Greek PM's aide quits over purported Golden Dawn video

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Just another case of the criminal Samaras (same as he ever was) government resorting to illegal tricks and underhanded tactics to “rein in,” the meteoric rise of Golden Dawn. The system parties lie, cheat, steal and rob the Greek people blind–and when they’re called to task by the only REAL Greek political party–they seek to crush that party through all means, legal and foul.

The “New” Democracy and PASOK government is a sham. They don’t represent a democracy, they represent a two-party dictatorship, similar to what we suffer here in the USA.

In spite of all these lies and slander, Golden Dawn will win because the truth is on their side. Always has been, always will be.

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In the Video, its mentioned something which depicts the entire Truth regarding the Greek Justice system and its relationship with politicians. The guy says “who should i go say this” (to the attorney general?). “I should Whistler blow her at herself? She will put it in a file in 30 minutes” This is the entire thing about Greece. Prosecutors can file anything easily. They can hide even testimonies. TRUE STORY: In Greece Corruption and Money Laundering Prevention Unit (an understaffed department with seniors) to file a TRUE EVIDENCED ACCUSATION against a politicians (lets say you are a whistleblower) you CANNOT SENT ANYTHING ONLINE! YOU MUST SENT IT VIA POST! AND NO FILING NUMBER, no registration number, NOTHING ….If its really bad..(lets say you whitnessed the PM bribing a judge or a money transfer if you work at a bank that YOU CANT REPORT IT WITHIN THE CORRUPTED GREEK BANKS). You dont even get a registration number! Its not even checked.

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GreekAnalyst wrote:

This is not the first political scandal that the Greek Justice System is supposed to have supported the Goverment. In the ELSTAT case (who is still pending) the persons investigating the accusations tried to pursued Mrs Georganda to drop it, when she invited her to her own house (!!!) in the presence of an unknown figure. Also, its not a random fact that many accusations regarding Greek Banks are never investigated – since politically appointed Goverment Supervision, which is Mr Provopoulos is assumed to have been favourable especially regarding Piraues Bank, his ex employer who compensated him (even officially) with a large amount in millions when he dropped his D. CEO post to become the independend supervisor.

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Eleni85 wrote:

God should help the Greeks. Its unfair what happens to this country. The only way for the country to change is a new political party that will pursue the old corrupted forces. Even if that has any cost what soever to the economy. EU should not help the current government anymore. No matter the. If theywanrt a long term partner that has a changed they must help in the hard war against the country corruption

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Leras wrote:

The accusations are very important, but the government is again trying to forget them as soon as possible and focus and advertising campaigns abroad regarding its “success story” despite all economic figures and the actual situation in Greece. This case is going to be again filed and checked in 10 years, when all legal responsibilities would have been “void” (typical for Greece Justice System). Of course this is legal, since the policians voted it to be so. They have made legal to self investigate all accusations against them (even money laundering) and they have to answer to questions by their collegues. They have made it legal to compare their Incomes with their own data provided – and consider it a check. They have made it legal to make all minister decisions “beyond responsibility” of the persons who decide them. They have made it legal that if .e.g the members of the Greek Stability Fund are accused for their decisions (they Greek Public is baling out the banks with taxpayers money) they are not to be blaimed. Well irrationality is considered normal for Greece. The Tax system changed 40 times in the last 5 year and if someone doesn’t follow it, or misses an update his is not following the law. Greece has a “System of Corruption Controls” that are carefully planned, surgically placed, in order to make sure some people always do whatever they want and get away with it.

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