Iran, six powers start expert-level nuclear talks in Vienna

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StephanLarose wrote:

Israel is the only illegal nuclear weapons state in the middle east, the sanctions should be on Israel. Iran has, to date, done absolutely nothing illegal. Their rights to the entire fuel cycle, including enrichment, are guaranteed under the NPT, the burden of proof that there is a military aspect to Iran’s program lies with the West, not Iran, as there simply is no way to prove the non-existence of a thing. It’s like saying “give me proof that there’s no such thing as the tooth fairy.” The proof should be that nobody’s ever seen the tooth fairy, but if someone asks for concrete evidence she doesn’t exist, how is that possible? It isn’t. The West are just stepping to the rhythm of Israel’s fiddle. As Israel is the primary antagonist in the middle east with its violent settlers committing daily war crimes of land theft in the occupied territories, with its illegal nuclear weapons program and threats to preemptively destroy Iran on the basis of little more than emotion, with its modern apartheid state, the West should be ashamed to be associated with Israel at all. Sanction and boycott Israel.

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TruthFair wrote:

Stupid comment. You have words diarrhea and thoughts constipation.

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sabrefencer wrote:

iran balks, the EU talks, the Iranians walks (towards the bomb), the USA drinks malts…..and the world turns round and round

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okaywhatever wrote:

StephenLaRose: Iran has engaged in many illegal activities. In fact, they’ve stopped cooperating with IAEA for long periods, they have been caught twice with uranium at weapons grade levels. The Pakistani atomic energy chief admitted to helping Iran with their nuclear program. They have lied about the Arak plant. They lied about Natanz. They denied access to Parchin. Then they were caught through satellite images moving the equipment at Parchin and regrading it to hide what they were doing there. They were caught shortly after with 27% grade uranium. In 2010 Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s atomic chief and acting foreign minister, announced that Iran’s nuclear program is self-sufficient and that Iran has begun producing yellowcake, an intermediate stage in processing uranium.
Iran has never been honest about their nuclear program (except maybe since Rouhani took office). The issue with Iran and the US exceeds the IAEA because the US helped Iran create the program, trained their scientists, and built their first reactor. That came with additional agreements.
Israel may not be have signed the NPT or be a member of IAEA, but at least their consistent. They aren’t pretending to be in compliance. While Israel may be in the middle east, their neighbors in the East India and Pakistan both have nuclear weapons and aren’t members of IAEA nor have they signed the NPT. N Korea is another offender. They initially were members and then withdrew. If you’re going to criticize one, criticize them all.

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boreal wrote:

Thoroughfare or Tooth Fairy, please prove: Israel is/does not…..

1. … an apartheid terrorist state.
2. … harbor enough illegal nuclear weapons to blow to kingdom come halve of the world.
3. … the lord and master of the once free US of A.

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