GM avoided defective switch redesign in 2005 to save a dollar each

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John0789 wrote:

Good to know what the monetary value of life costs according to GM: $1.00.

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mb56 wrote:

Just another data point that exposes the shear nonsense in the often quoted pro-business mantra that “Companies will regulate themselves”… or that they will do “what is right”. Time and time again we see what utter baloney that is.

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Lilydaisy wrote:

Time to get serious with these American automakers that deliberately put unacceptable parts on cars for average Americans to drive, and refuse to purchase them. I’ll never again trust these automakers.

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FRE wrote:

According to the article, and other articles like it, when the engine is cut off, the power steering and power brakes are disabled. That is misleading.

The fact is that although the booster for the power steering stops working, the car can still be steered; it just takes more muscle power. Similarly, although the vacuum booster for the power brakes stops working, the brakes can still stop the car; it simply requires more force on the brake pedal.

All cars are subject to various mechanical failures. These articles should educate the public on how to cope with mechanical failures so that the failures will be less likely to cause accidents.

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BiteRight wrote:

Save peanut to lose big a factory, in anticipation of a scam never uncovered, assuming customers and regulators are all idiots. I think my lottery ticket stands better chance to win jackpot. Shameful.

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GSRyder wrote:

Smoking gun, changing a part specification, not a corresponding change in the number … That is out right deceit, this is a poor, but clear attempt to cover the problem . The old parts and the new, according to this fraud are all the same . The only problem, they’re all trash ….

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akita96th wrote:

Prof that corporations always have your safety first on their minds..not

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Wow black and white example of corporate greed and american car makers cutting corners.

Like the new Holden’s here in Australia manufactured by yours truly, have poor fuel pumps which results in destruction of your cars camshaft that costs thousands to repair! Sad to hear that $1 could of saved lives and prevented so many accidents!

SHAME on you GM! That’s why i’ll stick to buying Japanese made automotive’s thank you.

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Andrewp111 wrote:

Another black mark on Gubbermint Motors. Now why did Bush and Obama save GM from a proper bankruptcy?

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Overcast451 wrote:

So… what is it going to cost now GM?

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moonhill wrote:

When I was looking to purchase another car a few months ago my mechanic told me to stay away from GM products. Guess he was right. And to think that taxpayers had to bail out a company like this! We should have let them go under.

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ragnar1 wrote:

gm was “saved” because the destruction of the supply chain would have gutted the midwest of jobs and american tecnological capacity.
also, would have bankrupted ohio,kentucky and other states.
2 bad alternatives but the last one was worse(at the time)

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westernshame wrote:

wow, what a disgrace

there needs to be criminal charges brought against the people responsible for that decision.

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mlipka98 wrote:

Your making this trivial. Yes the past is less than $1 however to fix the problem two issues need resolution. 1) Original engineering specs need to be revised to include the part for future ignition switches. This was fixed in 2007. 2) Repair or scarp “old” assembled switches. Repair means tearing down the assembly, insert part, then reassemble. Costs? Is off-shoring less costly? Shipping back and forth, repair, etc. Or take the entire assembly and scrap it all. Costs? Yes there were lives lost but this is how GM pre-recession was thinking and at the same time already losing millions. Blame? Management and engineering. Pre-bankruptcy all debts are forgiven. Besides apologies the families should be compensated regardless. The hearings are nothing but grandstanding. Barra, for a new job starting in January this year, has a tiger by the tail to start with.

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wilhelm wrote:

yeah, Marx was wrong.

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Mylena wrote:

3 years ago I had to spend from my pocket more than 200 dollars because the light was on. From my own pocket. So, GM sahme on you!!!You are calling me about my G5 services and I did not receipt any information about the recall. It ‘s incredible. But, next time I will buy one fireing car not one made in US and not supervised, because they construct great engines but the ones that decide how to spend are very CHEAP OF MIND.

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Eric93 wrote:

This article and most of the comments here and in Congress show an incredible amount of cluelessness. The fact that 13 lives were lost is of course a shame, however considering the large number of cars with the flaw (ie a million plus) this is ‘in the noise’. There are flaws in all products by all manufacturers and in all services and in all drivers. Consider that 30,000 plus lives are lost each year in driving accidents, and probably 50-100,000 lives lost in medical screwups. All this blather by our Congressional Dolts is disturbing to watch – where we have the pot calling the kettle black. Those clowns manage to start useless wars that cost hundreds of billion of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives have incredible audacity to point fingers as they do. They should try looking in the mirror while they rant at ‘culprits’. I find it disgusting.

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searider wrote:

That’s what happens when the “bean counters’ take over management of any company….. what is “Made in USA” worth when it’s designed by an accountant instead of an engineer ????

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

But all patriotic christian americans support deregulation and the oil/guns/drug markets. So, while it’s fair to say that GM has made mistakes and seems callous, the disconnection of americans from reality and their gullibility towards various issues as long as those issue don’t directly affect them is a major contributor to the fact that these companies can get away with some stuff. It’s not until the bad has happened that we say “Hey, that’s wrong” because we are so easily misled by the lies and manipulations of the media and other facist organizations. If you want justice your going to have to elect politicians who are not preselected by the wealthy for your consideration. To do that you need to understand who controls the country and how. So, go google “who controls the US” and read. Some is incorrect and some is correct but you can figure it out, maybe. Then remember this, the people control the country when they’re not too lazy.

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Macedonian wrote:

God punished them in 2008 but the devil saved them

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