeps US bases on the Arabian Peninsula, al Qaeda will attack the US and its allies. It is likely to be a long war.

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IslamBlows wrote:

The “king” was kissing OUR ass when Saddam invaded Kuwait.
Now, our president kisses his?

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unionwv wrote:

tony4 said it well.

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Mylena wrote:

What’s the obsession, about getting close relationships with foreign countries? China, Africa, South Arabian country. What is all about?Actually I do not understand the concept. Maybe the ones that right now enjoy the country’s power, want to be accepted by the rest of the world, more than their countries?

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VultureTX wrote:


“The main reason for US support for Arab kings and dictators and for US bases on the Arabian Peninsula is to defend Israel. ”

Oil is the reason. Israel has been routinely defended by the US 7th fleet and bases in southern europe throughout its history, but thanks for playing “blame the jews” anyway.

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carlmartel wrote:


Stupid lies won’t help America in the war with al Qaeda. The US supports Jordan’s king; Jordan has no oil; but Jordan has signed a peace treaty with Israel. The US supports Egypt’s dictators; Egypt has little oil; but Egypt has signed a peace treaty with Israel. The US supports Morocco’s monarch; Morocco has little oil; but Morocco does not attack Israel. The US supported Tunisian dictators; Tunisia had no oil; but Tunisia did not attack Israel.

Finally, you are too stupid to understand or too dishonest to admit that I did not take any sides on the issue. Al Qaeda is the entity that issued the threats and launched the attacks. I served in the US military for 34 years, and I have warned America of the consequences of its policies. It is for a majority of Americans to determine if they want to continue those policies or change them.

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VultureTX wrote:

And the US the world and you are worried about Morroco attacking Israel. and name the US bases in Jordan and Egypt, and people call me a one issue poster when the support of foreign dictators has so many other pre requisite in Foreign policy.

BTW the US support to the Saudi Monarchy goes back to the 30′s , when the US had zero support for jews in Palestine (words but no actual support). so that fits how with your logic? right it doesn’t nor wsa the us forces in Saudi to protect israel. They were there to prevent Israel from invading across Jordan into Iraq who was lobbing threats/attacks/etc at the jews.

/like I said OIL.

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joe123456789 wrote:

It just shows how insecure the Saudis are.

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mrtcbear wrote:

Any deal that doesn’t include eliminating the saudi royal family isn’t good for saudis or americans.

saudi arabia is a much bigger threat to average americans than iran – they have taken every chance they have had to extract capital from our country and protecting these SoSs isn’t in our long term national interest.

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justsayin wrote:

Now don’t you worry, Mr. Saudi Arabia. If Obama said he won’t let Iran go nuclear, then you can rest assured he won’t let Iran go nuclear. Obama’s a man of his word. Well, yes, there’s the “you can keep your doctor” thing, but what about when he told Putin that after the election he could be more flexible? Did he not keep his word? And he’s not done flexing yet. Yes, don’t you worry. When Iran actually goes nuclear, Obama will protest that “nobody could have known” and he will comfort you with lots of nice-sounding words about disarmament, red lines, and peace in our time.

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ChangeIranNow wrote:

The Obama administration remains committed to appeasement masquerading as diplomacy. If sanctions are effective, tighter sanctions would advance our aims — even more effectively. Our national policy should be nothing short of forcing Iran to give up their nuclear ambitions, not to elicit worthless promises from a relentless exporter of terrorism.

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Mason1954 wrote:

Shame on Obama going to Saudi Arabia.

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Notaneocon wrote:


Thanks Mr. Netanyahu. We have heard enough of your BS. Please go back and take care of your 200+ nuclear weapons and the stockpile of CWs you have been hiding (wink, wink) from the world.

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Segret87 wrote:

So now the cat is out of the bag. Obama’s war on Syria had everything to do with pleasing Saudi Arabia and nothing to do with humanitarian issues or democracy. In fact, it is quite obvious that Obama is supportive of Saudi dictatorship – an extension of which is the Al-Qaeda.

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westernshame wrote:

RSchuckman wrote:

“This article doesn’t even mention China’s possible purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia using yuan, thereby avoiding use of the petrodollar.”

just to add a few more countries that moved or were moving away from the US dollar as its reserve currency, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

does anyone see a pattern here?

when the government cites “US interests” as justification for military action, legal or illegal, this is what they are talking about, not human lives.

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carlmartel wrote:

If a nation gives arms and/or money to one side in a war, it makes itself a legal target for the other side in that war. Since 1948, muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, have declared war on Israel. 2 of those countries, Egypt and Jordan, have signed peace treaties with Israel. Since 1948, the US has allowed or supported covert and/or overt financial and military aid for Israel, making the US a legal target for those muslim countries at war with Israel, including Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden and 15 of the 9-11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. As long as the US supports Israel, the US will be a target for the muslims, including some from Saudi Arabia who may or may not be supported by the government or some faction of the government.

Some people may argue that those who are not supported by a regime have no legal right to fight, but they can kill or wound you in the same manner as “official” soldiers. You will be just as dead or in just as much pain whether the person who shoots or bombs you is an “official” soldier or not. My years in the US military were spent training and advising unconventional soldiers, and they can be just as deadly, or more deadly, than regular troops. The US should have learned this on 9-11, but, based on comments that I read, Americans have not learned this lesson after 13 years of war. As long as the US supports Israel, the US will be at war with much of the muslim world including muslims who live in the US and are US citizens. We learned this lesson from John Muhammed, the Washington DC sniper, in 2002 to Major Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, in 2009. That is our real problem with Saudi Arabia and its Wahabi version of Sunni Islam that Osama bin Laden followed and that others continue to follow.

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Antoniov64 wrote:

Reassurance? Coming from the indecisive inefficient golfer? I don’t think so.

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17plusOne wrote:

Dear President Putin,
Thank you for honoring the principles of Democracy — life, liberty, equality, freedom, human rights, prosperity, independence, and family values. These were the divine principles that founded our America.
I hope someday the United States of Arrogance (USA) can embrace these principles, also, and will stop killing babies.
God bless you, Sir, and God bless Russia, the land of Democracy.
With love, from The Bodyguard.

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