NBA bans Los Angeles Clippers owner for life over racist comments

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AlkalineState wrote:

Sterling’s wife warns him:

“I don’t mind you using black players to win basketball games, but do you have to play the games in public?”

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tmc wrote:

We’ll have to wait until like 2040 for all the old racists to die off. Until then the media will have fun pointing them out for your amusement and abusement.

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Rich_F wrote:

its a great bandwagon for everyone to jump on and show their self-righteousness however the truth is many of these same folks are racists themselves including the obama and eric holder so let’s stop with the feigned outrage.

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JArbuckle wrote:

would be nice if we got an Asian or Hispanic NBA owner if the Clippers were put up for sale?

Any Chinese billionaires out there listening?

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

More proof that money doesn’t equal intelligence, humanity or anything else.

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JArbuckle wrote:

I wonder who her next sugar daddy will be…

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Rich_F wrote:

this is a dangerous precedent in that now you can be punished and your livelihood destroyed because of what you think not anything you did. coming soon to a theater near you, you believe that same sex marriage is wrong, get punished. oh yeah that happened already with the Mozilla CEO being forced to resign. you believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven, you need to be either killed or reeducated. oh yeah that’s right that’s happening already in many muslim countries. what we haven’t seen is this nonsense in the united states but its coming. reminds me of the borg in star trek.

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Queue a bunch of republicans crying foul over Sterling’s first amendment rights. Or is that only for anti-gay rhetoric?

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Zeken wrote:

“Equality” isn’t truth, it’s a myth. Check out Detoilet, the former Paris of the Midwest.

The old guy’ll have the last laugh when he dumps the team for a profit of truly Biblical proportions.

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cautious123 wrote:

great news — now can we get rid of racist mascot names also?

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shayneedward wrote:

Racism is ignorant and destructive, no doubt about that. But holy cow, this is a private individual, expressing a private opinion, int eh privacy of his own home. And being fined $2.5mil and being barred for life from the NBA. Here come the thought police, and nobody minds?

It has become popular to tar and feather people with unpopular opinions. Take for example the ex-CEO of Mozilla. He contributed to prop 8. As a private individual. There was no proof that he was ever biased against anyone in his business practices, and yet he lost his job for having the same opinion that over half of California had a few years ago, at the same time over half of California had that opinion.

Where do we go from here? With the erosion of personal rights of religion and even thought we’re becoming an authoritarian leftist regime. Isn’t anyone else concerned?

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gcf1965 wrote:

So when did this nation start apeasing the idiots to punish a person for his views. This was a secret recording made without his knowledge or permission, in his home. Were he to bring those private views intot he public sector and illegally discriminate against anyone based on those views, then maybe you have a case, but not this. THis is nothing but political correctness and stupidity gone crazy. I think he should file suit against the commissioner, the NBA, TMZ, and whoever made the recording.

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Rich_F wrote:

well said shayneedward this isn’t about whether you agree with someone it’s having the liberty to have your own opinions that don’t in any way impact anything externally.

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Zeken wrote:

Mozilla’s CEO was “outed” by someone at the IRS leaking the tax return of the Prop 8 org; this guy was “outed” by an illegal recording.

But hey, all’s fair when you’re fighting thoughtcrime, right?

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unionwv wrote:

Had this been a black man asking his companion not to invite white people to games played by his team, the press would have thought nothing of it.

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paulievaldie wrote:

That idiot makes us all look bad its ok to feel the way he feel but when you are a public figure you have to be careful how and what you do ans say

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dualcitizen wrote:

So much for freedom of speech. He committed no crime. Reid made racist comments, but he “apologized” and all was forgiven. Hope he sells the team and laughs all the way to the bank. Don’t know who said this, but it’s dead on, “the proponents of tolerance want everybody to be tolerant of them, but they are unwilling to be tolerant of those who disagree with them,”.

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@dualcitizen, no one is infringing on his right to speech, he can say whatever he wants, but the NBA also can ban him for saying that. Just because their are consequences for his speech, does not mean he is not free to say it.

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JamVee wrote:

Racist speech, no matter how despicable, hateful, morally bankrupt or politically suicidal it is, remains FULLY PROTECTED BY OUR CONSTITUTION. Thankfully the Sponsors that pours money into this creep bank accounts, and the NBA which controls the industry that this man participates in, CAN PENALIZE HIM “until the cows come home”. I sincerely hope that bankruptcy is a player in this man’s near future!

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TheWhiteLine wrote:

I rarely find myself in agreement with several of the above posters, but I have to come down with the (current as of this posting) majority. This clown’s private views are just that – his private views. He’s entitled to hold whatever beliefs he chooses to – he hasn’t been whipping his players, or chaining them to the stocks.

Having said that, with the “chickens coming home” for this yutz I see nothing wrong with sponsors choosing to disassociate themselves from him. More to the point – how many PLAYERS would choose to remain on board under this guy?? The Clippers could become a C-string team pretty quick. (Maybe already are? I don’t really follow sports…)

@JamVee – “I sincerely hope that bankruptcy is a player in this man’s near future!”

“The man who goes broke in a big way rarely misses any meals, it’s the poor guy who’s a quarter short who goes hungry” – Robert Heinlein.

Sad to say this pissant has way too much money to ever be truly hurt economically – may have to sell one of his yachts is about all. Wish it were different – be true justice for him to find himself working for someone he secretly looks down upon. There IS karma in the world, but I can’t hope for that much….

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Yorkazuna wrote:

It was a private conversation, he had no idea he was being taped which makes it illegal and that biznatch should be in jail. What unadulterated hippocracy for anyone to judge him for what he says in private and anyone who thinks that we should start doing so can be first in line. This country is scared of it’s own racial shadow and it’s pathetic.

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JustMe1999 wrote:

Good by First Amendment!…

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wftphd wrote:

Re what tmc wrote, I think enough of them are being produced daily to replace those who will be dead by 2040. It’s not just 65 and above, you know. Check out the crop of congressmen elected over the last few years.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

I vehemently disagree with and despise Sterling’s alleged “viewpoint”, but I will fight to protect his right to express it.

Advertisers certainly can (and are) exercising free speech with their money, as is their right. The public can talk with their wallets by not supporting his businesses as well. Players can and should boycott and protest.

But nobody…NOBODY should be able to fine Sterling or force him to give up the team against his will. You listening NBA?

Let market forces decide his fate. The Constitution supports nothing else. It’s called the First Amendment people…

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Personal views expressed in private warrant this?

Were I Mr. Sterling, at this point I’d lock the doors. Let the NBA suck on trying to straighten out the playoffs and the next couple of seasons with an odd number of teams, leave the arena sitting empty and the vendors hanging. No licensed products, and no releases from contracts.

The NBA should remember that playing hardball isn’t all offense…

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Matara wrote:

Really who cares there are far more serious and horrible things going on in the world than a racist comment. Everyone should get a freaking life.

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Matara wrote:

You are not allowed to have an opinion or view of your own or you will lose your job, you won’t be worthy to walk amongst our judgmental society and you will be publicly ostracized just like Sterling has been. You need to be stupid and agree with the masses or else!!! Its funny how the public has gotten so hateful over (mob mentality) Sterlings comments but it is not okay for him to have his opinion. I am surprised that the mob’s have not stoned poor Sterling yet. Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do or have more going on in their lives than get so upset over a silly comment?

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GSRyder wrote:

So the rich old dude freaks because his billionaire friends are calling him, busting on him . After seeing his squeeze hanging with Magic Johnson . Who are the rest of the billionaire racists that hang with Sterling ? Acceptance of race in the street does not equal acceptance in the halls of power . Did no one else notice why the fool got pissed ? His peers with the same mind set were laughing at him !!!!!!!!

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yummy8755 wrote:

Taping phone calls in California is illegal unless both parties agree. He is being convicted without trial using evidence that could not be admitted into any court. This is not to justify his comments, but to say the way this is playing out seems to be throwing away the rule book to get him.

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Slush wrote:

No more forbidden language! If certain people want respect, they must earn respect. Not attempt to force people inline to their way of thinking by lifetime bans and multi-million dollar fines.

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