Anadarko Petroleum settles U.S.-wide clean-up case for $5.15 billion

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longtail wrote:

If I get hit withe a 5 billion dollar penalty my stock probably won’t go up 13% and I’m a person the same as Anadarko.

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CliftonC wrote:


A $5 billion penalty is a hell of a lot costlier than the original $14 billion fine that the judge was originally playing with. Stockholders see that as a plus.

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Stanley7746 wrote:

So they avoid a $14 billion cost for a $5B fine, hope the Judge says NO, $14B is the damages.

Apr 03, 2014 3:45pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
djdrew103 wrote:

$14 or close to it is what they should be fined even if it shuts the company down and loses jobs. Another company will come in and buy up the skeleton and create NEW jobs. But no company can run for 85 years polluting without knowing it was. They labeled funds to be set aside in trusts to specifically pay for fines, not clean up. Far too many super sites have proven to go beyond the money set aside for clean up, and this 5.4 billion $’s will prove to be eaten up by a dozen government personnel salaries, outside costs and soon be depleted. This is another guise by government, even if the most costly fine ever for clean up, to mask the true guilt and Kerr McGee should be paying out the ying-yang for this one. These corporations are ringing true to form from sci-fi novels of horrific pollution while the massive monoliths and pyramids loom against the skyline, too big to fail. Selling out to try to slinker out from responsibility shows intentional criminal guilt and someone needs to go to jail, but the government signed an agreement to promise no further prosecution or suits against them. We the people, and our planet suffer for it, and America who we once could be proud of, has failed us once ore under corrupt management and government agencies. Justice, though it seems so cruel, would be for these prosecutors and judges along with management of Kerr McGee, to have their grandchildren suffer cancers and debilitating disease from polluted water supplies, sudden pollution clouds shifting in the wind and flying over wealthy areas, and that should be the justice God himself who ignores us, should gift these evil people with.

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