Thai PM's supporters head for huge Bangkok rally, rule out violence

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JPHR wrote:

Correct me if I am wrong but the amnesty was not specific for Thaksin but concerned a blanket amnesty also covering for instance Suthep and could have served to consign all this political strife to history.

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I feel so sorry for the Thai people. The government is so awful. One only has to look at the names and do some research on the net to see what type of people they are. “Some of us are equal but some of us are more equal than others.” Failed vote grabbing schemes that have lost the countries hundreds of millions of dollars, poor farmers not being paid and a rice scheme that has knocked Thailand off being the number one rice exporter in the world. A PM who to say the very least is a totally ill equipped for the job and a history of terrible thug behaviour. So sad. I only hope the true democratic protesters who know what is going on manage to win their struggle for true freedom and democracy against the thugs and their awful government. All my Thai friends are sad now because the way this government behave towards its people. Greed and more greed. So sad.

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JPHR wrote:

Actually Thailand isn’t a democracy yet as is demonstrated by the senate still consisting for 50% of appointed members instead of being elected. The old establishment still controls those 50%. Looks like the old establishment also has a disproportional influence over the Constitutional Court and the NACC. Good guess that the 27 senate members now lodging the new complaint aren’t even elected themselves. Though much noise has been made over the blanket amnesty the government planned covering Thaksin indeed but also Suthep, most probably the real reason is that the government also planned to change to a fully elected senate, which would destroy the failing hold on power of the establishment. Still at some point hopefully in the near future that establishment must be forced to accept that democracy is the only game in town. Proclaiming to be a Peoples Democratic Reform Council while actually obstructing democracy simply isn’t credible. Those still unidentified reforms the PDRC aren’t sufficient to cover up the fact that the PDRC simply hasn’t won any election over the last decade and is now trying to keep its failing hold on power by holding the political system and the economy hostage .

Apr 06, 2014 5:46am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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