Ukraine separatists seize second provincial capital, fire on police

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Hey Reuters,

Why have you not reported on yesterday’s annual march in the “pro-western” city of Lviv in honor of the SS division Galicia of Ukrainian Nazis, which participated in the WW2 on the Hitler’s side? This is the types that are the core supporters of the present government in Kiev, and it would be greatly enlightening for your readership to learn all these relevant details in order to understand the sentiments of the “pro-Russian” East Ukraine. Or, “pro-Russian” Germans, to that matter.

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Rich_F wrote:

BraveNewWorld, Reuters is just another outlet for US propaganda just like the mainstream media. They are not “in it” to report the news as is they serve the government complex. You have to find the real news from other sites on the Internet.

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DominicPaz wrote:


Maybe because 15 halfwits holding a parade isn’t actually news, and isn’t actually sanctioned by the Ukranian government. However, the russian operatives in Eastern Ukraine who are there to supposedly guard again “anti-semitism” shooting the regions most prominent Jewish politician in the back … THAT is news, you Russian shill.

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wilhelm wrote:

“Around five hundred neo-Nazi supporters took to the streets in the center of the city on Sunday to celebrate the creation of the 14th SS-Volunteer Division ‘Galician’ on April 28, 1943.

Many of the participants wore embroidered national Ukrainian shirts and held SS Galician divisional insignias (a yellow lion and three crowns on a blue background) in their hands.

The demonstrators made their way from the monument to the Ukrainian nationalist icon of Stepan Bandera, and to the local cemetery where a memorial to the Galician soldiers is erected.”

reports RT website…

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Reuters is an international publication based in the UK. Why would they pick sides in petty squabbling between American conservatives and the rest of America? Things aren’t always as partisan as conservatives make it out to be.

You all are a one-trick pony. Don’t agree with someone? Demonize them, dismiss them, do anything to avoid engaging in an intellectual conversation.

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mjp1958 wrote:

For its illegal actions in Ukraine, Russia deserves all of these sanctions, and more. Make Putin and his fellow billionaire Russian oligarchs feel “pain.”

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SeaWa wrote:

Europe is all talk and no action. Why should we (US) stand up for them when they won’t stand up for themselves? This is their fight and Western Europe can decide on which side of the curtain, and veil, it stands.

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orobic wrote:

Last week in Saudi Arabia a woman has been lashed 150 times for driving a car. Why don’t we all impose sanctions to Saudi Arabia?

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Warhawk wrote:

It really doesn’t matter what any pro-Russians think these days… all they have are some really thinly veiled lies which somehow are quite convincing to Russia’s supporters. The truth is that Russians think they are smarter and stronger than anyone else and what Putin is doing today is completely in line with their sense of national pride. They still love Stalin and the Tsars, it’s a nation that for centuries hasn known no freedom, and when they got they had no clue what to do with it. Well, some of them did… In any case, Russian point of view is irrelevant when one is to have a meaningful discussion.

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Rich_F wrote:

>>You all are a one-trick pony. Don’t agree with someone? Demonize them, dismiss them, do anything to avoid engaging in an intellectual conversation.

pot meet kettle.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

rasPutin will destroy Russia in his war with the world for the Soviet Union Abortion number 2.

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

“opened fire with automatic weapons and threw stun grenades” wonder where these came from?

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KyleDexter wrote:

Reuters, like all Western media outlets, toe the line of Western governments. I have nothing against it, but when I hear Americans say, “we have freedom of press” thats what I have a problem with.

There are very limited press freedoms here. You can ridicule a particualr politician or issue, but do you think you can advocate the overthrow of the government?? I think not. In this sense, we are no different then every other society in the world!

And when the government presents a country as an enemy, then Reuters, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Fox, etc.. will follow the governments line and will rubberstamp the assessment.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

> when the government presents a country as an enemy
Russia has presented itself to the world as he world’s enemy. Ukrainians are now certain that rasPutin is Ukraine’s worst enemy.
rasPutin is the perfect dictator for Russia, a nation everybody KNOWS is the enemy.

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Calfri wrote:

What’s more important, the aspirations of 45 million Ukrainians, or the profit margin of Exxon Mobil and BP? The paltriness of these latest sanctions tell us all we need to know.

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PaulBradley wrote:


The U.S. media will publish ANYTHING to make profit EXCEPT ANYTHING AGAINST the Zionist government of Israel. For example, the recent British TV series about the atrocities done by Zionist terrorists on the British in Palestine – - we here in the U.S. were effectively blocked from seeing it. The U.S. media censure everything that could be even remotely perceived as ‘negative’ in terms of Israel and/or Jewish history, even more than the media in Israel. Go figure!

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kuriosaussie wrote:

The standard comments by supporters or appeasers of Kremlin aggression in the Ukraine, continue to ignore the UN General Assembly resolution of 27th March’14, where only 11 nations sided with the “pro Russian” invasion of Crimea. Yes, you guessed right, North Korea voted against the majority of civilized nations on the invalidity of that Kremlin military aggression.

The pro Kremlin slogans and violence, also seek to derail the rights of the Ukrainian Government to hold a transparent democratic election, on the 25th May, with international observers [eg OSCE ].

Pro Russian posts, against Ukraine, frequently show their mastery of WWII, but have yet to remind us, that the Molotov-Ribbentrop deal with The Third Reich, allowed the Soviet Army to invade Poland and several Baltic nations from mid September 1939. They stood together, as joint invaders when cities and territories were seized for a period of nearly 2 years until the honeymoon was over after 22nd June 1941.

Therefore, whilst a minority of politicians have extremist views [communist or nazi ] in countries not exclusive to the Ukraine, the pro Russian, Kremlin tyranny, is to use any pretexts, as they go about their business of trashing democracy, liberty, civil and human rights.

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sabrefencer wrote:

This must tell you something..Obamas much heralded sanctions, by those in the press that he owns..are having what effect? stock market in Russia goes up, Putin laughs at the silliness of ‘s non foreign policy, the Ukrainians divide even further…Nice move, mal obama administration..nottttttt

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pyanitsa wrote:

UScitizentoo wrote: “..Ukrainians are now certain.. Putin is Ukraine’s worst enemy.”

Which Ukrainians? The Eastern ones or the Western ones?

Or are you going to select just the Ukrainians that agree with you?

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PaulBradley wrote:

This is all just a PERFECT distraction from the earlier quite ‘boiling’ anti-Putin movement in Russia.

Putin is smart operator. He has been seated in power for years and guess how many years he will have it while American Presidents come and go?

He has his own people in Ukraine and they are there to STAY, period. They are trained well professionals in subversion, military organization, propaganda, etc., etc., etc. . . . , just like Putin was during the Soviet era.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:


It’s not just Israel. Nearly 1/3 of David Attenborough’s programs have never been produced for Region 1 (U.S.). Life on Earth is famous for its in-depth examination of evolution. It’s easily as good pictorially, but much better scientifically, than things like Planet Earth, but you can’t watch it here, tooo controversial, no sponsor.

I love this country, ya just have to accept that it’s weird, tho the police state thing is increasingly larger and more noticeable the first few weeks back. Tocqueville said if the U.S. went totalitarian it would take a paternalistic form.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Ukraine’s problem. This is not an American problem and anyone itching for a fight should put on their boots and go get in one. We won’t stop you.

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spartyb wrote:

a deterioration in their economy is quite an overstatement, Russia’s economy has been growing at a 5% rate over the last decade, this year will see a one time correction to maybe 1.5%, and then a likely return to stronger growth.

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AlkalineState wrote:

If these ‘protesters’ are feeling so russian, then they should move 15 miles over to Russia. It’s a big place, plenty of room. Is Putin keeping them out or something?

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ProEto wrote:

“Ukraine, … has a thousand-year history as a state but has spent much of the last few centuries under the shadow of its larger neighbor. It emerged as a modern independent nation after the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, with borders drawn up by Bolshevik commissars from territory previously ruled by Russia, Poland and Austria.” – That is a biased interpretation of what history of Ukraine, the sister-state of Russia was. In this you work in sync with new propagandists from Kiev. Kiev, a city that was the first CAPITAL of Russia, the birthplace of Russian orthodox religion and that is habitually called “the mother of Russian cities”. Why dont Americans stop mendling in regional issues that have more history than the US itself??

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itsmysayokay wrote:

Cowards shoooting people in the back…discusting behavior and uncalled for. This is spiraling out of control under the auspices of none other than Putin himself. There needs to be immediate lethal aid to Ukraine ASAP! This is out of control and there needs to be much bigger sanctions against Russia for this unbelievable terrorist thug activity that is obviously the Kremlin’s doings.

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carlmartel wrote:

The spreading rebellion in Ukraine is not a surprise. Putin made a better offer with %15 billion, lower gas prices, no austerity, and a new rail link to China for repayment. The EU offers %20 billion, 50% higher gas, 40% higher electricity, and EU restrictions on food imports to prevent repayment. Further, the May 25 election appears rigged because the 50% higher gas bills and 40% higher electricity bills won’t reach customers until June 8 and September 8, AFTER the May 25 elections. Violent demonstrations and occupations will likely hit western Ukraine when utility bills arrive.

The US and EU illegally accept the illegal Kiev regime but reject illegal eastern occupiers. They unfairly blame Russia because the West wants Russia to influence eastern occupiers but refuses to allow any forces that probably would be needed for successful influence. This proves that US and EU complaints are lies. “We want you to do this, but we refuse to let you use the tools that you need to do this.”

Fortunately, Ukraine’s debts to EU private banks are $200 to $250 billion, and Ukraine will owe $55 billion to the EU and IMF when all loans are complete. Ukraine has lost its best offer for repayment, so defaults and EU banking crises are likely. Utility bills that appear to be part of western vote rigging are likely to start riots this summer and fall, so a new illegal regime in Kiev is likely.

Why are the US and EU doing this to themselves? Are their governments engaging in deliberate efforts to destabilize their own countries? They are winding down the war in central Asia, and Putin and Lavrov saved them from a new debacle in Syria, so their leaders may be seeking new crises to make themselves seem important because their economies perform poorly. In 2013, the EU’s GDP growth rate was 0.3%; the US had 1.8%; Russia had 1.9%; and China had 7.7%. The West (NATO) may be trying to reverse the success of the East (SCO), but it may backfire as I pointed out yesterday.

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xcanada2 wrote:


There already has been lethal aid to the Western Ukrainians. Remember the 80 people shot by snipers on the Kiev Maidan? Both protesters and 10 or so riot police.

It appears likely that those were provocateurs funded from within the present Kiev government, the ones who we are supporting.

It is pretty clear who at least some of the thugs are in this coup, and they aren’t Russian.

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Whatsgoingon wrote:

@carlmartel “Why are the US and EU doing this to themselves? Are their governments engaging in deliberate efforts to destabilize their own countries?”

Can’t say about EU, but for US its all about business.

As a nation we are the #1 supplier of killing machines. Creating conflicts is nothing but a demand generation campaign.

As a government we need to find ways to raise taxes. “Protection fee” turns out to be the best cause. Few Americans know things out of the country, and any “story” can easily fetch $$$. The “WMD-hunting game,” for example, got over a $T. Plus US people love helping others. Defense spending makes everyone feel good. After the recession budget cuts were discussed everywhere, yet defense budget has been largely untouched.

Now $5B, or $15/citizen has slipped through the oily hands, more will go under “sanctions” and corruptions needed to fund them…

It’s all business. These expenses will be handsomely paid back once oil prices go up, though most of the return only goes to a privileged few.

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SmartThinking wrote:

Meanwhile, as thin-skinned blacks screech outrage at a Jew’s private comments to his mulatto whore, the world goes on.

Hell, let it. Go Vlad, go.

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pyradius wrote:

It’s cute watching russians (and ignorant right-wingers) try and side with the Russians in this case, when they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about (but they read some conspiracy theory nuts top secret web site with all the info the “real” media wants to hide from you).

Fact is, Ukrainians know all too well Russian colonialism and imperialism and how all the “pro-Russian” Ukrainians don’t see Ukraine as an independent country but just a satellite of Russia. Their national pride IS Russia, not Ukraine. And it is a matter of fact that they ARE IN THE MINORITY, including in Eastern Ukraine. Anyone who lives there knows this and it’s a pretty solid record of public fact. They are thugs attempting to suppress the sovereignty of Ukraine.

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carlmartel wrote:


I agree with you about the US as the top death merchant, but Russia is 2nd, and Moscow’s arms are easier to use and maintain, so they are more plentiful but less expensive per unit. China does not like the instability in Russia’s current plan because they prefer trade, but US pressure in the Pacific and Russia’s guaranteed price makes them willing to force the US and NATO to pay more for oil and gas with more US/NATO wars likely. Conflicts in north Africa and the Middle East have little impact on SCO members but give Russia increased profits from arms sales and increased oil prices to those outside the SCO. China can sell more arms in the war zones to compensate for lower sales of other goods to the US and EU that suffer from oil and gas price rises. Russia and China can profit from sales of refined petroleum products that drive the US out of the market and raise US trade deficits by $50 to $100 billion per year. I’m not sure that the US can make $50 to $100 billion more in arms sales to make up for its loss of refined oil product sales. The net effect is that the EU definitely loses and the US probably loses. The EU holds $255 to $305 billion in private and public Ukrainian loans while the US kept its losses to $1 billion in loan guarantees. In addition, the US and NATO burn fuels in maneuvers for nothing and will pay Russia for some of those costs. The US may try to make money on arms, but they may not succeed in offsetting US losses in refined petroleum product sales. I urge Americans to avoid this debacle, but they want to shoot the messenger instead of the Obama regime that marches them into more conflicts that will punish most citizens and reward few. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

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jim_seattle wrote:

pyradius, you state as a fact that pro Russians are in the minority in Ukraine, yet the last presidential election does not support that theory. The US clearly supported the revolt in western Ukraine. Russia is clearly supporting the revolt in eastern Ukraine. You don’t have to hate Obama or be Russian to see that. The people of eastern Ukraine prefer to be allied with Russia, those in the west prefer to be allied with the West.

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pyradius wrote:

Incorrect by all accounts.

“Certainly in the last two decades of Ukraine’s independence, that line has blurred a lot,” Pifer said. “Bear in mind, in eastern Ukraine, while the majority of the people there may speak Russian, it’s still a majority population that are ethnic Ukrainian. The only place in Ukraine where Russians are an ethnic majority is Crimea.”

“In a poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in the first half of February 2014, 25.8% of those polled in East Ukraine believed “Ukraine and Russia must unite into a single state”, nationwide this percentage was 12.5.”

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

@ KyleDexter Yes you need more freedom of the press, see if you can print your opinions in Pravda.

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jim_seattle wrote:

pyradius, neither of you facts dispute that the majority of Ukrainians would rather be allied with Russia than the West. So they want to remain Ukrainian, that isn’t in dispute.

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birder wrote:

I would bet that there is an extremely good chance they are not what the media is peddling them as being. A good bet is that they are Russians sent in to cause trouble. Doing a very good job at it too.

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

So after all, it appears that yesterday’s neo-Nazi march honoring the SS division was quite significant, not just 15 halfwits, does not it? But you see, there is much more to it. I just checked on wikipedia and it appears that over the last decade or two, more that 15 monuments were built in the west Ukraine to the famous founder of Ukrainian Nazi, the shameful figure of Ukrainian history, Stephane Bandera. It certainly takes more than 15 halfwits to accomplish that.

In 2010 and 2011, Bandera was named an honorary citizen of a number of western Ukrainian cities, including Nadvirna,[112] Khust,[113] Ternopil,[114] Ivano-Frankivsk,[115] Lviv,[116] Zhovkva,[117] Dubliany,[117] and Rava-Ruska.[117]


This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (February 2014)

Monument to Stepan Bandera in Lviv.

Monument to Stepan Bandera in Ternopil.

Monument to Stepan Bandera in Berezhany.
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Staryi Uhryniv
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Lviv
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Ternopil
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Ivano-Frankivsk
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Kolomyia
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Kozivka
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Drohobych
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Dubliany
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Terebovlya
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Berezhany
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Boryslav
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Buchach
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Mykytyntsi
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Mostyska
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Sambir
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Staryi Sambir
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Stryi
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Truskavets
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Zalishchyky
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Chervonohrad
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Verbiv
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Horodenka
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Hrabivka
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Seredniy Bereziv
Monument of Stepan Bandera in Strusiv

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

Fact is, Ukrainians were integral part of Russian imperialism and colonialism. They were the empire nation, not the colonized one. Just check who ruled the country. Google up names like Paskevych, Rodzianko. This, of course, does not include West Ukraine, who for many centuries were oppressed second rate citizens of Poland and Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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pyradius wrote:

You may have missed the revolution in Kiev that threw out the pro-Russian lackey (pure 100% documented kleptocrat)…

By contrast, what do you hear about in these “pro-russian” takeovers? Several hundred at most.

The facts are the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians are in the west and kicked the Russian lapdog out of office.

There is no reason whatsoever that Ukrainians can’t continue to have dealings with Russia and the rest of the world too. They just don’t have to do it with a self-serving corrupt president.

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jesseroche wrote:

Austria never controlled part of Ukraine. Part of what is now Ukraine used to be Hungary. Much of Hungary’s land was taken away after WWI through the Treaty of Trianon. Any Hungarian school kid knows this. Yet Reuters and the BBC have repeatedly this mistake throughout their reporting of the Ukrainian crisis.

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pyradius wrote:

Look, in addition to all the propaganda and fear-mongering that Russia has been funneling into Eastern/Southern Ukraine, being the industrial sector and right on Russia’s border, they obviously have business relationships and cultural ties with Russia.

Maybe you should ask Russians why Stalin popularity is growing?

At the same time perhaps you can ask Ukrainians if they remember Stalin’s force famine?

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chrisalien wrote:

“Its current crisis erupted after a pro-Russian president was toppled in February in a popular uprising. Within days, Putin had declared the right to use military force and dispatched his undercover troops to seize Crimea.”

I think this is whats called propaganda. Washington instigated a right wing putsch and kicked out the democratically elected government. The “maiden” are nothing more than thugs trained in Poland and other ex soviets and , with $5 billion, took govt by blood and then Washington blames Putin for everything…which you report as fact. The Crimes voted with their feet and it was all ligitimate…unlike your “reporting”.

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