Ukraine says Russia stoking unrest as gunmen seize more buildings

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seagull84 wrote:

It all started from Kiev siege, it is just a chain reaction. Kiev regime must be disbanded first, everything returns to the agreement signed by both sides under international observation.

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GerryBlevins wrote:

Anyone notice how the Interior Minister is a public servant but he blocks comments by the public on his facebook page. Ooooohhhh someone doesn’t like to be contradicted or challenged on facts.

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N20 wrote:

Avakov has a lot for nerve for an unelected official brought in by a violent coup that involved precisely “taking up arms, setting fire to buildings, shooting police, terrorizing entire cities”

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N20 wrote:

“I will say it again: those who want dialogue… will have dialogue and the search for solutions. Those who are up in arms, set fire to buildings, shoot at people, police, terrorize with bats and masks, these people will face an appropriate response,” Avakov said in his Facebook post.

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thedayoff wrote:

More and more cities will follow to fall away from those who think they control anything from Kyiv. The local Ukrainian policemen do not trust or willing to obey orders coming from the head of The Ministry of Interior of Ukraine. Anyone able to organize armed resistance can be a future head of regional group of influence. The current political leadership of Ukraine are a bunch of political impotents.

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Ukranians have to start shooting terrorists. Bring on the Russian war. It’s the only solution. Unfortunately there is a time to negotiate and a time to fight. Let’s see how the world views Putler slaughtering Ukranians. Putler will be hanged.

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zigo wrote:

Like a Nevada rancher.
Abolish the federal government. Long live the Tea Party! No more USA.

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zigo wrote:

Wow, we have some KGB posters here!
How much do the Party pay these days?

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kywildcat wrote:

Well that’s funny, because the USA done exactly the same thing. Pot meet kettle

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DellStator wrote:

This is not protesting. This is not the frustrated, afraid, desperate arm of a huge civil movement for change.
This is an gang stealing hundreds of weapons, stocking up to make problems for decades. A few hundred people making barricades would be what, the immediate family of the couple of dozen armed men? At best. 99% of the world, Russia included, calls this terrorism in their countries, surround the thugs with troops and leave two ways out, in handcuffs or in a bag.
If the Russian speakers in the Ukraine were really being repressed, wouldn’t there be refugees streaming across the border, like in Syria? Which proves there is no “need” to rescue them.
NATO and the Euro Zone needs to draw a line in the sand and tell Russia their ONLY option with how Russian speakers in the Ukraine are treated go the UN, like other countries. If the UN deems it necessary, they will institute actions against the Ukraine to protect Russian speakers.
By the way, EVERYONE in the Urkraine speaks Russian. Russia BANNED speaking Ukrainian for nearly a half century. Schools, gov’t, everything.

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DellStator wrote:

Heh, just read the comment approval policy, fantastic, best ever, but this is Reuters after all.

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jbsds wrote:

You don’t have to be some clandestine spy group to post insane thoughts. I just feel for the real or native Ukrainians. Everybody wants a piece of their dirt or freedom. I am not sure what has become of the deal the Ukrainians had with the Chinese to lease out 5% of their land to produce grain and hogs for the Chinese. This deal struck me as a real capitalistic idea. Right from the gutters of Wall Street. Then, not a year after that deal had been published, the Russians do what they do best. The land grab with the help of the local Moscow party members and an iron fist to back it up. I would hope the Ukrainian people would show all the suitors the door and stand up for their rights. Whoring themselves out to the world, will never bring them pride and a secure future for themselves and their country.

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inMyView wrote:

CRIMEa-2 : soon in the regions near you !

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I think everybody is confused here, Protestors carry signs, I didn’t see any message. I saw armed militants seizing buildings, I think so did the rest of the world. These people need jail, these are the same people who will attack the Kremlin when they want N.A.T.O to stop dropping bombs in Russia. If our military’s don’t spend their budgets they won’t get new ones. These talks are not how to stabilize the area, they are how do renew the budget.

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carlmartel wrote:

Kiev mobs overthrew the legally elected government, proving that it is legal to overthrow the new regime in Kiev. The unelected Kiev regime rejected a Russian offer to lower Ukrianian gas prices and provide a rail link to China to sell Ukrainian grain to REPAY its debts. As a businessman, I consider repayment of loans to be important. Kiev has chosen to let the IMF raise consumer gas prices 50% on May 1, but bills won’t arrive until June 8, AFTER the May 25 election, so many Ukrainians probably think that Kiev is rigging the election. Kiev has chosen to let the IMF raise business and utility gas price 40% on August 1 that will raise store prices immediately and hit consumer electric bills on September 8.

In short, Kiev proves that it is legal to overthrow Kiev, refuses to lower gas prices, plans to rig the election, and plans 50% and 40% price rises for all Ukrainians. Are the leaders in Kiev insane? The people don’t care that much about choosing between Russia and the EU/IMF, but they get worked up when THEIR bills RISE. Why is that so hard for people to understand? If Obama figured out a way to raise US consumer bills by 50% or 40%, riots would happen in US cities and US federal buildings would be occupied. This should be a no brainer, but you can never underestimate the stupidity of those with no brains.

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kommy wrote:

No one stoke anything, after the coup Ukrainian currency spiral out of control and lost almost half of its value.

There is no end in sight. Ukraine cannot afford to pay its gas bills, essentially blackmailing Russia to give it for free.

Russia is about to flip the swith on them.

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You_No wrote:

If Ukrainians on Majdan are to be believed, to a Berkut, “comfortable” means able to extort from the population, as in years past.

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RocketSurgeon wrote:

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The present Ukraine regime got into power this way, so its a legitimate way of overthrowing them would have thought.

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RocketSurgeon wrote:

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. The present Ukraine regime got into power this way, so its a legitimate way of overthrowing them would have thought.

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