Russia says it will respond if Ukraine interests attacked

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geneNY wrote:

I can not believe that my Vice President Joe Biden shakes hand and supports a neo-nazi Oleh Tyahnybok who is a leader of a neo nazi organization that was condemned by EU years ago.. and now.. like best buddies.. smiles and all..

Mr.Biden.. stop this policy of double standards please! Who are you fooling? I am as a citizen of United States of America urge you to stop trying to resolve problems on the other end of the world.. when we are here in the USA have enough of our own problems.. Gas prices are going up! Food prices are going up! Quality of life and health care doing down… WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!?? I beg of you please do the right thing.. because if you wont .. same thing as in Ukraine will happen your own back yard!

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boonteetan wrote:

It was reported that $5 billion had been spent to change Ukraine government from pro-Russia to pro-US? A huge sum by any measure. Now what, waiting for Russia to annex East Ukraine or maybe…

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mils54 wrote:

How this became U.S vs Russia is just sad!……Follow the money trail.

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HaleysComet wrote:

The only logical de-escalation that is going to end in a unified Eastern and Western Ukraine is for the Ukrainian Army to withdraw west of the Dnepropetrovsky river. Otherwise if they listen to this moronic pied-piper-usurper “acting” president who thinks this is Hollywood, his country is going to be cut up into pieces. Ask Mikheil Saakashvili in Georgia, he also had a case of the runs with episodes of logorrhea, grandiosity and foot-in-mouth disease.

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Yamayoko wrote:

Rebels’ demand is not least met, so why should they surrender for nothing? Stupid expectation!

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beerpatzer wrote:

The Ukrainian “president” has obviously no freaking clue what’s going on…

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8s241527j wrote:

russians are despicable cowards who condoled the acts of the tyranic putin.

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WJL wrote:

Where is the need to send troops against your own citizens exercising their democratic rights? Just hold proper elections as soon as possible. The first brigade sent defected to the protestor’s side. LOL!

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WJL wrote:

Where is the need to send troops against your own citizens exercising their democratic rights? Just hold proper elections as soon as possible. The first brigade sent defected to the protestor’s side. LOL!

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kenradke12 wrote:

Kiev needs to get some backbone and get the job done. That is to flush out all illegally seized properties that are of Ukraine. The USA seems to lack backbone and only talks the talk but not walk the talk. Flush out the terrorist funded people by Russia ASAP.

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kenradke12 wrote:

Kiev needs to get some backbone and get the job done. That is to flush out all illegally seized properties that are of Ukraine. The USA seems to lack backbone and only talks the talk but not walk the talk. Flush out the terrorist funded people by Russia ASAP.

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prospektor wrote:

Why is it always said that Russia pressured Yanukovich on the association agreement? Let’s face it, one of the main reasons it failed is because the EU refused as well, piling up demands that were unacceptable for Yanukovich:

“The European Union increases pressure on Ukraine. Should Kiev not release the imprisoned opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, the association agreement will fail, stressed the EU foreign ministers – and time is running out.

Kiev – The EU foreign ministers have called for a quick release of the Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. Only then do they want to sign the planned for November Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.”
(Translated from our biggest news magazine here in Germany, Der Spiegel)

Not only does it mean that the EU was disregarding the Budapest Memorandum by using the association agreement to pressure Ukraine on domestic legal matters, it also shows that the decision to retreat from the AA cannot be blamed on Yanukovich or Russia alone. The EU did all they could do destroy it. Now the question is – why would they do that? Was “Orange Revolution 2.0″ planned a bit in advance?
I think it’s disgusting how it was spun in our media, “he’s at fault, he could’ve signed it, all he had to do is accept our additional conditions, he’s responsible”.

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lizziew wrote:

Evacuate all occupied cities and counties of non-aggressors. Isolate those cities and counties so no supplies, including food, may be brought into the areas. Fixed.

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SimplyHot wrote:

As if the whole world doesn’t know those Russian soldiers that don’t have their patches sewn on their uniforms are Russian Spetsnaz(Special Forces). Their Special Forces are extremely enthusiastic about their work to the point that they’d blindly follow orders into hell if required.

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bobswede wrote:

Separatist in the east have every right to be there as the rebels in Kiev.
Kiev government is not democratically elected and only half of the UN (rich half) approved them.
Now when they meet in Geneva, NATO is increasing military currently around Russia and threaten more sanctions. Obama is now talking about the U.S. miltary capacity to war with Russia. Very interesting development from the U.S. / NATO side. I have not heard the same thing from the Russian side. Russia says they will only match what the West does.
Has Russia agents in eastern Ukraine? All probability they are as there were U.S. / EU agents before and after the coup d’état against a democractically elected head of state (although he was a crook much like most sitting in Kiev now).
US pumped $5 billions and Russia subsides billions in gas (1.6 billions in unpaid gas bill), where did it all go to? Not to the people.

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Of course the Kiev puppet regime has US backing.

They are US-NATO puppets, brought into power (of sorts!) by a CIA regime change operation.

Arnold Lockshin, political exile from the US living in Moscow

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Uh oh… Joe Biden, wearing his designer aviator sunglasses, his cocky strut and his jingo spirit must have inspired Kiev to issue more threats.

Joe Biden must have told the unelected leaders in Kiev that Uncle Sam “has your back”. This clown wants to be President of the USA; he’s now auditioning for the part and trying to impress potential financial backers.

Let’s strap Joe Biden to the first Cruise missile that we launch against Kiev’s enemies.

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Magyar56 wrote:

Ukraine!!! “Why you no read history?” Hungarian Revolution, Bay of Pigs… Central America…Afghanistan w/ the USSR… “Go ahead and revolt. we’ll help…”
I can’t believe I’m reading this in 2014. But then again, I can’t believe that Putin is doing this in 2014.
Oh well, we’ll see where this ends up after the dust settles.

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Rich_F wrote:

>>Kiev needs to get some backbone and get the job done.

any and all dissent must be crushed thoroughly. nice. spoken like a true tyrant. the east ukranians are doing the same thing those who overthrew the last government did in kiev so why not entreat with them on what their upset about instead of crushing any opposition?

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Danram wrote:

There is no “international deal”. There never was. Putin never had any intention whatsoever of leaning on the militants in eastern Ukraine to vacate the buildings they’ve occupied. It is yet another pie-in-the-sky fairy balloon designed to get our weak and gullible president to hold off, yet again, on levying some sanctions against Russia that might actually hurt enough to cause a change in behavior.

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Danram wrote:

Sorry WJL, but “exercising their democratic rights” does NOT include taking over public buildings at gunpoint!

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Well, Harry Gates did say that Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue for the last forty years, why not screw up on this one as well.

He has now stupidly made it very obvious this is a US-Russia confrontation, inflamed if not created by American activity, and that will be a very hard sell in the EU, particularly Germany, but also Austria and Italy with their large unsecured loans to Ukraine.

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XWM wrote:

Another civil war instigated by the fascist U.S. government’s State Department/CIA using Hitlerian methods.

How many pallets of U.S. taxpayer dollars did Brennan and Biden bring to Kiev to back up Virtoria “F?UCK the EU!” Nuland’s $5 billion down payment.

Did you notice that the Kiev coup criminals did not start their offensive against eastern and southern parts of Ukraine until after
Brennan’s visit.

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PaulMS wrote:

There appear to be numerous comments on how Ukraine or Russia should act, or which one is at fault. However, has anyone actually stopped to consider exactly why the US is taking such an interest in destabilising yet another foreign sovereign country (the list is very long) and then to back it’s now unelected fascist leaders? I’d be very interested to read what answers are posted in reply. Many thanks.

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njglea wrote:

Ukraine has U.S. backing? Is John McCain the U.S.? The Koch brothers? Ukraine does not have my backing nor that of most average Americans so stop spending OUR money on this war of the top 1% global financial elite over oil. As long as Shell and Exxon/Mobil meet privately with Mr. Putin and vow to work with him he will thumb his nose at the international community.

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Doc62 wrote:

This is ALL about Money! Putin wants total control of the gas pipeline. He is ruthless enough to wipe out anyone in between him and his 103 Billion dollars. Without Ukraine being in the EU, they are dead in the water. There is nothing that McCain, Romney, Obama or the USA can do to stop this. I would not be surprised if the former KGB was there helping the shooters and destabilizing the region.
Only option to civil war is to let Putin win. He will install a new puppet government and withdraw his cronies. Back to business. ka-ching!

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Billyfrumusa wrote:

Most of the leaders/players on the world stage related to the Ukraine crises are clowns and deserving of World Stage Clown Ranking (WSCR).

One of these players may ultimately win the Crown in the WSCR by inadvertantly or deliberately setting off a catastrophe. Here they are and why:

Joe Biden, VP of the US. Joe keeps showing up in Ukraine and it keeps getting worse. This time he brought along the checkbook of the American people, which may be good for some but meaningless in the real context. Joe’s WSCR is up there, with point for his visit to Poland. Total: 300

Vitaly Varema, Pro-tem Ukraine official. Vitaly gets lots of points for converting the gibberish of Biden into something the world press can run with: we have the US in pocket. Poor Vitaly, such a fool, thinking he has the US in pocket is like a teenage boy with a very large erection, anything can happen. Score 500.

Sergei Lavrow, Russian Foreign Minister. Sergei gets some. “Lavrov said Moscow has no influence over the pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine. He said he suspected Washington was directing the Kiev government’s response to the crisis.” Sergei has been up and down in the scoring, but for obvious factual disregard, the WSCR committee awards 100 points.

Angela Merkel, German head of state. Angela has a low point score so far, but never the less has enormous potential to claim the crown through her surrogates; the US, the EU, NATO. Angela gets points for allowing her EU to dream that they could wrest sphere of influence of Ukriane from Russia to EU, Germany really. This was pretty inadvertent, but a major, major (did i say major!) realpolitik mistake, and her, practically the Queen of Europe! 75 WSCR points awarded, but the judges have stated that she will hence forth be credited by both her inaction as well as her surrogate actions. Massive potential for point accumulation!

Barrak O’Bamma, President of the US. At least he was smart enough to send Biden to Ukraine, no domestic heat for anything a well known clown, good for domestic laughs. Since O’Bama is so good at some things, yet so poor in others, the WSCR committee was reluctant to give him a lot of points, but with the mantle of leader of free world fumbled so obviously, he scores big! Total 600, and the current leader in scoring.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President. As stated, the WSCR committe can remove points, and for Vlad, have done so. He was awarded 1 point for his fishing photo released while divorcing. But, for his Crimean intervention, the entire committee stopped laughing and went negative with his points, big time! Total -5000, effectively taking him out of current contention for the WSCR Crown!

Other notable players: John Kerry with a score of 50, and John McCain with a score of 50.

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tatania wrote:

the problem for Ukraine is that there is no national leaders. “the new government” is not a leader and not represent all regions. it uses force against its own citizens. but military action will not unite the country. and even the army is not on their side///

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Rich_F wrote:

>>Sorry WJL, but “exercising their democratic rights” does NOT include taking over public buildings at gunpoint!

when you’ve been ignored by the newly non-elected, illegal despots running the current government what are your options if you want to be heard? those currently in power did the same thing a few months ago but that was ok? pot meet kettle.

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Macedonian wrote:

On the first “anti-terror” operation the Ukrainian solders were sent to be killed , the way they entered those Russian enclaves siting atop the Armored vehicles without infantry or air support and two days before major negotiation. Those soldiers did not stand a chance even against the Russian housewives with brooms in their hands. They knew it and some of them even flew the Russian flag. The next day the western war propaganda media reported with big disappointment that there was no bloodshed in Ukraine.I don’t think the Ukraine authorities were interested in peace or getting a better negotiating position by launching this operation. Initiating a war by sacrificing 18-21 year old boys did not workout only because of the Russian sanity. By now probably the government has already trained radicals that will help initiate a war and spread the antirussian frenzy. In democratic elections and peaceful Ukraine this coup puppet government will not have any chance of being reelected.

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UauS wrote:

Russia is getting completely isolated politically. Even Belorussian authoritarian president Lukashenko didn’t recognize and condemned annexation of Crimea by Putin. It’s just a matter of time before Putin’s corrupted regime fails like his protege Yanukovich in Ukraine.

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daniel3125 wrote:

Everything I read about Volodymyr Rybak says that he is a political opponent of Turchynov, a member of the party of Regions in Ukraine and was a strong political ally of Yanukovych. Why would he be targeted by the pro-Russian movement for assassination?

If anything members of the Party of Regions (due to their pro-Russian stance) have been under threat and attacks by radicals who support the coup government in Kiev.

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UauS wrote:

@daniel3125: “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus.
And that’s exactly what Putin’s propaganda machine is striving for, very skillfully by the way. Goebbels would be proud of it…

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Davage wrote:

“‘Russian citizens being attacked is an attack against the Russian Federation,’ he said according to excerpts of an interview with Russia Today news channel.”

Is that Lavrov admitting to Russian citizens occupying Ukrainian buildings? Oops.

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pyanitsa wrote:

UauS wrote: “..Putin’s propaganda machine … Goebbels would be proud of it…”

Nothing compared to the reach and funding of the US State Dept’s Media Section. $5 Billion to “promote democracy” in a country of 40 million people? Staggering.

Speaking of propaganda, here’s what Lukashenko actually said:

Speaking on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Lukashenko said, “Would you like it if a state’s sovereignty is breached? But who pushed towards that? When Russia saw how the Russian, Slavic world was being stifled, the country interfered immediately.”

Finally, he pointed out that if Ukraine is determined to join NATO, “evidently, Belarusian reaction to that will be harsh.”

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8s241527j wrote:

Ukraine doesnt has US backings…..the US will not intervene in military movements. The European Union and US is playing another strategic game that PUTIN doesnt knows

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SeaWa wrote:

This is nonsense. Neither Russia nor the U.S. can benefit from further escalation. Escalation may spin out of control. It’s shocking how things can take on a life of their own. De-escaslste! Now! Both countries have less to loose in a controlled de-escalation. And the world will definitely lose if there is a conflict between the US and Russia.

Perhaps China needs to broker this.

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AH-64A wrote:

Im not the oldest poster on here Im sure, but I am old enough to remember when this game was played by both the U.S. AND RUSSIA. What game you say? Its the game of who can influence others the most. Russia has just got back into the game they had to leave 20 years ago when the U.S.S.R fell apart. When they fell out, the U.S. was the last one standing and we have had our way for the most part. Putin wants back in the game, and is for that matter back in it. Obama and crew only know how to play the game when we are the only one able to play, and now they dont have a clue how to handle another player. Its hard to think it, but Russia and Putin have really thought this thing through, have already weighed the cost, and I for one dont see them backing down no matter how many sanctions are placed against them. And honestly, why would we get involved in another shooting war in Ukraine of all places. We have no treaty obligations with them, and we all know that if we went in we would have as many West Ukrainians shooting at us as East Ukrainains.(every body hates the good ole U.S) I dont agree with Putins actions on Crimea, but outside of an invasion, what can we really do? Every time Obama and crew (Biden) make empty threats, Russia has another shot of “tater wiskey” and laughs they’re collective a$$e$ off at us. They have the only reasonable port(crimea) that could support an occupation by NATO (U.S) forces, and the ball is in their court! We have no real ground forces on the ground there, and if we started airlifting them in, that very real, and very large, and very ready force on Ukrains Eastern border would roar across the line and the game would be over before it even started! Putin and nearly everyone else involved knows all of this, including our own military planners, so really, what can we do? I dont know what in the world Biden promised this guy, but Ukraine is on their own. I know it, you know it, and worst of all, Putin knows it. After what Putin has done in Crimea,I honestly would like nothing better than to see Ukraine kick Russias everloving back side, but they just dont have the means to do it. Ukraine, you guys are on your own, dont think otherwise, I dont care what Biden promised. I wonder if Putin would have tried this stunt on The Gipper? With The Gipper, word was deed, if he said he was gonna do it, he did it! No empty threats. Oh the good ole days, “Mr Gorby! Tear down this wall”! Remember?

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FreeTEXAN wrote:

its WAR!!!

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UauS wrote:

@pyanitsa: can you provide sources of your quotes of “what Lukashenko actually said”?

Even according to Russian media, Lukashenko position is somewhat opposite of what you posted here:
1.”If you want to preserve Ukraine as a single state, and I want to see Ukraine as an integral monolithic and unified state very much, we should not go ahead with federalization. It’s going to split the country in future and will eventually destroy the Ukrainian state,”
2.”Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that NATO will enter Ukraine today, tomorrow or in the near future, and that Ukraine will become a NATO member,”

Though Lukashenko is an authoritarian ruler, he’s definitely afraid of Putin who is an autocrat with much bigger muscles. (Remember bare-chested Putin on a horse?! :)

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gowintec wrote:

40 “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and horsemen and many ships; and he will enter into the lands and sweep through like a flood. (Russia King of the North, Anglo American Or U.S King of the South)

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Invading and occupying backwards Muslim countries is one thing, provoking and antagonizing a modern industrial nation, a nation with a large nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver the nukes on target quickly, is quite another.

Obama, the quota-conscious Delegator-In-Chief, is playing with nuclear fire. The bumbling Nobel Peace Prize winner may end up getting half the world incinerated.

Of course, the GOP has no viable alternative waiting in the wings; no matter who lives in the White House, the Defense, Israel & Energy lobbies, (DIE), will dictate US foreign policy…. they finance the political campaigns of the federal lawmakers… and it’s 100% legal, thanks to a politically active US Supreme Court.

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xcanada2 wrote:

“the problem for Ukraine is that there is no national leaders”

That pretty well sums it up. It seem unlikely that any unifying leader can show up. The Yats group is firmly in the Western Ukraine, fascist, US/NATO camp. US/NATO, instigators of the coup that put Yats in place, can’t back down and give in to Eastern Ukrainian (and Russian) demands without appearing weak, and losing face in the world. Basically, US/NATO face is more important than
the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Eastern Ukraine people were not even represented at the Geneva talks, although they have at least as much right to represent their people as the Yats crowd. After all, Yats is there by coup, and East is simply seeking legitimate representation for its rights. Certainly, when the Kiev government, strongly in bed with Western nationalist right wingers who often express hate for Russian speaking Eastern Ukrainians, tries to put its stooges in power to rule the East, then Easterners have the right and even obligation to themselves, to reject the Kiev illegal government.

Basically, East Ukraine democratically put Yanukovitch in power, and was ripped off by the West Ukraine-originated, US-engineered putch.

The coup seems, with high probability, to be leading to the dissolution of Ukraine. When this is all over with, let’s keep in mind that this fundamental error is due to US/NATO/EU, principally the US Neocons. They have caused this problem.

If Kiev tries to seriously attack the protesters in East Ukraine, the Russians can be expected to enter, and take charge until their can be a democratic vote in the area to resolve Eastern Ukraine’s future status, as in Crimea. This looks by far like the most likely and attractive outcome.

Russia will need to take greater responsibility for the richer Eastern Ukraine until it is fully on its feet again, and the US/EU will be stuck with the problem of more Western Ukrainian nationalists and little visible means of support. Way to go Neocons: but at least this perfidy apparently won’t measure up to the Iraq fiasco in terms of shear killing, destruction, expense, and irresolvability.

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Ruark wrote:

“In areas under the separatists’ control, there was growing evidence of arbitrary rule by self-appointed local officials, backed up by heavily-armed militias, and of violence being meted out against opponents.”

Oh, PLEASE!!!! What about the heavily-armed militias and violence from the neo-fascist, self-appointed government in Kiev, where SIX of the Ministers are members of neo-Nazi parties that have been banned by the EU? What about the eastern Ukrainians who went to Kiev to register for the upcoming election, and instead were severely beaten on the streets.

This whole thing has been engineered by the US and EU, to create a trade bloc including Ukraine; the CIA has been in Ukraine for almost a year, laying the groundwork for this upheaval, including setting Russia as the “boogerman” to blame it all on. What a freaking mess.

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unionwv wrote:

“But it was unclear what steps Kiev could take to restore its authority in the mainly Russian-speaking east…” – Reuters.

That’s easy: Ask Obama to send 600 troops to Poland.

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I_Know_Best wrote:

China is paying close attention to Russia…After all it was the Soviet Union that grabbed 15% of their interests 80 years ago…I dont think they have forgotten ruthless Stalin. This is a repeat strategy of Stalin’s playbook by Putin. Starve the Ukraine and get them to obey.

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anonymot wrote:

Anyone who has carefully followed these events knows perfectly well that our neocon, phony Democrat, Hillary, has been spouting anti-Russian (& anti-Chinese) drivel for 2 years, John Brennan who really runs the country has been planning this ever since Hillary’s mentor, Victoria Nuland,, was allotted 5 BILLION dollars to set up the Ukranian regime change. Forget Obama, he just got suckered to be the figurehead for our new neofacist Deep State government. Want a little reading start? There are still some real journalists left with access and objectivity:

The google Lofgren, deep state.

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rrrrrbrto wrote:

The paid propagandist trolls often say “follow the money trail”. That’s cute. The money trail right now is from Putin’s machine into their little troll pockets.

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True_Believer wrote:

1938 revisited.
Russia justified its intervention in Crimea by saying it had to defend Russians living there. In eastern Ukraine some people hold Russian passports.
The German occupation of Czechoslovakia (1938–1945) began with the Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia’s northern and western border regions, known collectively as the Sudetenland, under terms outlined by the Munich Agreement. The pretext for this effort was the alleged privations suffered by the ethnic German population living in those regions. The incorporation of the Sudetenland into Nazi Germany left the rest of Czechoslovakia weak and it became powerless to resist subsequent occupation.
Look at the precise marching formations of uniformed men with U.S.S.R. 2.0 signs. They look almost identical to marches in Munich and Berlin 1928-1938.
The so-called militias in eastern Ukraine appear to be armed predominately with the AK-103 rifle. This weapon is controlled and used almost exclusive by Russian State Security and Russian Special Forces. Ownership of these weapons is prohibited for Russian and Ukrainian civilians. Who are these so-called militia and how did the acquire this type of weapon? Yet Moscow denies involvement.

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AlkalineState wrote:

And by “interests” Russia means….

the Russian soldiers and agents dressed up as protesters, running around Ukraine right now. Putin is such a transparent dork. We can smell the vodka, protesters. We know you’re russian :)

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smileyjackson wrote:

Russia promises they’ll respond, while Obama promises he won’t. Sounds like an even fight.

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pyanitsa wrote:


Sources in English. These events happened 3-4 weeks ago.

Belorussian news.
Lukashenko: Crimea’s secession was caused by actions of Ukraine’s current government.

“What is the most dangerous thing for Belarus and Russia now? I and President Putin understand that the most dangerous thing would be Ukraine’s accession to NATO or NATO’s deployment and reinforcement in Ukraine. It is the worst thing that could happen for Russia and Belarus! It is more important than Crimea. I said that, too,” stated the Belarus President.

Polish news:
Lukashenko: «Crimea today–it is part of the territory of Russia».

Ukraine withdrew the ambassador from Belarus from – for Lukashenko’s statements

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reuter_reader wrote:

It’s an enjoyment to take up a position, an enjoyment!
Take up the right one . . . !!

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JPHR wrote:

Condoleeza Rice used Russia’s justified reaction to Georgia attacking South Ossetia in 2008 to get Poland to sign up to the ABM missile Defense.
Looks that Ukraine may be carved up just to revive the cold war. The US simply can’t accept any rival. All this talk about democracy is only an excuse. Like bringing democracy to Iraq. It is about power and access to resources. China is objecting to the US trying to box it in. Actually the US policy may well drive Russia and China into each others arms.

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carlmartel wrote:

“The security forces are working on the liquidation of illegal armed groups,” according to the illegal Kiev regime. Is Kiev sending vodka to eastern Ukrainians? That is their only way to “liquidate” anything as their first “offensive” showed. Kiev’s airborne armored units handed over their best weapons; the eastern rebels wisely keep them; and the US and NATO don’t plan to send more. After this second “attack,” will they launch a third?

President Yanukovich remains the legally elected leader although he has few or no followers; the Kiev regime is illegal; and the eastern rebels are illegal. The May 25 election might provide some clarity, but it appears rigged to create a sneaky, four year regime to gain votes before the 50% higher gas bills reach consumers about June 8. Then, there are the 40% higher electricity bills that will arrive September 8. Ukrainians are asked to vote blindly before the sticker shock arrives. Kiev mobs removed one president with illegal force and may remove another leader illegally this fall if they can unify their country sufficiently to hold the May 25 election.

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Paul66 wrote:

More than 100,000 Russian-speaking individuals live in New Jersey alone. I wonder if Mr. Putin considers them to be “US interests”….

Apr 23, 2014 6:10pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
jim_seattle wrote:

I don’t like my government supporting the overthrow of democratically elected governments. This is exactly what happened in Ukraine, and we are seeing the same thing attempted in Venezuela. So much for being pro democracy.

Apr 23, 2014 6:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
True_Believer wrote:

Any country bordering Russia should consider the dangers of U.S.S.R. 2.0. Imperial Russia reincarnated. Catherine would be proud.

Catherine/Nicholas/Lenin/Stalin/Putin. Nothing really changes. The priviledged few dominate and the average Russian carries on. The wealth and resources went from the nobility to the state and now to the connected oligarchy. As long as Putin pampers the Nobility/Politburo/Oligarchy, he can pursue his Nationalist ambitions at will.

Apr 23, 2014 6:23pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
krislinthoudt wrote:

Good point, Paul66.What if US annex Moscow, because American people are getting afraid. Personally i think Obama is too soft, put him in a children garden and he will still lose. How can you stop Russia? Only by weapons, so just send 50,000 soldiers to Ukraine and change the game, so that America is putting pressure on Russia. America has better weapons, better soldiers, everything is better, so why not take the risk of losing a few people now, and keep the world safe?

Apr 23, 2014 6:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
xcanada2 wrote:

One of the putch government’s first acts was to disband Ukraine’s main interior police force, the 6000 person strong Berkut, because of their allegiance to the legitimate government of Ukraine led by Yanukovitch. Where do you think that police force went?

What kind of guns did the Berkut have?

BTW: Who where the snipers in the Maidan?

Apr 23, 2014 7:01pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Karl296 wrote:

I hate this slow motion kabuki theatre. Let’s get the show on the road! The Anglo-American Empire desperately wants war with China, Iran, and Russia. It shall keep stalling by making agreements that it has no intention of honouring (it doesn’t know what the word “honour” means) but demand that the other side honours their part of the agreement. Meanwhile, it uses the time gained to mobilize its military forces and to test China’s (such as using the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 to test the limits of Chinese radar and satellite surveillance capabilities) and Russia’s military capabilities. Then it shall create a “false flag” incident so that it has an excuse to attack Russia (probably dragging China into the fray).

In spite of demanding the disarming all illegal paramilitary formations in the Ukraine, the Batkivshchyna (All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland”), the Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”), and other neo-Nazi groups continue to be armed and mobilized by the coup government in Kiev as “national guard” and then sent to East Ukraine. Of course the East Ukraine militias won’t disarm. Would you?

So hang on to your seats folks, things are soon to become very “interesting” indeed! If, of course, you can handle the suspense in the meantime!

Apr 23, 2014 8:40pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Turf12 wrote:

looks like vlad wants to drive up the price of gas and oil. must need the money to hire a new PT coach now that he’s getting older.

Apr 23, 2014 8:41pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
DellStator wrote:

It says alot about Russia and the militants that even when faced with no armed oppostion and virtually no peaceful opposition that they still feel the need to arrest and so far “disappear” newspeople (you can simply put them on a jet liner to say, Japan, and tell them next time it’s jail), abduct – torture – kill vocal opponents (again, fly them away, it’ll be days before they return, if they bother coming back to militant held territory, chase down and beat peaceful protesters as seen in that subway entrance video and of course based solely on the will of a few hundred armed thugs stiffened by special forces, lock down cities and villages with multiple checkpoints ensuring any opponents will stay buttoned up in their homes for fear of beating, arrest, or death at any of the dozens of checkpoints.

Apr 23, 2014 8:43pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
RabbitNexus wrote:

The USA is demanding that Russia not interfere with their interference in Ukraine. Not a chance. These Western leaders appear to have zero comprehension of history further back than a decade but are going to get an education if they persist in this insanity.

Apr 23, 2014 12:57am EDT  --  Report as abuse
RabbitNexus wrote:

Just reading all the comments it is striking how misinformed, delusional and often quite weird those who believe the US/NATO side of this game actually are. The measured and sensible remarks, the only relevant to reality certainly, can clearly see the light in this and it is not shining from the West where indeed the light seems to be setting once and for all if this latest escpapade and how it is being handled is indicative of the standard and will of the fools we call leaders. God bless Russia and President Putin, and I do believe He does.

Apr 24, 2014 1:14am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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