U.S. congressional probe heats up as GM expands recalls

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GotDOCG wrote:

I owned a ’77 Pontiac Astra… in the following two years 1. replaced 5, count ‘em folks 5 fuel pumps. 2. transmission failed., 3. all four cylinders failed. 4.right rear shock absorber tower unit separated from the chassis… amazing all items just happen to go south after the (generous!!) 12,000 mile warranty expired… the company ran the other way… soooo, I showed up at the Chicago Auto Show in ’77 wearing a lemon yellow T-shirt with “I got suck with a lemon by Pontiac”… on the front… and “Pontiac Makes Lemons” on the back… after being stopped by dozens upon dozens of people; and 1/2 before the news media arrived, they decided to talk… at some point a salesman make the comment that they didn’t need customers like me… I took that to heart… have not set foot in any GM showroom these 37 years…

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Bobo9 wrote:

As a past supplier to GM I can tell you they pound the dickens out of all their suppliers to take an extra penny out of the cost of everything they buy.
Odds are the redesigned switch cost them 4 cents or so less, & that mentality is what drove GM for years, & now it’s got them by the short hairs.

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Overcast451 wrote:

Well, I guess they found their scapegoat.

But even if this guy did ‘sign off’ on it – I’m sure management above him, needed to also.

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Vger67 wrote:

I love my high quality, dependable, well-engineered, AMERICAN MADE Honda.

I would never buy another GM vehicle. Sold my 2003 Suburban. Honda is a much better vehicle.

This is what’s wrong with not letting companies fail: the bad ones get to stay around when they should be extinct.

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nojuan wrote:

Someone has to “sign off” on every component that goes into an automobile. The question we have to ask is did this guy have the authority to not sign off if he didn’t like the design?

During my years as a Quality Engineer I was under constant pressure to accept things that were “just a little off-spec” or were a poor design.

Did management just pick this guy to throw to the wolves?

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AZWarrior wrote:

I have had trouble with every GM car I have ever owned. I now ony buy imports. America first? No, safety for my family first.

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AlkalineState wrote:

“U.S. lawmakers probing why GM employees approved subpar switches…”

Why? Are they serious? Hmmm, why would a group of managers cut corners…..

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RetiredHappy wrote:

This isn’t a new phenomenon. GM has had ignition switch troubles since way back in the 1960s.

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Comparing 2007-2011 vehicles to cars made in the 70′s??? Who’s the dope here?

Have you seen people’s key chains? 40lbs of CRAP and “bling” hanging from a key in the ignition is going to cause problems, morons!

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docroc wrote:

So, for all the snide comments about “government motors,” it seems there were one or two problems with the company BEFORE the buyout.

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docroc wrote:

“Roger and Me” pretty well describes the GM attitude for decades. We don’t know yet if it’s better post-buyout, but it couldn’t have gotten much worse.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Have to agree with Clowardandpiven above. It is a matter of common sense not to attach much weight to a key ring. No matter what kind of car you’re driving. You don’t have to be an engineer to know….. “It’s a turny thing.” How do you know it’s a turny thing? You’re turning it. Too much weight swinging on your chain-o-crap, and it will turn itself back the other way, given time.

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mountainrose wrote:

Because they’re GM. Subpar parts are standard in all GM products, don’t care how expensive they might be, Standard GM.Thats how they’ve always “operated”

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cheeze wrote:

Being a guy who drives all kinds of cars, from Rolls Royce, to Cadillacs Gm really took a nose dive in the the early 2000′s. They have become a car company only worried about profits. They should go out of business, they cannot compete with today’s more reliable foreign car makers. I was a totally sold guy on GM in the 1980′s, but left them in the early 2000′s when I bought a sport utility and had nothing but repair bills. Good bye GM it’s a shame you could not learn from the foreign car makers how to build a reliable vehicle.

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Louieloueye wrote:

Subpar? Maybe I can believe that. Is that why most to all replacement aftermarket parts claim they are way better than OEM?

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10x25mm wrote:

Once upon a time, all the American automobile companies had senior engineers in their 50′s and 60′s individually responsible for each and every mechanism in a car. This changed in the 1979 – 1983 recession, when the accountants convinced management that the ‘old hands’ were nothing more than dead weight. The purge of genuine senior engineers was complete by 2000 at American automakers.

Today, 20 something engineers, often at suppliers, do the design work and 30 something engineers at the automakers sign off on mechanisms which neither one fully understands. Institutional memory is nonexistant at today’s American automakers and suppliers.

Foreign automakers have not gutted their senior engineering ranks. It shows in their relative recall statistics.

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jhonnydeppd wrote:

very nice

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GMscrewedMe wrote:

GM almost killed me when my power steering went out. On top of that, I paid over 1200 dollars to fix the problem. Not surprisingly my 2007 G6 is not on the list, GM wins again.

Hope they get sued for billions.

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Errata wrote:

Q: Why did GM approve substandard switches?

A: Because they manufacture substandard automobiles.

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LilyDark wrote:

I know that everybody is talking about the GM ignition problem and recall, apparently there are a whole bunch of law firms that are finally filing suit. Dicello law firm (from ohio) and g&e – a massive class action firm (I think from Chicago) at currentlegalcases.com are some of them.

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Judypiesco wrote:

I was driving my 2006 Cadillac STS in the center lane of very heavy, rush hour traffic, when the accessory light suddenly flashed on and the car began to decelerate for no apparent reason. It was very difficult for me to get an opening to enable me to move into the right land so thqt I could pull off the road. Moreover, the power steering stopped working. It had taken me a while to realize the engine had shut down. I waited a few minutes and the car started up so, since I was only a few miles from home, I was able to drive home, but every few minutes it shut down again and I had to pull off the road and wait. I managed to get home and the next morning took the car to the local Cadillac dealership, which was close to my home. They charged me plenty to fix the car and told me that the problem was probably attributable to the fact that I sometimes left the remote in my car overnight.

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