Documents show GM's sluggish response to deadly defect

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divinargant wrote:


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cdherz wrote:

Ignition switches resemble much else on your car. Excessively complex, excessively expensive.

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notfooled2 wrote:

Notice the story says deaths linked to, not caused by. As I understand it, if you have a bunch of weight on your key ring it may cause the engine to shutoff. If you can’t control your car if the engine dies, you should consider taking a bus or a cab. A car engine can fail at anytime for lots of different reasons.

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Neurochuck wrote:

As well as fatalities triggering investigation, as they should, this problem could be expected to cause a lot of rear-end collisions with the loss of power braking, and with side of the road objects like posts and fences with the loss of power steering.
The insurance companies would get many claims, and statistical analysis of the data would show patterns.
Would they assess the claim as “driver fault” or “accidents just happen to GM cars” or …
Also the police would investigate and form an opinion when sidewalk pedestrians get mowed down, etc.
So there seems to be other information sources which are outside the safety process.

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noone2 wrote:

notfooled2, that is incredibly inaccurate. I had an Audi R8 that was modified. A car that was of significantly higher performance in braking and handling than any of these GM cars.

When making a right turn onto a side street (25mph zone) from a 45mph road, the power cut off half-way into the turn. It caused my turn to be incredible wide and into the wrong lane, not far from a curb. Braking distance was terrible as well considering I had already slowed to the normal speed make the turn.

Fortunately there was no car there or people nearby, or I would have definitely hit the driver’s side corner and possibly anyone near the curb with even a tiny bit more speed.

Losing assisted steering and braking suddenly in anything other than a straight line or very, very slow situation is dangerous and difficult the control.

You cannot possibly be careful enough when driving to be prepare for the car shutting off. If that happens, you lose everything that is helping to keep you on the road. ABS, ESP, TC, etc. You’d be shocked to know how much the car is doing to aide in your driving.

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ready2013 wrote:

and the democrats brag about saving the auto industry in the US?

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