Credit Suisse faces threat of new U.S. tax probe

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jrj906202 wrote:

I’ve read that high end collectibles’ prices have been soaring recently,as super rich buy, as an alternative way of hiding wealth.So,as govts tries to control and own,it’s citizens,they fight back.

Apr 07, 2014 10:20am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Obsilutely wrote:

Fight back for what? To keep what they stole? How “patriotic”…

Apr 07, 2014 2:40pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ArghONaught wrote:

Lets [not] hold our breath for governments to stop treating corporations as “persons” and treat them as what they are. They are entities whose sole aim is to acquire as much wealth as possible to fund executive pay, pay dividends, and for many, put a small bit back into the community, all AFTER they assure they pay minimal if any taxation using every means available since national welfare is not their responsibility.

Instead, make the world a more expensive and complex place for ALL expat Americans as well as the tax cheats – to the point where many international financial institutions are refusing to do business with US citizens. What an effing great plan! Not!

Apr 07, 2014 4:46pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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