New York high school student accepted at all eight Ivy League schools

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desire847 wrote:

He pretty much hit every minority check on the list. Not so incredulous.

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threadbare wrote:

acceptances to the ivies are ponzi schemes aimed at later rent extractions. any institution interested in education for real would know one kid is surely as good as the next one. they all should just build trailers to hold as many students as those wish to enroll.

numbers in a class do not affect the quality of the education nor the students–mooc classes have deeper and wider discussions on any topic than their in classrooms classmates can ever generate!

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datsneefa wrote:

If he keeps working hard he could be the next Attorney General of Massachusetts

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studyingnomad wrote:

Lol, desire847 is jealous.

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realist50 wrote:

obstreperous – without taking anything away from what this young man accomplished, it is a simple fact that being African-American impacts one’s chances of being accepted at almost all universities, including the Ivy League. A person who is non-Hispanic white would have a lower probability of acceptance than a completely identical application from an African-American.

Without knowing exact details, it is impossible to say if race made a difference in this case.

I’ll also say that I have to think that someone going to the effort to apply to all 8 Ivy League schools is very rare. I’m sure that lots of people apply to 4 or 5, but not all 8.

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Overcast451 wrote:

The above ‘bickering’ over the merits of this guy getting accepted is exactly why people like Dr. King did NOT want ‘special’ treatment, like affirmative action.

The concept was *equal* treatment.

I realize racism exists still in the small minds of people who just aren’t as smart as others, but no ‘law’ will remove that from society. The hearts of people must change, but then that pretty well applies to all the problems that humanity brings upon itself.

Regardless of what got him accepted – he had the motivation to work and try for it; and if he keeps that up – he’ll do great in life. It most certainly beats the countless others who expect a free ride in life, like someone else ‘owes’ them something for some reason.

In any event – congratulations Kwasi.

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Dr_Steve wrote:

Smart kid – wants to study medicine instead of law.

Apr 02, 2014 2:50pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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