Vote delayed on loan guarantee for World Trade Center developer

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TomMariner wrote:

Of course the Democrats and their acolytes in the media don’t care if their made-up issue with traffic cones on two lanes out of 50 for four mornings will cost us all dearly — ANYTHING is fair game to keep a political party in power!

But the funniest is appending the “-gate” to the end of the pretend scandal as we are ignoring 2012 election abuses worse than the original “Watergate” that got a President tossed out and an Attorney General tossed in jail for 19 months.

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Bones888 wrote:

More oversight at the Port Authority is a good thing, not a bad thing. But this illustrates the major problem with the USA now; we have become a country paralyzed by inaction, regulations and bureaucracy. Aside from the RPA, there is the LMDC, the governors, both states, the local planning boards, the community boards, the developer, local, state and federal laws, the police, the families of those killed on 9/11 and numerous other entities most of us have never heard of. We have gone from a can-do country to a politically-correct maybe-do country. Contrast this to the building of the Empire State Building, which took a little over a year to build, costing only fives lives (one of which was a person killed on the ground by a truck). One note to add; since the BBC and Reuters are typically left-wing, I think the headline in this article is just another attempt to smear a Republican. By the way, the bridge lanes were never blocked as the article says. Some access lanes coming from Ft. Lee were closed off.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Tom, It would be just as big a “scandal” had Christie farted at a fundraising dinner, or if his dog broke a leash and crapped in a neighbor’s yard, or his car broke down and he coasted to the emergency lane. Yet when 4 Americans get killed because of incompetence and trying to save face, it is no big deal and the left seems to theink “who cares” is an adequate answer.

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Zeken wrote:

Let’s hope Larry never has to “pull” another one.

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njglea wrote:

The New York Times reported that no one wants to lease space that is already available at the existing WTC towers. Why build more? Or is that too logical for the people in charge?

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Overcast451 wrote:

Yep, I clearly remember that too Zeken.

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gitmojo wrote:

The fact that too much time has passed to “blame Bush” forces slight of hand democrats to spotlight Christie at every turn?
That the “investigation” or more accurately, witchhunt, is causing actual debate is a bad thing?
Amazing, the audacity mopes.

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Doc62 wrote:

Construction delays and cost overruns have always be the way in NYC. If it isn’t politicians or corrupt contractors it’s lazy workers. This is a old bipartisan fact. It takes yrs. to get anything done in a Juggernaut, unless some payola is paid out. Sounds like our federal government?
Tom, “let me make this perfectly clear” -Watergate was perpetrated by a Nixon, a republican. Hey, Christie has jowls too.

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tmc wrote:

What a waste of money and embarrassment to the country. Politics and greed. Really shows what America is.

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PAndrews wrote:

Why can’t he use some of the money which he stole from the insurance companies after his last towers mysteriously fell down?

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paintcan wrote:

“The rebuilding of the World Trade Center “opened the door” for an expansion into areas outside the agency’s mission, said Robert Yaro, president of the Regional Plan Association.”

The Port Authority has been in the real estate business since it built the first World Trade Center during the tenure of the “power Broker” Robert Moses and continued by his successor. Moses would have made Christie look like a lightweight political bulldozer. Both of them had big bellies too.

Silverstein never had the money to rebuild the site but didn’t want to loose the lease. There could have been better design coordination of that project were it not for him. I always liked the CBT Childs proposal that was so much more in the spirit of the Old Rockefeller Center. Instead there will be five mismatched towers and a few odds and ends cluttering the site. It’s an odd bunch of ducks and chickens in that big barnyard.

This article implies that Silverstein wants special favors so he can stay involved. He already lost the rights, years ago, to the Freedom Tower and now he may loose the others. Why didn’t he just take his double indemnity insurance settlement and go away and count himself lucky there wasn’t more of an inquiry into why building 7 was in flames while none of the buildings closer to the collapse were burning?

Maybe that site is New York City’s first cursed superblock: A Hope Diamond of real estate developments? The real estate investors in Lower Manhattan didn’t want the first towers either and they sat mostly empty until the 80s. A few state offices occupied about a third of one of them. And now nobody wants to rent space in the new towers? Why – a graveyard behind them and a graveyard in front of them is something of a turn off for the Wolves of Wall Street?

Somehow that sounds appropriate.

@Bones888 – Gee -five dead and that’s acceptable? Is that how you got to be “Bones” too?

@TomMariner – 2 lanes out of 50? The road that covered New Jersey?

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johnnyboone wrote:

What is government doing in all of the “private” business dealings? While Republicans want “free market” what is driving businesses is government bonding of projects that are not feasible in the “free market” economy. All it does is create profits through zero interest loans to businesses while the little guy pays 20% on their credit cards. Port Authorities, municipalities and state governments are all in this game of encouraging private investment with public subsidies.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

TomMariner wrote: ‘…Democrats and their acolytes in the media don’t care if their made-up issue…’

Question: If this is a ‘made up issue’, then why did Christie’s top people take the 5th to avoid questioning and why did Christie throw his staff under the bus? Doesn’t sound made-up to me. It does sound like Christie is clueless and incompetent at best.

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