'I am no longer a threat': Whitey' Bulger in prison letters

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gvalentino wrote:

So, let me guess, a man who single handedly made it impossible for eleven gangsters to roam this earth, is sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in prison? That makes twelve in all. The government only had to spend money on one. Not a bad deal, eh?

Apr 08, 2014 8:42am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Mylena wrote:

I think his retirement was not enough and he decide the good citizens must pay his expenses in prison. From where the government will take money for his food, his dentist, his healthcare So, it’s better been a criminal supported by authorities , than a gopod citizen paying for all expensesa, obamacare and another matters. What’s wrong with you guys?

Apr 08, 2014 12:11pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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