U.S. warns China not to attempt Crimea-style action in Asia

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ogobeone wrote:

One wonders what China might do if Malaysia does not satisfy its demands regarding safety of its nationals in the recent kidnapping.

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Davage wrote:

Maybe not the best move by the “diplomatic point man for East Asia.”

The US’s response to Crimea isn’t exactly something to brag about, it’s hardly a deterrent. Likewise, “warnings” are essentially a dare, they’ll do no more than anger Chinese nationalists and strengthen Beijing’s domestic political position.

Unless the point of the exercise is to taunt the PRC into actions that will further alienate it from SE Asian nations (a risky endeavor), Mr. Russel’s words seem only to show the Obama Administration’s disconnect from both worldwide and domestic opinion on the Crimea/Russia row.

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Bakhtin wrote:

China has already annexed Tibet and the Paracels, and is in conflict with just about every nation in SEA by trying to annex 90% of the South China Sea, and in conflict with Japan by trying to annex the Senkaku Islands, etc.

With a track record of seeking confrontation like that, I don’t think any warning from the US is going to have any effect.

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explorer08 wrote:

So what, exactly, would the US do if China pulls a Crimea-liked move? Bluster, give speeches, hold hearings but that’s it. There’s nothing to be done about it.

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xiechengxiong wrote:


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lkofenglish wrote:

huge story…incredibly this 777 story could be the opening for a conflict in the region…”all started by Wolf Blitzer.”

I had enough of the coverage over a month ago but still listen to see if it does have “the desired effect at some point.”

Clearly “nothing else is working” and…is it Malaysian Air? Malaysian…what’s the “E” stand for again for this flight number?

In any case “we’ve pre-positioned The Fleet now” which…incredibly…”could be construed as a hostile act” actually. The North Korean are launching “short range 100 mile rockets” and various artillery exchanges proceed apace. Kim Jung Last Un “has told his people to prepare for the worst”…which in North Korea means “really, really, really bad.”

This is total insanity…the only thing missing is…oh, wait…here comes the US President! “Just in time!”

At to think there are other people who actually want that job. To think even HE wanted that job!


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CelestialOne wrote:

Where does Obama get all this m0r0n from ?

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fyus wrote:

Us has annexed Texas and California, as well as Perto Rico and Hawaii. We see a positive move in the last decades that Mexico is gradually weighing in California and Arizona. In a half century there will be referendums about independence of those western states and then joining the Federation of Mexico. Haha.

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UrDrighten wrote:

China is the world’s largest holder of US Treasury instruments and cash. The Chinese only need to start a sell off to crash the USD, and then take out the US by accepting anything other than the dollar for purchases.

They won’t fire a shot at the US, and the US will have to let China have its way…or else.

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The USA needs to back up its words with deeds: we need to shore up our nuclear deterrent now. We’ve drawn down our nuclear arsenal to a mere shadow of its former size. It’s no coincidence that we see Russia acting up, China acting up, North Korea acting up, Iran, Syria….

Weakness breeds aggression from our enemies and contempt from our allies. Let’s not cling to dreams of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation: after Putin’s violation of the Budapest accords with Ukraine, we’d be fools if we expected Putin to comply with the START Treaty on nuclear arms. Obama’s nuclear analysts even had plans to unilaterally draw down our strategic deterrent to only 300 warheads. Such foolishness invites attack, invites a nuclear Pearl Harbor, invites a nuclear 9/11. Expect to learn that Putin and China have far more strategic nuclear assets than our inspectors and satellites have been able to find. America, don’t trust your security to Russia’s good word. Or you’ll be treated just as badly as the Ukraine, which, too, gave up its nuclear arsenal solely on Russian and American assurances guaranteeing its territorial integrity. Weakness invites attack: that’s just as true of nations as it is for any individual. American allies: you need to rely on yourselves.. America seems to have lost the will to fight, we’ve lost the will to defend our allies as we once had done.

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Realinfo4u wrote:

Paper money is just a tool to get zombies to work for the betterment or riches of the richest in the world.It does not matter what China does with US dollars.US Citizens still have self determination and will to do whatever they have to,to survive and grow.People can always trade their services or work for whatever they want from other people without the need for any currency.Having money or not is just a chain that people put on themselves.Many people need to be more creative and not think of success just in items or money.

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IvanNT101 wrote:

Well done Obama administration for putting the idea in their heads, and if they are scared of you. The US government has shown how impotent it is when it comes to dealing with it’s foes. You dare not take out children in Russia or China using your cowardly drones as you do in Afghanistan, so exactly what are you going to do?

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