Hamas, Abbas's PLO announce reconciliation agreement

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Eric.Klein wrote:

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat was quoted saying:
“We can not achieve peace without reconciliation first.”

He means:
So we wasted the US and Israel’s time over the past 9 months and have caused needless harm to our people by wasting the past 3 years since we signed the last reconciliation deal.

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A-V wrote:


I am not convinced that this is not the effect of the latest round of talks… It seems logical that peace cannot happen & be seen to happen under a reviled foreign signature. Furthermore, there has not been as much progress under internationally curated peace talks over generations: this time, they were different.

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Hamas killed around a thousand Fatah members when it took over Gaza. It rules Gaza with an Iron thumb and will execute anyone who even peacefully questions its actions in similar fashion as the Iranian government. They will roll over Fatah and add the West Bank to its rocket launching platform as Gaza is.

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VultureTX wrote:

now that Abbas has signed all those international agreements, and HAMAS is part of a unity government in the next couple of months; then HAMAS leaders will be up for war crimes and other violations of international law before the year is out.

/Abbas walks with all his bribes , stolen funds and settles in Jordan?
//seriously unless the first act of the unity govt. is too withdraw from all agreements Abbas made , I can’t see how this does not end in sweet justice for all those terrorists and their supporters.
/// and if they do withdraw, that means no western sponsors for their extortion racket /taxing faux authority.

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DougAnderson wrote:

“Roaches and Termites announce they’re best pals.”

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DougAnderson wrote:

“Roaches and Termites announce they’re best pals.”

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paintcan wrote:

AVulture TX – “Now that Abbas has signed all those international agreements, and HAMAS is part of a unity government in the next couple of months; then HAMAS leaders will be up for war crimes and other violations of international law before the year is out.”

Why would they do that? Israel might have to settle up for war crimes in Gaza and the the US for Crimes in Afghanistan and especially Iraq.

The “big powers” never settle up for war crimes. It’s always “the King can do no wrong” even when they behave like “roaches and termites.”
Maybe real estate gobbling and oil sucking leeches would be the better term for the big powers?

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Dr_Steve wrote:

Last one to leave shut off the lights.

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The first step towards a Palestinian nation that can then apply for UN membership which neither Nato, the USA, or Israel can do anything to deny.

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johnnyboone wrote:

This is great news! I am happy for the Palestinians to speak with one voice. The tragedy is that Israel continues to annex Palestinian land and treat all Palestinians as the poster above said as “roaches and termites.” The sad reality is that extreme right wing government of Israel believes in some stupid god that acts like a real estate agent from above and gives them land that Palestinians live on. What kind of a stupid god is that?????

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Reuters1945 wrote:

“Hamas, Abbas’s PLO, announce reconciliation agreement”

Another bridge to nowhere ! You can’t make these things up.

Abbas continues to live in a “Dream World”- one he shares with most so-called “Palestinians.”
Recently these people floated the idea that:
“A deal (with Hamas) could restore a measure of sovereignty to Abbas in Gaza and boost his negotiating power with Israel in any future peace talks”.

When one reads such thoughts as the above quote, he is challenged to know if he should laugh or cry. Such ideas are beyond preposterous and border on the clinically insane.

There are no easy solutions to the endless problems in the Middle East.
Neither are there any perfect solutions that will satisfy all parties. There never were.

That said the Arabs have missed so many opportunities over the past 60 years to achieve at least some approximate, semi-workable solution, that at this point it is almost impossible to imagine or visualize any solution/s at all.

Starting in 1948, the proposed United Nations “Partition Plan” that allocated to each side of the contested land area approximately the same amount of land was adamantly and immediately rejected by the entire Arab world and led to a bloody war that no one thought a drastically outnumbered Israel had any chance of winning and/or even surviving. But against all odds-Israel did survive.

That war was followed by successive decades of war after wars all of which Israel survived and clearly won- though at great loss of human lives.

Several times the Arabs rejected proposed final settlement agreements one of which would have given them almost the entire West Bank. But always the settlement proposals were rejected as not good enough.

Now the final icing on the cake- call it the “Coups de Grace”, is that apparently Abbas and others believe that reconciling with Hamas, (an entity publicly “Sworn to the destruction of the State of Israel”), will strengthen the negotiating position of Abbas and his Hamas counterparts who to this very day never cease raining rockets and missiles down on Southern Israel.

No doubt Hamas is suffering from the delusion that the immediate result of this so-called “Reconciliation” agreement will allow Hamas to set up camp in the West Bank within a short distance from Jerusalem – the better to rain down daily missile and rocket attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

When pigs fly !!

While it is true that sometimes in life a bad deal is worse than no deal at all, such logic does not apply here.

Every single time the Arabs have refused to come to some sort of resolution with the State of Israel their subsequent chances of arriving at a settlement with Israel have continued to diminish.
The latest insane maneuvers on the part of Abbas reflect just how very out of touch both Abbas and his Fatah party are from Reality.

Indeed, even the most optimistic people who hunger for some final resolution in the Middle East can see how Abbas has not only shot himself in the foot (once again) this time but likely put the last nail in the coffin regarding so-called “Peace negotiations” with Israel.

And every single time I think the situation cannot get more hopeless the Arabs manage, to my total amazement, to make things become still more hopeless- but chiefly for themselves.

I would imagine that in the entire Arab world, especially in all its schools there are precious few copies of William Shakespeare’s Plays translated into Arabic.

That is a true shame for the Arabs because had they ever had the opportunity to read the Play- “Julius Caesar”, they would have come across the famous words spoken by Brutus when he stated:

“There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.”
Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224

The Arabs have missed so many opportunities and “high tides” during the past half century, that it is most doubtful that they will see any further opportunities either in the near or distant future.

The persistent idea which the Arabs never cease beating into the heads of their children, even from the youngest age, is that the State of Israel can be, and eventually will be, destroyed and all its Jews will be pushed into the sea.

That did not happen in 1948 nor is it even in the least bit realistic to believe that will ever happen in the future.

When a people refuses to deal with reality, it is as though they were trapped- frozen in time, with no ability to advance forward or even backwards. That is a true tragedy.

But it is a tragedy- more is the pity- they can blame on no one but themselves.

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TruthFair wrote:


You stupid muzzi. You have words diarrhea and thoughts constipation….
Are you belong to roaches or termites?

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TruthFair wrote:


You stupid muzzi. You have words diarrhea and thoughts constipation….
Are you belong to roaches or termites?

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TruthFair wrote:

Reuters1945 Good comment
johnnybaboone need to read it. and learned history before barking over here

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IslamBlows wrote:

None of this matters, because it will not last.
The muslim pigs will continue to shoot their pathetic rockets at Israel, Israel will continue to defend itself, and the Palestinians will continue dying.

What else is new?

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What incisive thoughts. Great arguments. One can recognize a great mind at work.

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VultureTX wrote:


sorry NGOs not governments will be bringing up PAlestinian leaders on War crimes charges. Thanks to all those Agreements Abbas signed, ANY UN recognized NGO can petition their case for the violation and ask for international courts to intervene since the Palestinian justice system will not even investigate the crimes.
And Palestinians never even admit a crime is even committed when it is not a palestinian victim…. even if it is a fellow arab that dies.

/so not talking about US, Israel, or any nation dragging palestinians to the World Court, just registered NGOs with an axe to grind.
//which is why the US and Israel never ratified one of those agreements Abbas signed.
/// I suspect that US and Israel will just “facilitate” taking the accused into custody ;)

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beerpatzer wrote:

GOLDEN: Cute, but the point is that USA doesn’t need to invade Canada or Mexico, because it is already controlling them economically and politically… Imagine what would happen if China suddenly tried to overthrow the government in Canada and how USA would react then.

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beerpatzer wrote:

Only a Jew would hate this act of political reconciliation and brotherhood.

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paintcan wrote:

@VultureTX – both sides have their records of crimes but only one side has billions in illegal settlements at risk.

I just took a quick look at the UN schedule and no NGO’s “with an ax to grind” are petitioning anyone for a sharper edge.

This is what’s scheduled for discussion toward the end of this month:

“Session I entitled “The legal status of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees in international law” will begin on Thursday, 24 April, at 11 a.m. The session will provide insight into the status of “prisoners of war” in international law and its application to Palestinian prisoners and detainees; United Nations procedures and mechanisms to address the issue of political prisoners: the General Assembly, Human Rights Council and treaty bodies; and the issue of political prisoners in international courts and other mechanisms.

Session II entitled “Available legal mechanisms to ensure compliance with international law and Third Party responsibility” will start on Thursday, 24 April, at 3 p.m. During the session, experts and participants will discuss the responsibilities of the occupying Power under international humanitarian and human rights law; the need to ensure compliance with international humanitarian and human rights laws — actions by States parties to the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions; and the importance of engaging the International Court of Justice.

Session III on Friday, 25 April, at 10 a.m., entitled “General legal implications stemming from the status of non-Member Observer State” will conduct a legal analysis of General Assembly resolution 67/19; look at the rights and obligations of non-member observer States; International conventions and treaties; and membership in United Nations specialized agencies and other global organizations.

Session IV on Friday, 25 April, at 3 p.m., entitled “The State of Palestine and International Courts” will look into the issue of placing complaints before the relevant international courts, including conditions, procedures, practices as well as drawbacks and challenges.

What insane Reuters1945 is believing that any population will put up with an overbearing and light-fingered occupying power forever.”

And @VultureTX – The Israelis collect some Palestinian taxes having to do with cross border trade and freeze them as a strategic option.
Under a true rule of law, both sides will feel the pinch. Israel has been in breach of a lot of its responsibilities as the UN recognized Occupying Power. The NGO may have to wait their turn in court, if anything ever gets to court.

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paintcan wrote:

@VultureTX – The NGOs might be doing the same in Gaza against the Israeli’s. In fact, the UN might have an “ax to grind” regarding Gaza and perhaps even in Lebanon. One of their missions in Gaza was bombed during the Israeli blitzkrieg. The Israelis were also using incendiary (phosphorous) bombs in Gaza. And Israel is still maintaining an illegal blockade around Gaza.

Both sides could be wrapped up in court for years.

My bias (if you like) about this issue is simply that Israel was an idiotic idea established by an act of popular insanity in response to an act of insanity perpetrated by the Germany reich. So how can two insanities ever give rise to a sane situation?

Palestinian frustration is more than understandable. When lunatics move into the neighborhood it’s to be expected the insanity will be infectious.

Abbas and the Palestinians are trying to hang onto some sanity. They weren’t indoctrinated into accepting the idea of Zionism as thoroughly as we in the USA and Europe were.

No other place on earth would have accepted the idea of a Jewish state carved piecemeal out and territory occupied by a weakened population controlled by foreign powers.

Israeli objections amount to little more than a desire that the Palestinians stay weakened, prone and disorganized. The Palestinians are sane enough not to want to stay weakened, poor and disorganized.
Those who fight back are actually no worse than those who founded every other state on this planet. In fact, every other state on this planet tends to call them heroes and founding fathers. The Israeli’s admire their own early “terrorist”. They are taken for granted as what states do to exist at all.

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paintcan wrote:

excuse me – not toward the end of the month – Tomorrow and the day after. I’m forgetting the month is almost over.

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The Haaretz analysis of the Palestinian reconciliation is the best piece of political journalism for a long time. Bravo. Hopefully peace may finally be realized. Bravo. Find it, read it, and learn.

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