Hungarians march against anti-Semitism after far-right poll gains

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Dron wrote:

@SmartThinking, most of the marchers were Gypsies, not Hungarians. There is a lot of Gypsie immigrants that live in Hungary.

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Dron wrote:

@SmartThinking, most of the marchers were Gypsies, not Hungarians. There is a lot of Gypsie immigrants that live in Hungary.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

‘When the economy does not really work and people are poor, somebody has to be blamed, and the Jews and the gypsies are blamed,”

wow – deja vu – where have I seen this before?

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carnivalchaos wrote:

Or perhaps, unlike Americans, they retain in their memories events of the past that remind them of the hatred and devastation that rightwing extremism can foment. Perhaps, just perhaps, they are protesting for the right reasons.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

Wikipedia. “Hungary formerly was to join the Euro in 2010, thus divesting the MNB of most of its powers. However, central bank leaders have criticized this plan, saying that the fiscal austerity requirements would slow Hungary’s growth.” THIS IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. DON’T BE BLINDED. L.

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DurtBagg wrote:

Far right = Tea party

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DurtBagg wrote:

Far right = Tea party

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TBellchambers wrote:

The disturbing increase in global antisemitism is directly proportional to the number of illegal building permits issued by Mr Netanyahu in the West Bank. And he is very well aware of that integral part of his strategy to wreck any talk of peace.

‘If the BARCODE starts with 729
Return the goods and politely DECLINE!’

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SmartThinking wrote:

It wasn’t “rightwing extremism” that wreaked “hatred and devastation” on Hungarians, it was leftwing extremism, a/k/a Communism.

Nowadays, it’s Communism lite, i.e., lefty loony-toonism in the guise of the multicult, that’s riding herd on most of the West. This is why Jobbik, Golden Dawn, the French NF, etc., are on the rise. Identity politics and racial pride aren’t just for non-whites anymore. Good times, good times.

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carnivalchaos wrote:

I was referring to the rightwing governments of Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.

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PaulGaul wrote:

“The marchers, many holding European Union and Israeli flags”. Well if you’re trying to gain the sympathy of Hungarians and others, that is the absolute WRONG way to do it. All over Europe people are waking up to the fact that EU membership is disastrous for them, and therefore so called “far right” parties are surging. And carrying Israeli flags in a European march is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting; if you love Israel so much THEN MOVE THERE. Hungary is a majority Christian nation and only about ONE PERCENT Jewish, yet Jews have disproportionate power and influence in Hungary and openly discuss their plans to buy more properties in Hungary, particularly Budapest. Zionist Jews and EU supporters will continue to face backlashes in Europe so long as they continue their genocidal policies.

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SmartThinking wrote:

Truth be told, Paulie, it’s not Zionist Jews who’ve wrecked white nations.

It’s atheist leftist Jews, and their goyische dupes and hangers-on, who Long Marched through the institutions of the West, got their hands on the levers of power and decision/law-making, and turned Western nations into the morally upended multi-cult sewers we see today.

That’s the truth. Your thousand-plus words on Jews doing bad things to other Jews are irrelevant.

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SmartThinking wrote:

Ashkenazi Jews are the large majority of Jews in the world today, certainly the vast majority to be found in Western nations, and they are indeed a genetically distinct group.

And despite the loud, but still nominal, kvetching amongst themselves, they are remarkably cohesive.

Will any proudly non-Zionist, proudly secular Jew admit what his/her co-ethnics have done to white nations in order to make them safe for Jews? Hard to believe.

Sure, they’d pay a steep price. Well, European (white) nationalists have paid, and continue to pay, very steep prices for defending their people.

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boreal wrote:

Events time line leading up to the June 1944 deportation of Hungarian Jews:

1938 March, Austria was annexed to Germany.
1939 March, Sudetenland was annexed to Germany
1939 September, Poland was invaded.
1940 April 9, in 6 hours Dania was overtaken by the Germans.
1940 May 10, invasion of Belgium invaded.
1940 May 17, Netherlands was overtaken.
1940 June 10, Norway was invaded.
1940 June 14, France was done.
1940 October 7, Romania has fallen.
1941 April, Bulgaria was invaded.
1941 April 17, Yugoslavia.
1941 April 30, Greece.
1941 June 10, Lithuania.
1941 June 10, Estonia.
1941 November 30, Ukraine.
1943 September, Albania.
1943 October 16-th in Italy, Germans broke in to the Jewish ghetto to collect the Jews.
1944 March, Hungary.
1944 June, Hungarian deportations to German “request” commences.
1944 October 14, Germans deport the Regent’s son.
1944 October 16, Germans deport the family of the Regent, Horthy.

From the annexation of Austria in 1938 to 1944 June, 6 years had elapsed. With the 2 annexed countries and Germany itself the number of occupied countries in Europe where wartime martial law ruled the day under German influence, there were ALTOGETHER 19 countries.
Hungary was a late arrival. Let’s be frank. In fact, because of the 6 years delay from 1938 to 1944 June, Hungarian leaders of the day were sheltering Jews, not executing them! By the time it was Hungary’s turn, the 18 other European countries did not sit on their hands, the majority of Europe’s Jew has been already deported to the Nazi concentration camps.

If 6 million Jews were exterminated and every third Jew ended up dead, because Germany needed the slave labour to keep its military industry humming, then altogether 6*3=18 million Jews were collected from Europe. Hungary’s 400,000 quota makes Hungary’s portion of the pie 400,000/18,000,000=0.22 or 22%. If each single wartime German occupied country could be blamed entirely for what happened to their Jewish population during the Holocaust, then Hungary’s guilt is at 22%.

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Dr_Steve wrote:

From comments here, I get the impression that many people still don’t care that several million Jews were herded to their death. Never again!

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boreal wrote:

Sorry about my previous comment. I made a computation mistake calculating Hungary’s proportional guilt for the Holocaust. In fact it’s not 22.2%, but 10 times less, only 2.2%. (400,000/18,000,000)

400,000 the number of Hungarian Jews deported to Nazi camps.

18,000,000 the estimated total number of Jews deported from all over Europe during WWII.

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PaulBradley wrote:


Problem with the “. . . several million Jews were herded to their death” is that so many different numbers were published, starting with New York Times (I believe it was in 1948)total Jew perishing during the WW2 under Nazi was pegged at approximately 500,000. Then, about the same time the International Red Cross published approximately 350,000.

After, we came to magic number, with absolutely no evidence, all the way to 6 million which, according to Israeli archives was a TOTAL amount of Jews living in countries under Nazi reign. So, if I have to believe the Israeli number, that would mean that NO Jew emigrated anywhere, NO Jew died due to natural causes, NO Jew survived, period. And, I am sure you can not understand it either.

The 6 million seems more of a ‘Biblical’ number than anything else.

Seems that the figure “6 millions Jews” was played in the U.S. media prior to WW2:

New York Times (NYT) – December 2, 1914, “Appeal for Aid for Jews: ” . . . to consider the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews who live within the war zone . . . ”

“In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the very heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow . . .” – NYT, January 14, 1912; pg.3

“Headline: “$1,000,000,000 Fund to Rebuild Jewry: Six Million Souls Will Need Help . . . ” The article explains the situation: “The American people, Jews and non-Jews alike, will soon be asked to lend or contribute the larger part of a fund of approximately $1,000,000,000 [$1 billion, in 1918] to carry out plans for the reconstruction of the Jewry of the entire world . . . 6,000,000 Jews need help.” – NYT, October 18, 1918; pg.12

Is it just incredible coincidence: – -

6 million Jews in the world in 1869;
6 million in Russia alone in 1891;
6 million Jewish families in Russia;
6 million Jewish people in Russia in 1911;
6 million suffering in Europe in 1915, 1920,1938,1942;
6 million in the German-controlled Reich;
6 million killed in the Holocaust

The NYT reports above is NOT all since I would have to write a book, however, you may realize that as early as 1906, 6 million Jews at risk of “systematic extermination”; clearly a case of history repeating itself.

Sometimes the magic number appears even when it makes no sense at all, In 1905 the Times reported as follows:
“From 1890 to 1902 he [a procurator of the Holy Synod in Russia] caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia . . . ” – NYT, November 1; pg.2.
That would be something like 25 or 30 million Jewish individuals – far more than the total Jewish population on the planet.

To other stories of note from 1905:

“Jews in America have learned the courage that comes with manhood, the manhood that comes with liberty, and our 6,000,000 cringing brothers in Russia are going to receive hope and help from us.” – NYT, March 23; pg.7

One Rev. Harris “declared that a free and happy Russia, with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zionism . . . – NYT, January 29, pg.2

A Times report on a Zionist mass meeting from 1900 records records the following words from Wise: “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.” – NYT, June 11, 1900; pg.7

Another 6,000,000 Jews figure appears in NYT, September 21; pg.1
Another 6,000,000 Jews number, NYT January 26, 1891; pg.8

Two final references to that ill-fated number – a short 1889 article discussed “How many Jews are there?” – - again 6,000,000 suffering Jews – NYT, February 10; pg.14

Finally, all the way back to 1869: “It is stated by the Hebrew National . . . that there are now living about 6,000,000 Israelites, nearly one-half of whom live in Europe” – NYT, September 12; pg.8 – - A short table that follows (which does NOT add up to 6 million – -shows about 2.5 million European Jews, including Russia.

Should I go on?? My point is that how can you expect people believe all that much in this number, in terms of WW2 Holocaust. And, that is not to say that there were no deaths, suffering, etc., However, credibility of the 6 million Jews perished in Nazi “death-camps” during WW2 is simply arbitrary, to say the least . . .

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beerpatzer wrote:

Jews are the biggest anti-Semites, considering that 99% of Semites are Arabs, 99% of Jews are Caucasians not semitic…

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