Unidentified drone crashed on South Korean border island: military

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Has NKorea suddenly become the latest nation to consider unmanned killing machines acceptable ?
Perhaps Britain and Americas expertise at using Reapers in Pakistan,Afghanistan, Iraq, and other `unruly countries ` who `harbour ` terrorists is the latest piece of equipment that prnk are interested in mastering.
Who knows, one day maybe a NKorean version of a Hellfire missile will be used to eradicate those deemed ` terrorists` by Nkorea.
Duck n cover those in Washington, the Pentagon, and London who plan the slaughter of innocents who happen to be in close proximity to ` terrorists`, and are then discarded with a wave of the hand as `collaterall damage`-a horrible phrase used to justify corporate slaughter of humans valued as nothing.

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Darkdart wrote:

This is HILARIOUS! Not only is North Korea to blame, but who else but Kim’s regime could have gotten that pastel blue paint job? It’s like they used clearance car paint from the 60′s! And on NBC.com, they just happen to show the two photos. The one here with the crashed drone and the same ones on their carriers during a downtown parade. ROFLMAO! They’re identical! Was North Korea to blame? I can see Kim sitting in his easy chair staring at an old Sony Trinitron with a joystick in his hands…. “))

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