Chinese ship hunting for missing Malaysia jet detects 'ping'

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jp. wrote:

too bad they don’t use the little chip that they use on dogs or a lost cell phone the police use it to fine the bad guys.

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AbbasKhan wrote:

I wish aircraft equipment wasn’t prone to lowest bidder and 30 year old tech. Pretty sure if AirLine companies cared, they could’ve opted for real time tracking of the planes and echo/ping batteries that dont run out after a few weeks :(

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leungsite wrote:

Modern China never employs assasination nor secret execution as a tool to remove a dissident, so Art wrote “China probably kills far far more people in one day just by existing in its present form” might be true in Manchuria dynasty 1644-1912 for an emperor to kill own people at pleasure order. So guessing gossip or “stereotyped bias” with no sound proof shouldn’t spread today.

Despite so, a needle is eventually found from a gigantic ocean, that’s still pretty good news to the world. Congrats to China’s concerted effort with Australia to unveil truth of a mystery.

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Art16 wrote:


Thank you for admonishing me on my comments on China. They give me motive for some additional thoughts, though not within the topic of this discussion.

I am not enamored with China nor do I wish to give them the benefit of any doubt. Their media, the internet, press, and so forth is state controlled. The communist government, in my opinion, is no more enlightened than the emperors and warlords that have ruled over time. The Nationalist government had a chance, but was overrun by Mao, who was as ruthless with his great leap forward. Tibet in the 1950′s continues to be an atrocity. Historical facts are not gossip or stereotypes and are not on the side of this country.

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WJL wrote:


What is your problem?

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worldscan wrote:

It is interesting that China, a country who until half a generation ago was known mostly for its cheap bamboo based household products, is now a leader in this high-tech search for this airplane.

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majkmushrm wrote:


ALL airfoils, jet powered and otherwise, have a characteristic stall speed, that speed at which it stops producing enough lift for the aircraft’s weight. A 777′s approach speed is 136 knots so stall speed will be a bit less. Unfortunately, water at speeds above about 80 mph is indistinguishable from a brick wall. Unless carefully ditched, no part of the airframe has a prayer of surviving intact. Furthermore, since a swept wing jet has the glide slope of a rock, the aircraft will have gone in within a dozen or so miles of when it stalled.

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DURO wrote:

Ms Leung, I speculate you are with PSO. Your claim that “modern” China “never employs assasination nor secret execution as a tool to remove a dissident” is an insult to the World’s intelligence.
For you (and your bosses in Beijing), I have a simple question: WHERE IS THE “TANK MAN”?

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Art16 wrote:


I do not understand the subject of your question. About what do you disagree?

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chazdad wrote:

Britain is also sending HMS Tireless, a nuclear submarine with sonar capabilities. Silly me, I just figured all modern military submarines would have “sonar capabilities”

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BlueCannon wrote:

Gotten used to China’s bragging about their achievement in identifying the grid location of missing plane and black box probably lying underneath, before the press release was made by leading Malaysia or Australia, the next step is they should jack up the plane and give the dead a decent funeral home long overdue.

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satori23 wrote:

Ah, I see you have the machine that goes ‘ping!’.

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GeoThermal wrote:

It would be nice if they posted a map showing the intended flight path and an X where they think the plane actually is. Journalism isn’t what it used to be.

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SaraJames wrote:

Sadly they all passed away and are buried in the ocean. Time to move on and deal with the world’s problems.

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SaraJames wrote:

Sadly, they all passed away and are buried somewhere in the ocean. Time to move on and deal with the world’s problems.

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