Another earthquake rattles southern California following 5.1 quake

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gregbrew56 wrote:

I felt it down near the beach. Upstairs in a two storey wood frame stucco house. Sharp jolt, then lots of rolling. Duration about 20 seconds.

Mar 28, 2014 12:43am EDT  --  Report as abuse
talkinghead52 wrote:

I abhor earthquakes. Especially after the big one in 1994. Fortunately I was in a shopping mall on rollers and did not feel a thing. Thank heavens I have FEMA earthquake insurance and a bolted house. I wish some of my neighbors would smarten up.

Mar 29, 2014 1:05am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Buzz_ wrote:

And as far south as San Diego!

Mar 29, 2014 1:16am EDT  --  Report as abuse
SanPa wrote:

@gregbrew55 — Same experience in central San Diego County, except the duration was under 10 seconds. The cats scattered on the initial jolt.

Mar 29, 2014 1:27am EDT  --  Report as abuse
sanojav wrote:

I felt the same in Santa Ana and it was fairly strong

Mar 29, 2014 1:45am EDT  --  Report as abuse
dcayman wrote:

This and the one last month are just precursors…brace yourselves

Mar 29, 2014 2:34am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Fr0ntSight wrote:

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got at least 1 really big one before summer is over. I felt it near marina del rey but it just felt like a slight rolling wave. Didn’t feel the jolt

Mar 29, 2014 2:56am EDT  --  Report as abuse
randallC wrote:

Orange County, Not Los Angeles as Title says. Get the information right. And why is there a quote from the Mayor of Los Angeles when they barely felt it. It hit in Orange County 20 miles from LA. How bout talking to someone in the OC. Please get useful information. This is some lazy reporting.

Mar 29, 2014 3:13am EDT  --  Report as abuse
SigmaTheta wrote:

lol I just looked at the technical data on the USGS site. Usually the local “shake map” reports are about 20% overestimated, compared to the objective measures. Only in LA…the reports received from people there are about 40% LESS than what the instruments say happened. Only SoCal residents would grossly underestimate a temblor.

Mar 29, 2014 5:02am EDT  --  Report as abuse
AfterMath wrote:

it was a side to side rolling motion where I live in OC, and lasted about 18 seconds. Hope everyone is okay up there.

Mar 29, 2014 9:50am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Jdeed wrote:

I was just saying last night while getting ready to go to bed that Cali hasn’t had a BIG one in quite awhile and was due…this is interesting.

Mar 29, 2014 12:08pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
desertares wrote:

I live in the Coachella Valley (east of PS) and felt it strongly as well.

Mar 29, 2014 12:13pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
runfast3 wrote:

Just maybe, the whole rotten state of California will slip into the ocean.

Mar 29, 2014 1:33pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

I was hoping for a vast earthquake stretching from the southern end of the Gulf of California about 100 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas and extending north northwest to Montague Island and north northwest to Los Angeles and north northwest to San Francisco and north northwest to the entrance to Tomales Bay about 1,000 feet west of Sand Point. Everyone and everything for 100 miles west of that line should break apart from the United States and Mexico to fall into the Pacific Ocean and sink beneath the waves forever. I will need to consult my spell books, the geological structures, and the fluid mechanics of the magma generated by the earth’s core along the fault lines and determine the correct crystals needed to magnify my brain waves to cause the magma to shove the earth’s crust and move it in the direction needed to cause the desired earthquake. When I achieve my desired goal, those far enough east of the desired fault line will live long enough to observe the results, and those west of that line should prepare to swim against a very powerful undertow.

Mar 29, 2014 6:13pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

P.S. I’ll get back to you on April 1.

Mar 29, 2014 6:17pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
synoptic12 wrote:


† Once again, Elohim shakes this earth by the sound of His voice. His voice can be seen, and heard, through the far reaching ends of the earth. All have seen, all have heard, and for those that have not seen, they have heard, and for those who have not heard, they have seen. Events of this nature will continue to expand, ever more present, and visible to all. In manifold ways will Elohim bring His judgment upon all, for our ever growing sins, in which are growing each day. The Eternal One begins to cleanse this world, and is giving us ample warning in advance. Not to see, or recognize the Power, is to deny the True Authority which is returning to this earth, to set up His Kingdom, for He alone is Sovereign. We hope that all may begin to understand, and see that we are living in the days of travail, and by no means shall anything be stopped. The time and hour is set to bring about change, and to renew the face of the earth. We know not the hour, for only Elohim has been reserved unto the time, neither His Son knows. Yet, Our Creator has spoken loudly many times, to awaken us from our sleep, the sleep as we have been so accustomed to. To look away, continue in our ways, not to clearly see the dire events being set into motion by Elohim, will surely be our demise. We continue in prayer, and hope that the evil, which is encompassing this world, shall be stopped.

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PAlexander wrote:

Yo carlmartel: I’m hoping that if that “big one” does strike, you will be on the water side, down and then gone, gone, gone. No one should ever wish this kind of calamity on others, nobody.

Mar 29, 2014 7:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
yinatanc wrote:

California is not the only place that’s been feeling the aftershocks of an “earthquake”. There’s been a kind of “earthquake” happening all across the country. It’s an “economic earthquake”, that’s generating “aftershock” affects throughout the workforce. Since late last December, more than two million of unemployed workers, loss their unemployment benefits. Their benefits had run out, and the senate did not pass an extension bill, to continue assisting these out of work families. For the last three months, the politicians have been playing “party politics” with these people’s lives. They have been using the unemployed as “political leverage”, and “bargaining chips”, while many of these families have loss their homes, and many have become homeless. They’ve actually loss more than their homes, they’ve also loss HOPE for the future. Several occasions the bill was put up for a vote, and on each consecutive occasion, the Republicans rejected it. Now it looks like John Boehner will reject it again, because he say’s that it’s “too late now to vote for it”. This is one of the main Republicans that is responsible for the bill not passing for the last three months. It’s sad that our once “public servants” are no longer our servants, but have become our masters. How can the lives of two million struggling, unemployed families, not matter to them?

Mar 29, 2014 7:18pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Mabolzich wrote:

Don’t like the earthquakes, mudslides, wild fires, and now tornadoes? Move!

Mar 30, 2014 10:51am EDT  --  Report as abuse
peter1950 wrote:

Has the rioting and looting begun yet?? I mean it is L.A.

Mar 30, 2014 12:19pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

It’s April 1, and those of you reading this are still alive. Have a nice day.

Apr 01, 2014 6:26pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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