Producer inflation accelerates in March

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gcf1965 wrote:

“Producer prices excluding volatile food and energy costs rose 0.6 percent…” Why exclude these items? These are the items that affect consumers the most, the things they always have to buy. For my family, I see food prices rising steadily and noiceably each month, with many items rising by 10 – 15 % every few months. There has been significant inflation affecting most Americans, just because the govt doesnt report it doesnt make it so.

This is a non political post

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allanx wrote:

Time to dig out and watch an old movie………”Soylent Green “

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Dd1075bBB wrote:

There must be an inflation coverup by the Obama Administration or, they are so high up, they don’t do any grocery shopping! This retiree has seen the price of groceries skyrocket during the Obama years. I vote for a coverup. Surely they wouldn’t give an outright lie!

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jcfl wrote:

above two comments – so put the blame on who is creating the inflation – the companies you buy from and their suppliers! they raise prices because demand is going up and …well, they can. simple as that. what the heck does the govt have to do with that? free market – isn’t that what you reichties always scream for? well, price increases go hand in hand with a free market. if you don’t like it buy generic.

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chuck2 wrote:

The game played by ALL adminstrtions, not just O’s is mess about with inflation to hold the numbers down. Reason is simply, a whole bunch of programs drive off the inflation rates, the most feared by money are “adjusted for inflation wages and retirement”, as they tap the profit side of WS/Banks/Upper 2% earnings.

So when we see hamburger as $5/lb, huge raises in home utility/heating fuels, as well as every other item needed to live, yet “low inflation, adjusted etc, this is simply another product of big money greed and their e4mplloyees in Congress, elsewhere.

Get used to it, as the mess will only grow worse as most of USA is to lazy, uninformed to vote. Game with “inflation” reflect those of “unemployment rates” where those listed as “No longer seeking jobs” is actually those that no longer able to draw unemployment ins, as their time ran out.

Yep folks, we can blame the money and elected for corruption, but since major of eligible (not number of “registered”) voters remain home and only pay to vote, Idol, etc, it will only get worse as small highly financed extreme groups, via SCOUS money rulings, will run USA while the sheeples graze on the big screen and “Adjusted” keeps keeps the profits up. Doubt such, research what programs impacted by inflation,

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jrj906202 wrote:

Finally,some success for the Fed.Keep it up and inflation is going to really soar.Great for my gold stocks.Thanks Fed.

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Mazer wrote:

Are we really in a demand constrained economy or does supply restrict our markets?
Steven Kopits presentation at Columbia University gives a well supported argument on this.

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Dd1075bBB wrote:

To jcfl … Learn to read the first two posts! We are talking about the reporting methods of the current administration … generally lies. The Administration does not want to look like it doesn’t know how to guide this economy.

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jcfl wrote:

to dd107.. since when does any administration “guide” inflation? more reichtie bs. go back to the checkers game. surprised you didn’t blame it on obamacare – but then since you’re probably on medicare you already know how nice that social program works for you and your friends. just don’t want the rest of the citizens to have the same opportunity, right? if you even bothered to look the economy is in much better shape now than when obama took over the second depression in 2009, but then you’d obviously deny that too.

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This could actually be a good sign about the overall health of the economy, one of the problems has been too little inflation.

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