As Iraq violence grows, U.S. sends more intelligence officers

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cristo52 wrote:

Just let them eat each other alive and when they start landing on our beaches, have the Feds hand out all that ammo they’ve been hoarding. As the nun said to the priest outside St. Patrick’s who had just admonished them, saying, “You’re not collecting for guns, are you?” Sister replierd, “Oh, no, Father, we have all the guns we needs. We’re collecting donations for the bullets.”

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carlmartel wrote:

This is a more sound move than sending US combat troops who would be seen as infidel occupiers, become targets, increase US costs, and increase US casualties. From the beginning, this has been an “intelligence war,” but we have collected too much and analysed too little.

Under Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda has been moving into position to strike the oil and gas infrastructure of north Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East. US and NATO economies and militaries depend on oil and gas, so attacks hurt western forces and economic abilities to develop and pay for western technological tools. In addition, it raises prices for oil and gas, raises income for Sunni Arab countries whose citizens donate to al Qaeda and similar groups, damages western economies and militaries, and lets the West pay for both sides in the war. It is an effective strategy, and the West needs better “intelligence” for more “intelligent” responses.

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PhaTz wrote:

First of all, Bandar Bush (Ex Saudi Intel Minister) has been focused on causing trouble with Iraq and Syria for the express reason to maintain the current oil pricing. He was caught red handed buying chemical weapons from the US and then distributing them to is Syrian Merc’s ! Secondly, he is spreading Saudi cash in Iraq to destabilize the country so cheap oil doesn’t hit US Streets. He was responsible for the booting out of many US Corporation in Saudi Arabia.

Obama recently travel to Saudi Arabia to kiss the backside of the ROYAL Prince.. And try to rebuild bridges he burnt when Obama started supply weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood.. and Um.. the last time I checked.. Bandar Bush was not friends with them either.. So I say to hell with OPEC.. Its time for OIL FREEDOM !

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IrvingC wrote:

We had this war won by 2008 when Obama took office. BEFORE he took office. It was his to lose, so he’s chosen to lose it. Sending Intel officers in thinking this will help is a typical Democrat bungle, aka Kennedy-Viet Nam.

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IrvingC wrote:

We had this war won by 2008 when Obama took office. BEFORE he took office. It was his to lose, so he’s chosen to lose it. Sending Intel officers in thinking this will help is a typical Democrat bungle, aka Kennedy-Viet Nam.

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DSTIEBS wrote:

The US needs to stay out of Iraq. We screwed over the people there when we left. No need to send money or troops to fix there problems. Stop fighting someone Else’s conflict when it is no threat to us.

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qqqqqjim wrote:

You can all thank the Buffoon for getting the US into that mess over there. Obama got us out now stay the hell out!

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Kahnie wrote:

As an intelligent citizen, not an intelligence officer, I have a way: Get al Malaki, a Shiite to accept Sunnis into his government on an equal basis, not “tokenism” and then either ignoring them or “abusing” them as the enemy. As long as there is religious strife, there will be Nihilists as the Jihadists.

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sonnyboy wrote:

We can’t even defend and keep our own borders secure, so why are we supposedly defending other countries?

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mrbarry wrote:

Yeah sure, after we screwed this country up so bad and now we are going to send more stupid SOB’s so we can continue to fk it up. Only America knows how to destroy a country

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paintcan wrote:

The New Yorker is running a profile on Maliki this week.

The article states very early on (it just came today and I just started it) the Iraqi people are not benefiting from the oil wealth even though the country is one of the largest producers now. The country only gets about $2 to $3 per barrel now. By contrast, I think the Saudis get over $100 something per barrel because the fields are nationalized. It’s not Iraq’s fault or even OPEC’s. OPEC only controlled about 40% of world production before the last invasion and they said repeatedly years ago they were satisfied with their $70 to $75 per barrel price. Other countries wanted more. It is the fault of big oil but this country’s diplomats and military forces have to do dirty work for it.

The US is interested in controlling Iraq conflicts because Big Oil doesn’t want the fields jeopardized. The only government that will last there will be one that protects the fields as paramount but they will be hated by the population. It should be obvious that the peace or prosperity of the population is a matter of secondary importance and it always was. Anybody can pay for patriotic BS and they will.

And this country can’t live with low priced oil anymore because its own domestic resources are too costly to exploit. Natural gas from fracking may not be safe enough for use in automobiles. It tends to be explosive in accidents, I suspect. I have heard of old gas tanks for residential use exploding because they simply rusted through and were near a spark or flame; just the conditions that would prevail in a road accident.

This country is as dependent on enormous amounts of oil – over 200 million gallons per day (you can find the statistics yourself but that sounds about right) – as any heroin addict is for his next fix and only because for over 60 years the only transportation method that was pushed so vigorously was the private automobile. And that fact has changed every other fact on the ground. It is now hopelessly stuck in its sprawling development. It even needs the sludge from oil refining to pave the millions of miles of roads it uses daily.

This country is thoroughly and completely stuck in the tar baby and it has no one to blame but itself. And it’s even loosing its market share for automobiles to foreign imports.

If the country could afford to – it can’t because to do so would wipe out trillions in real estate value – it should rebuild itself with compact development and more efficient transportation methods: namely walking and bicycles like the Chinese still use. Otherwise it will fight and pay dearly for the fuel it so stupidly and wastefully uses. It is almost impossible to do anything or go anywhere in this country without a private automobile, especially in the millions of square miles of suburbia and rural development.

The flag should be redesigned to show a Car. It’s the only thing here that really matters anymore or the country is nearly uninhabitable.

It’s ironic, look at Kabul on google earth. The city grew gigantically in the last decade and yet there are few cars on the roads and they may not even need them. Busses and taxis could serve that dense development easily. Every residential street may also be a commercial street on the ground floor with neighborhood shops for daily needs. It’s a pattern as old as time and not even our influence broke it there. This country’s money may have spurred an enormous multiplier effect but the Afghans built the cities in their own timeless image. And the houses look rather large too. The entire city is almost a continuous carpet of courtyard type houses. It’s beautiful, actually.

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umkomazi wrote:

As Iraq violence grows, U.S. sends more intelligence officers

Lol!How can you use the word ‘intelligence’ and ‘US’ in the same context?????

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nvgg wrote:

Obama better to explain Putin what the hell he is going in
Irak, Afganistan, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libia, Ukraine and on and on and on……

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cautious123 wrote:

Haven’t we caused enough destruction in Iraq? Everything the U.S. touches turns to disaster. Either we have the stupidest politicians in the world, or we are so narrowly focused on the interests of the rich that we ignore our effect on the rest of the world’s people. The rich must feel that they can insulate themselves from the fallout of disasterous foreign policies, but not for long.

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“The U.S. government has rushed nearly 100 Hellfire missiles, M4 rifles, surveillance drones and 14 million rounds of ammunition to the Iraqi military since January, U.S. officials said. The Obama administration has also started training Iraqi special forces in neighboring Jordan.” (end quote)

Not bad for a Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Hope & Change = Neocon Lite.

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As we have seen, the Democratic Party is committed to the concept of Dynastic Democracy – Mrs. Clinton, the wife of a former POTUS, is the presumed front-runner for the Democratic nomination for POTUS in 2016.

The Republican Party is committed to the concept of Banana Republicanism – Jeb Bush, the son of a former US President and brother of another former US President, is looking like the front-runner for the Republican nomination for POTUS in 2016.

Both major US political parties are on the take to the special interests. Once the theater is over and the election winners take their seats, the folks who paid for all their campaign expenses will dictate policy… the quid pro quo begins.

The US Supreme Court has decided that money in politics is a form of free speech and it must not be stifled, or in any way silenced.

No doubt, the nation is on the road to perdition; we the people have totally lost control of our system of governance, the selfish special interests have hijacked our democratic process.

And we have the chutzpah to believe that we can export our style of democracy, at sword-point. We have deluded ourselves into thinking that the rest of humanity admires America and believes in “American exceptionalism”.

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labillyboy wrote:

Well well well… so the hasty retreat beat by Bill Clinton’s wife under the orders of Obama is, how did Rev. Wright put it?… oh yes, “coming home to roost”…

The most incompetent foreign policy since Jimmy Carter, cut and run from Iraq for political gain due to an inability to negotiate a SoF agreement by the Sec. of State.

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CussFilter wrote:

I thought that was the BAD war.

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paintcan wrote:

I did a little research and have to make a correction. Iraq keeps a share of between 25% and 45% of each field (about ten fields). They also sell the oil and pay the private lease holders from the revenues and above a target production amount they receive a fee of about $1.50/bl. What the lease holders receive before that amount isn’t clear to me from what I read. Iraq had oil revenues of about 90 billion dollars last year and the production is growing rapidly. But there is also rampant fraud in their government accounting and the awarding of contracts – according to that New Yorker article this week. They now have a growing culture of assassination of political rivals that mirrors SH. US intelligence gathering may amount to little more than knowing who has been killed in parliament and who’s still alive and/or planning to kill someone else? In a few decades or sooner – the US could be learning the same techniques thanks to the SCOTUS. This country did rationalize slavery for over 200 years. And I can think of a few people who think it should return, just not in any obvious way. Slavery grows when winners think they have superior rights to the losers lives. It’s amazing how slavery can look good to a winner if the winner and the loser are desperate enough.

It’s also still obvious the oil majors invested heavily in new Iraq production capacity and don’t want to see it slip away.

I just spent some time reading Exxonmobil’s PR site and a few others on Iraq’s oil income. When oil companies and the welfare of the country are so inextricably combined, it makes the idea that men and women should fight for resources so that private companies can prosper, more than a little suspect. It’s not likely a draft would ever be embraced again (not unless people have become very stupid and a draft is a form of slavery) and it even suggests that the oil majors should not be enjoying tax credits but should be paying the bill for the nation’s military muscle and even it’s intelligence services. That aspect isn’t discussed in Exxonmobil’s PR page. And only the comments mentioned that Exxonmobil doesn’t actually pay any taxes. The customer pays taxes per gallon payable by the company as any other sales tax is levied on the seller.

If forcing big oil to pay for its dominance raises the costs of oil and gas – good. It would allow renewable energy, hydro, solar and wind power – as well as encourage better ways of using the nation’s open space and agricultural lands for purposes other than sprawl. Agricultural production has been regionalized and could have been kept more localized were it not for long distance trucking. All that production is now also dependent on oil. It isn’t such a blessing of progress if no other alternative can live because of a well planned dependence on oil. It was only really the result of a relentless, decades long strategy to capture market share for a particular product.

You are not truly free to chose a way of life if all other choices have been effectively ruled out because the personal costs are nearly catastrophic if you try to opt out. The big companies have the advantage of controlling prices and determining what the average consumer’s life looks like. That would be great if not for the problems of artificial obsolescence and the dependency so much of modern life is building in. It’s very little different than raising sows in pens so they get grow to be the maximum size and can suckle large litters. It’s not a flattering comparison, but in a way, modern life has been doing that to the consumers and the result is also mountains of waste material the consumer is forced to pay extra to dispose of. It comes out of the property taxes and tipping fees.

The internet thrives on artificial obsolescence. This may be a very “old fashioned” way of looking at things but old fashioned takes some experience to recall what life looked like at all. That’s why they send young people to war. They don’t know any better and they never appreciate until its too late how little their sacrifice (excuse me – now its career choice) actually got them. The careerists get what they deserve and it isn’t such a bad life from what I’ve heard. Vietnam flushed over 50,000 draftees and I don’t know how many were maimed.

Here’s a little thought from Herbert Spencer for those who hate socialized economies. He claims that militarism and socialism go hand in hand. That makes sense, they should. If you are getting the continuous militarism and not getting the socialism to balance it you’re being cheated by privateers who hijacked the government for their own profit. I hate it when businessmen wave flags. The only one’s who can claim sacrifice are those who died and can’t wave flags anymore. The survivors learned strategy and more than a little about how to take over countries and get one over all the stupid civilians.

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paintcan wrote:

@labillyboy – What makes you think any country would want you claiming the right to defend them from their own natural resources?

Bush failed to get that agreement, remember? He also installed a friend of Iran and a reluctant partner with Assad as President. This country did try to sell the invasion of Iraq as bringing democracy to Iraq. They succeeded, and the Iraqis made their wishes known, so out the door you go. That was what the PR said this country intended all along. What, you didn’t mean it? The Iraqi’s weren’t as stupid as you thought they were were they and mega billions in oil revenue looks very good when you can get it.

Maybe big oil would be better off just hiring their own muscle and by-pass the government altogether to do their resource procurement for them? But that would get very expensive for them – wouldn’t it? And the price at the pump would really start to hurt. The distances, even for around town driving would really start to break household budgets.

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ONTIME wrote:

We are again wasting our time, money,resources and blood to interfere in a society ingrained with hatred, intolerance and conspiracy, this is inbred ignorance and based on what we see and know there is little hope for change over the next thousand years…..It would be better to cordon off a area and then as they continued to inbred and kill each other off the area could be reduced until it was not longer needed….

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dougjmiller wrote:

Islamic extremist violence has escalated in Iraq. Radical Islamic terrorists are waging wars of aggression in many places around the globe. Their goal is world domination and the elimination of every religion other than their perverted version of Islam. They will kill every man, woman and child they can get their blood-thirsty hands on. They will murder every Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Atheist and even moderate or different sect Moslem they can, in order to frighten the rest of the population into submission. The good people and the decent nations must work together to defeat radical Islam or civilization is in peril.

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grassroot wrote:

But, we are not allowed by this administration to
explore, drill and actually use our own resources as they
are hard at work, ” deconstructing this nation.” As Obummer’s
Science Czar John Holdren stated right after being tapped by this
shoo-in POTUS we now have. The whole cabal is hard at work
at this deconstructing of America. It’s working too.

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Rthomp8363 wrote:

and just think, the US can take credit for the mess that this and Libya is in. We should of stayed out of it and they would be a much more stable region then they are today.

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viper41 wrote:

“Intelligence! Officers”! Now there is a contradiction in terms if I ever heard one!

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maryalden wrote:

We had a grandson that died in Falluja. He was a marine. He was killed by a sniper and I ask you FOR WHAT? For all we achieved in Iraq under President Bush, good ole Obama is destroying. I can’t believe he’s the President!! He died for nothing.

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mensa141 wrote:

I did not know that intelligence and intelligent were mutually exclusive terms.

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redrod wrote:

Wouldn’t hurt to have a little intelliegnce at the White House.

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Foxcroft wrote:

What about Muslims does the Pentagon not understand? If they aren’t killing infidels they are killing each other which leaves fewer to attack us. No American, civilian or military, should be in a Muslim country. For diplomatic relations there should be a private line between each Muslim capitol and the State Department in Washington. If Sheikh Yerbutti want to do some diplomacy, he can just pick up the phone and talk to someone safely (more or less)in DC.

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crismahn wrote:

Well, if anything has proven to be a instant panacea for quelling political and social violence in Iraq, it’s the presence of more US intelligence contractors. Swell.

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QuietDanTN wrote:

Pay me now or pay me later. This is what happens when you leave too early for political reason, before the job is done. A lot of smart people saw this coming at the time the decision to pull out was made, and here we are. Stupid and wasteful of material, treasure and LIVES.

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kw2012 wrote:

People in Afghanistan as saying that US troops should leave, then there would be no reason for Jihad. Well, we left Iraq and Obama said the terrorists were decimated and on the run. Should be peaceful now right? Because there is no reason for Jihad? quite the contrary, thousands of innocent Iraqi’s are being murdered now and Al Qaeda has nearly 10,000 fighters in Baghdad. It won’t be long before Iraq falls to the extremists because Obama ignored recommendations to stay in Iraq.

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cj_james wrote:

But but but, this is impossible. Obama said announcing our withdraw date wouldn’t emboldened Iraq’s enemies and cause them to wait us out…. He said this wouldn’t happen, so I don’t believe this article, it must be written by Bush or Cheney to say “I Told You So”

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cooperbry wrote:

This really is Bush’s fault. But, it’s time for the USA to leave people alone and mind our own business.

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DanBAustin wrote:

Minding our own business is definitely a policy, but it can affect what happens in a place like Iran or Afghanistan. Iraq would probably still be under the iron fist of Saddam, and Afghanistan would be under Al Qaeda rule. Terrorism, like the 9/11 attacks, would continue to be launched from there, Afghani women would not be allowed to get an education, Afghani men would be forced to grow beards, music would not be allowed, and government officials would repeatedly rape women and torture men.

The real problem is that the US gets involved, sends troops, and then gets tired of fighting. Our enemies, including Al Qaeda, know this. All they have to do is wait, and then take over after we leave. We are even stupid enough to announce withdrawal dates.

Not only do we get ‘tired’ of fighting for political reasons, we elect leaders that aren’t bright enough to grasp the bigger picture. They think that sending more Intelligence Officers will do something more than be seen as a joke by our enemies.

Al Qaeda has every right to laugh at us and feel contempt for us. They know that thy will win.

Face facts. If the US and Al Qaeda both had stock in the stock market, the best long term investment would clearly be to buy Al Qaeda stock.

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factsrus wrote:

The Impostor-in-Chief was warned by the Field Commanders of this very likely scenario…..but because of wanting to be PC, Barry pulled the troops! How many “Intelligence Officers” need to be sent to Iraq before it is conceded that we are actually sending additional “troops”?? This is the result of having a “Community Agitator” instead of a “Leader”!!!

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duncer wrote:

Any aid is a matter of picking sides and here the only good guys are the Christians caught in the middle. muslims killing muslims is not new, it has been going on for more than a thousand years. If they ever pause it is only to turn their hate, guns, and rockets on non-muslims.

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JackTripper wrote:

Let Iraq burn. We already lost enough americans there. A wise man once said to me many years ago, “Sometimes it’s not your problem to fix”.

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