Hungary re-elects maverick PM, far-right opposition gains

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boreal wrote:

The much touted suffer faking Hungarian judiciary system is in dire need of repair. Old focalized judges past the ripe age of 70 don’t want to retire to give space for the new generation. They feel it’s their god given right to hang on to power they graciously inherited from the old communist pinko crypto era. Just now there is an interesting situation evolving in Hungary. A triple murderer got life sentence at one court. Another court is debating if his life sentence is not wounding his EU assured delicate human rights!

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Interesting. L.

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SmartThinking wrote:

Most Euro “nationalist” parties have turned out to be, if not started out as, kosher fronts.

Like the English Defence League “standing with Israel,” oblivious to just who rewrote British immigration laws and let those evil Muzzies into Britain in the first place. Or maybe not so oblivious. Not much of a difference in the final analysis.

I’ve got to think that Hungarians still remember the baleful Jewish Communist role in their twentieth century history, from Bela Kun to the post-war regime. There were so many Jews in the latter that the 1956 uprising had much of the character of a pogrom.

Jobbik catches a lot of Jewish flak, so maybe they’re “over the target,” as the saying goes, but they’ve got this loony Turanism thing going, based on the Turkish influence on their language and supposed common ancient Asiatic roots with Turks. They’d better start thinking like Europeans and realize that Turks have no place in Europe.

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Anthonykovic wrote:

Hungary, just another inconsequential little country somewhere in Europe. With the help of Google we learn that this country has good goulash, a bizarre language no one can understand and classical music by Franz Liszt. That’s about all.

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angryrat wrote:

” A senior party figure in 2012 proposed drawing up lists of Jews in parliament, though he later apologized and said he was misunderstood.”

This is simply not true. The Jobbik IS a collection of racist pigs, but what he actually proposed was not this. He said people of DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP. There’s a big difference here.

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Thomasss wrote:

Read about the pseudo-history of Hungarian turanism:
There aren’t scholars who support (academics, university professor linguists or historians) it on this planet, who believe in the ethnic or linguistic relations/connections of Hungarian people and Turkic people.
Hungarian people and language are not related with turkic people and language:

Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but many Northern Germanic nations have higher ratio of Mongolid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the genetic CHART of European nations:

And see the ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J”) in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) people. Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

Skin tone map:

Hair color map

Eye color map:


Culturally, both islam and the semi-asian orthodox countries were traditionally west-hater civilizations. Hungary is a Central European country, and part of the Catholic-Protestant western civilization. Hungary is not Eastern European (Orthodox = semi-asian culture) country.

What is Western Civilization?
The earliest mention of Western civilization “Occidental civilis”
After the Great Schism (The East-West Schism /formally in 1054/, between Western Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christianity.) Hungary determined itself as the easternmost bastion of Western civilisation (This statement was affirmed later by Pope Pius II who wrote that to Emperor Friedrich III, “Hungary is the shield of Christianity and the protector of Western civilization”)
It is not a secret in history, that countries civilizations are/were not in the same level of development.
It is well-known that Western and Central Europe, ( the so-called Western civilization) was always more developed than Orthodox Slavic or Eastern European civilization.
The cultural the societal-system and the economical civilizational (and technological) differences between Orthodox countries and Western Christian (Catholic-Protestant) countries were similar great, as the differences between Northern America (USA Canada) and Southern- (Latino) America.

Western things which were not existed in orthodox world:
1.Medieval appearance of parliaments (a legislative body(!), DO NOT CONFUSE with the “councils of monarchs” which existed since the beginning of human history),
2. Knights, the knight-culture and the technological effects of crusades from the Holy Land,
3.The self-government status of big royal/imperial cities, (local government systems of cities), which is the direct ancestor of modern self/local governmental systems.
4. The appearance of stone / brick castle defense system and fortified cities. (In Orthodox world only Byzantine empire had such an extensive system in Greek territories)
5. The medieval appearance of banking systems and social effects and status of urban bourgeoisie,
6.The medieval appearance of universities and the medieval appearance of secular intellectuals,
7.Philosophy: Scholasticism and humanist philosophy,
8.The medieval usage of Latin alphabet and medieval spread of movable type printing,
9.The medieval western theater: Mystery or cycle plays and morality passion plays,
10.The architecture, sculpture paintings and fine-arts: Romanesque Gothic and Renaissance styles.
The renaissance & humanism , the reformation and the enlightenment did not influenced/affected the Orthodox (Eastern European) countries.
Before 1870, the industrialization that had developed in Western and Central Europe and the United States did not extend in any significant way to the rest of the world. In Eastern Europe, industrialization lagged far behind, and started only in the 20th century.

4. About the Finno-Ugric and IE language groups.

Just some Hard-facts: Finno-Ugric language group was born in N-Eastern Europe, until the roots of ancient IE language groups go back to Asian continent. In the Eurasian
supercontinent, there are more native speakers of IE languages in the ASIAN continent than in Europen continent. (Just remember the large IE speaking populations of India Pakistan Iran)
However, the 97% of Finno-ugric speaking people live in Europe. Therefore to call finno-ugric languages as “asian languages” is laughable illogical, unscientific and


and see the maps about original ancient IE people!France Britain Italy haven’t signifficant proto indoeuropean genes.The
Germanic people have also very very low ratio of ancient IE haplogroup markers (R1a),only Eastern Europeans have high ratio of original proto IE haplogroups markers.Western
European languages belongs to IE language group,but in very very distant way.(Language-shift)Real genetic IE people equal with the Eastern European people: and it represent lower culture,technology&lower scientific
economic development in European continent.

5. Hungary is not Eastern European country.

Hungary (similar to Poland Czech Rep. Germany Switzerland Poland etc..) is a Central European country, and it is part of western (catholic-protestant) western culture.

See the old Encyclopedia Britannica from 1911:

HUNGARY (Hungarian Magyarorszag), a country in the south-eastern pertion of Central Europe,

See Modern Britannica:

Hungary, Hungarian Magyarország, landlocked country of central Europe. The capital is Budapest.

German BrockHaus Encyclopedia

Columbia Encyclopedia

French Larousse Encyclopedia

Hungary is Central European: CIA World Factbook

Encarta Encyclopedia

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I find it humorous how Viktor Orban is viewed as unfair by taxing the foreign banks who,in the previous corrupt Gyurcsany government, were eager to charge abnormally high interest on student loans, something even the Mafia would not dare!They have gouged and farcically ruined many citizens by banking attitudes that verge on the criminal. He is challenging Brussels’ authority and rightly so, as EU is nothing but the USSR in Armani suits. It will fail the same way, as maintaining a national identity is now viewed as neo-nazi platform. Everyone in Europe is tired of this failed socialist experiment.

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