Ukraine's restive east slipping from government's grasp

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summarex wrote:

So you want play the ethnic card? You want to start a tea party style revolt and chase the democratically elected president out of his office? Well this is what happens to you!

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

“If you understand by recession two quarters of negative economic growth then Russia is experiencing recession now,” Spilimbergo said.

Two quarters is 6 months. Sanctions are less than 90 days old. Ergo, sanctions did not cause this recession.

Grasp the BS in his statement, grasp the breadth of the propaganda being reported in western media. Presumably Reuters editors can read a calendar and do simple math.

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gentalman wrote:

Obama has said Putin should adopt ways deplomatically and he is doing so.So far not a single man has died in battle.
This way it looks not only eastern part but the whole country will go.Eukrain Govt as such is illigal came on power through rebels and not not by election.The result of ongoing election is also meaningless because they have no money to feed people better than Russia.Going on process is natural and obvious.Whole Eucrane is at stake!Putin knows the weakness of all parties supporting Eucrane Govt.EU have blundered to support rebels without calculations of consequences.Yet Putin has not used his trump card oil but what could be the position then?

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kracked1 wrote:

I read this in the NY times.
Ukraine’s police and security forces are “helpless” to quell unrest in two eastern regions bordering Russia, and in some cases are cooperating with pro-Russian gunmen who have seized scores of government buildings and taken people hostage, the country’s acting president said Wednesday.
My opinion:
If the people are supporting and in fact ARE the “armed terrorists”. Doesn’t it make it democratic, and what we the west are supporting WRONG. just saying, because it sounds like we the west are a joke for pushing something on the people that obviously DON’T WANT OUR HELP.

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PaulBradley wrote:

Now we all see how Russian armed forces operate under Putin’s orders. Well equipped and trained in subversion, slowly and for sure taking the most industrial section of Ukraine. And, they will never give it back. The thousands of Russian troops along the border make sure that the Ukrainian military is paralyzed. The threat of full scale Russian invasion is too much, if there would be a large-scale shootout between the Russian commandos under ‘cover’ and the Ukrainian military.

Looks like Putin will get what he wants . . .

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Zeken wrote:

Vlad’s doing the full-spectrum dominance thing.

The Russians finally realized that the US/EU is not to be trusted.

Medvedev bought that “reset” jive, now he’s wearing the dunce cap in the corner. The big boy’s in charge now.

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majkmushrm wrote:

Ah, yes. Another fine example of the stability that American intervention brings to yet another country. The US/EU are, for some unknown reason, still trying to fight the cold war and that means trying to pull regions that have separated themselves from the old SovU into the Western European sphere. Unfortunately for the US, the Russian Federation isn’t the old SovU and ethnicity matters. If the Ukraine was all ethnic Ukrainian, then Crimea which is almost all ethnic Russian could leave and everything would be fine but it’s not. A bunch of eastern Ukraine is heavily ethnic Russian and they obviously take a dim view of having the actually democratically elected President ousted in a violent coup. So, now what happens to Ukraine (i.e. the actual Ukraine, Ukraine minus Crimea)? The west of Ukraine wants to align with the EU. Some, but by no means all, of the east wants to align with Russia. What a fine mess this is. When will the US figure out that foreign fomented coups don’t usually work out so well?

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xcanada2 wrote:

From the article:
“Daniel Baer, the U.S. ambassador to the OSCE, a European security watchdog which has monitors in the region, told reporters in Vienna: “I think it’s very clear that what is happening would not be happening without Russian involvement.””

So, after all the US/EU claims of direct Russian involvement in the turmoil in Eastern Ukraine, all the US Ambassador can say is that he THINKS that the Russians are there. In other words, all this propaganda about Russians BEING there is a lie. US/EU simply do not know, and I think conditions suggest that they are probably wrong. I imagine pro-Russian Ukrainians are quite capable of recognizing that the US-installed Kiev government is not in there best interests, and can lead a rebellion as well as anyone.

BUT, even if Russians were in there helping with directing the populace, what difference does it make? There are evidently a very strong contingent of Eastern Ukrainians who are rebellious. They have clearly voted with their feet. Plus, it is no worse that what US/EU just pulled off in Kiev. In fact, Russia has much more direct interest and relationship to Ukraine than US/EU.

Whether or not the pro-Russian East Ukrainians, maybe all Ukrainians are, in majority, in favor of strong, continuing ties with Russia, is to be determined by fair, recognizably democratic votes. At this point, there should be a vote of self-determination for East Ukraine’s status in the Union, if the Union is to continue. Else, it looks like civil war is the outcome, to no one’s advantage, at least in Ukraine. For the US, maybe Ukrainian civil war is what they want, since is further mucks up Russia, and EU too?

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GregBailey wrote:

I have to agree with Paul Bradley. It is very evident of Putin’s strategy. Only war will keep Russia from taking over the whole of Ukraine. Obama’s administration never stood a chance against the Putin plan. The EU is doing nothing to assist Ukraine and who knows if the government that exist from a coup is valid. It’s turned into a he said-she said affair.

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Chazz wrote:

The World is witnessing a textbook take over of a country as envisioned by a skilled politician – Russia’s own Vladimir Putin.

You’d have to be blind, ignorant or just plain unwilling to accept the fact that the heavily armed, masked “green men” in uniforms without insignia are Russian troops sent as muscle to guarantee the slow and steady takeover. No one will dare fire a bullet because the troops will cream anyone who does and the pot that’s on the verge of boiling over will explode.

I think we’d all be ignorant to think that Russia didn’t start the takeover of Ukraine without first figuring out what the west’s response was going to be and that they took steps in their plan to deal with the reaction before starting their conquest. In other words, I believe there’s a calculated time table at play that takes into consideration and deals with the sanctions that have been leveled. After all – in every conflict that has come up over the last six years tough talk followed sanctions without action have been our reaction.

Old military axioms are at play here:

“Kill with a borrowed sword” (The idea here is to cause damage to the enemy by getting a 3rd party to do the deed.)

“Hide a knife behind a smile” (Charm and ingratiate yourself to your enemy. When you have gained his trust, move against him in secret.) Putin certainly did that to our Nobel Peace Prize winning “leader” who promised he’d have more flexibility to work with Russia after his reelection. One wonders what else Obama promised when not in range of a microphone…?

“Borrow a corpse to resurrect the soul” (Revive something from the past by giving it a new purpose or bring to life old ideas, customs, or traditions and reinterpret them to fit your purposes.) Hey “folks” in Crimea, remember how great it was to be “Russian” and be part of the Soviet Union?!

“Slough off the cicada’s golden shell” (Mask yourself. Either leave one’s distinctive traits behind, thus becoming inconspicuous, or masquerade as something or someone else.) Hummmm seen any masked “green men” walking around?

There are more and, the strategies have been used time and time again throughout the long history of humans beating up on other humans on this Earth. I guess you’d learn the axioms or maybe use them when you organize communities? Maybe you don’t learn about them in school in Indonesia or Occidental or Harvard or Columbia or wherever our Great “Leader” is supposed to have gone to school. I guess you don’t allow yourself to understand these age old axioms if you hate the military too.

So let’s sit back and watch a real master play the game that kids call RISK – a real world game that has been played for centuries and let’s say as we watch, “What went on in Crimea and what’s going on in Ukraine has nothing to do with us” so that there’s at least some lipstick on the pig.

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Nikos_Retsos wrote:

The interim government rulers in Kiev miscalculated the Western support – especially after European parliamentarians joined the anti-Yanukovich protests. They thought the Western strong support included a threat of war against Russia – if Russia had meddled in their plan to take Ukraine into the EU and Nato. They understand their predicament now as the Western sanctions to “change Putin’s calculus,” as Obama stated it, isn’t working, and Russia considers them “criminals!”

Worse yet for them, instead of changing course early and saving the situation, they called the Eastern Pro-Russian protesters “terrorists,” and accused Russia of want a W W III? The verdict? They pushed themselves too far and too fast to the West, and when opposition to their plan created turmoil they used insults and terrorism epithets to turn the tide – instead of slowing down and reassure Russia Ukraine would remain politically where it is. That has been political amateurism that has come back to haunt them now. They missed the warning of the adage: “Be careful what you wish; you might get it!” Their wish was fulfilled, but it was inside a Pandora’s Box, and the lid is now gone! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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pancholinaso wrote:

Every time I read something about unmarked man shooting at police and taking over buildings makes me think of the Ukranians being hand tied and unable to defend their Sovereinghty , To see unmarked people come in during the early morning hours and just take over just shows that Ukranians are not breve enough to stand up to them, One thing is being over matched and another to being intimidated ! History will be written by people who think being unable to defend ones Country ! If unscrupulous people dares to come in to your Country like bandits hiding behind masks and pretending not to belong anywhere and in the dark ? What makes you think you are safe ? You are not ! Defend your Country, Protect your family’s patrimony and the land of your descendants , Be brave and heroic !If it takes spilling blood ? Do it for your Beautiful Country ! God Bless !

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Calfri wrote:

I just can’t see voting for another Democrat for President after this fiasco. First, Obama’s backpeddling in Syria, followed up by his half measures in this situation. It is either incompetence, or it is a cynical foreign policy. Either way it is unforgivable.

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AlkalineState wrote:

If Kiev can not secure its own properties from its own people, then they are not in control and they SHOULD lose them. What a weak and incapable government. Either they can govern a country or they can’t. I say turn the whole damn thing over to Russia if this is as good as Kiev can do.

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QuidProQuo wrote:

I suspect that a lot of Ukranian people are secretly glad to see these green men of no insgignia doing as they are. I suspect that if the right Presidential candidate is also not found and elected, Ukraine may find that they will be facing serious resistance by the people against planned subversive tactics by ill prepared and ill guided “leaders”. More sedition will be inevitable.
Certain factions in Ukraine wanted a government overthrow and that is what they got. Now they need to understand that the methods they employed were not necessarily embraced by the totality of the people. They can now go after their own people in bitterness and frustration with tanks a roarin and guns a blazing or they can cool their jets and respect and recognize the oppositions’ desires, hopes and dreams.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Why are these ‘pro-Russian separatists’ all wearing masks? Only criminals do that. Or maybe it’s to hide the fact they’re really Russian Special Forces.

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jrpardinas wrote:

Daniel Baer, the U.S. ambassador to the OSCE: “I think it’s very clear that what is happening would not be happening without Russian involvement.”

This whole mess in Ukraine would not have happened without American involvment.

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DellStator wrote:

Hard to see how this won’t end up with a rigged vote in the east to join Russia. Even though only a couple of hundred or a thousand at most show up to support the take overs by the inevitably dozen masked uniformed assualt forces backed by a few dozen armed thugs, it’s obvious the masses will do whatever whoever has the guns says to do. So… Russain. The guys with guns are now the militants armed with automatic weapons, rockets, (it’s in photos), have killed two pro ukraine leaders, tourturing one, shot another in the back, refused entry to presidential candidates to campaign, seized TV stations to insist only Russian programs be broadcast. Pro-Ukrainian protests are routinely attacked. Police, security and military units were mostly carry overs from Soviet days, leavened with forces put in by various corrupt politicians over the years, and are totally unliable. You’d have to put each through a lie detector to determine what they’d do for the Ukraine. Which the Ukraine better start doing and manning a defence line as far East as they have manpower to control – and Odessa. They can start with the militia from the barricades. The US and NATO better start sending trainers and equipment over (they don’t need “military” equip they have AK47′s and tanks – to get the new military and police up and running ASAP, or even Western Ukraine will be infiltrated and fear used to control them.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

If this had happened on the bush/Cheney/GOP watch we’d be invading Venezuela right now. I’ll take the rational intelligent Obama approach any day.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

rasPutin is destroying Russia’s economy and making enemies of the world for his Soviet Union II abortion. Revolution in Moscow this August when the Russians are completely broke.

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itsmysayokay wrote:

Okay..It is time for lethal support to Ukraine folks. Putin is going too far on this crises and is totally to blame. It is time to take military action or more and more of Ukraine is going to be goobbled up in a massive style solviet style land grab. I am sick of watching the Country of Ukraine being bullied by the Kremlin. Take action now!
Diplomacy does not work and it takes war to bring about peace. My prayers and concerns go out to Ukraine and all its people. Terrorists GO HOME!! Or move to Russia. And for all who criticize me on here you know the truth already so quit blaming the mainstream media as they are controlled by the governments no?

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itsmysayokay wrote:

Where is Justice? Where is the help Ukraine so desperately needs. Boots on the ground now USA and EU or NATO or whoever? Get some freekin backbone, gird your loins and get to work. Help these people NOW!Dipomacy is dead in the water!

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

“SunnyDaySam wrote:

“If this had happened on the bush/Cheney/GOP watch we’d be invading Venezuela right now. I’ll take the rational intelligent Obama approach any day.”

I’m sure your words give assurance to the Ukrainian people. Being a milk-toast leader is neither intelligent nor rational.

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kommy wrote:

The latest news was that new “government” hasn’t found any commodities to write off for themselves, and decided to shake down one of the first presidents- Kuchma.

He actually was a person who advised to the current president Yanukovich to go softer on Maidan.

Ironic, isn’t?

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kommy wrote:

Ukrainian debt for the gas grew to 3.5 bln, Russia is still patient.

Ukrainian logic is something like this- to Russians- “this is Russian gas, so Russia must pay for it”.

A distinguished new member-to-be of EU has just spoken.

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kommy wrote:

Another great news from Ukraine, a soon-to-be war criminal, Interior Minister Avhakov was denied boarding on airplane in Frankfurt, because he seemed to be drunk, and out of control.

He continued traditions of drunk Ukrainian Interior Ministers- starting with another MaiDawn Lucenko.

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sensei9 wrote:

Ha! Washington looses! Pack it in Nuland/Kerry before you cause more damage!

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carlmartel wrote:

These developments are no surprise. Reuters has an article about the Luhansk police who received “no orders” from the Kiev regime as the eastern rebels prepared to take over the police station, so the Kiev regime is incompetent. Also, Russia offered $15 billion, lower gas prices, no austerity, and a new rail link to China to sell Ukrainian grain for repayment. The EU and IMF offer $20 billion, 50% higher consumer gas prices, 40% higher electricity prices, and an election that appears to be rigged because it occurs on May 25 BEFORE the 150% gas bills and 140% electricity bills reach consumers/voters on June 8 and September 8. As more Ukrainians learn that they have been given a worse plan and conned into a vote before being robbed by the West, there will be more rebellions against Kiev that will spread to western Ukraine beyond the protests in Odessa.

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alowl wrote:

Neocons vs Commies.
Or is it Neocons and Commies?
Meanwhile, let us eat cake.
Jesus can’t come soon enough!

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UScitizentoo wrote:

Paid Kremlin shills like you will be unemployed by a bankrupt Russian government, oh, about August. Hope you’re putting money away for a rainy day because the Russian economy continues it’s downward plunge into the toilet.
rasPutins war on the world and his little green men invading Ukraine are not going to last, and Ukrainians are now 100% sold on the evil that is rasPutin. Looks like this was a very bad deal for you. Enjoy posting while it lasts.

Apr 30, 2014 2:14pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
JRTerrance wrote:

@alowl Jesus can’t come at all, he’s dead.

Apr 30, 2014 2:15pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
kommy wrote:

@alowl. Amen.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Putinism, sees the weak responses and the child like behavior, of both the Obama and Kerry responses…he seems to feel he has all to gain and nothing to lose, by grabbing more of the Ukraine, as the whole world watches… and appears before the TV cameras, saying almost nothing worthwhile….

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

‘They refused to be photographed. The heavily armed men wore the same military uniforms without insignia as other unidentified “green men” who have joined pro-Russian protesters with clubs and chains in seizing control of towns across Ukraine’s Donbass coal and steel belt’

gee, I wonder why this is? could they be Russian Special Forces?

Apr 30, 2014 2:58pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SunnyDaySam wrote:

sabrefencer wrote: ‘Putinism, sees the weak responses…’

I hope you served in the USA and you’re not just another con ChickenHawk like the bush/GOP cabal was.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

umkomazi@ wow! you really a rasPutin shill. good for you!

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Where is the CIA during all this? A day late and a dollar short as usual. No American or NATO advisers on the ground to help a weak Ukraian government fend off a full frontal attack by Russian intelligence and special forces?? If the U.S. doesn’t help arm Ukraine soldiers and security forces Russia will gain control of Eastern Ukraine without having to invade, which is there plan from the beginning. Arming Ukraine forces with serious weaponry wil put Russia in a completely different position. The fake insurgency must be exposed and defeated. That needs to be Western powers’ game plan or pack it up and go home. The Russians do not want to illegally invade Ukraine and face further global condemnation and possible military confrontation with NATO. Obama’s policy position in regards to American assistance to the Kiev government is greatly lacking. Not only has this policy failed in the loss of Crimea is not looks like the industrial heart and economic base of Ukraine in the east is now lost.
Putin is following the script of Hiltler prior to WWII when Hitler threatened the Czech government with war if they harmed German speaking Czechs in Czechoslovakia. Hitler subsequently took over the country under the guise of providing security those of German ancestry. Putin’s strategy for conquest of Ukraine is virtually identical.
Obama needs to understand bullies only understand superior force. All the threats and sanctions may cause Russia some immediate stress and short term economic damage but in the end Putin’s goal of regaining Ukraine as a puppet state will be a done deal. Thusly, all that diplomatic and economic posturing by Western government will accomplish nothing that benefits the primary objective of saving a democratic Ukraine.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Lowell_Thinks wrote:“SunnyDaySam wrote:

“If this had happened on the bush/Cheney/GOP watch we’d be invading Venezuela right now.’

hey, I was just pointing out something that is based on history. bin Laden attacked us, based in Afghanistan, so bush/GOP invaded Iraq (at a cost of a trillion and counting on the GOP credit card)

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chuck2 wrote:

Just got to love the chickenhawks who advise our cowardly pres to get the guns and troops to Ukraine and show Putin we are still war monger idiots the have not won a war, or even “tied one” since Korean “Police Action”. But it is probable that if Chickenhawks so want to grab the “gun en go get’um”, besides the current “Patriots in UT Ranch” (sans white sheets it seems) seem full up, sure they could find way to get there and “save Ukraine”. Yep that is what “Real men do”, grab the guns en gettum”.
Reality is Putin has the logistic on his side, history pretty much there and USA is not exactly clean about “regime changes via force, some (most all) even based on lies. Ukraine’s current boss’s only issue was letting and going alone with what was probably had more then a little “western influence-purported after change promised supports. They simply underestimated money involved, Putin’s ability, and the fact EU really does not want to get into shooting war or economic risks for them. So wave the “freedom flags” all you want but reality is Ukraine simply is not worth the fight for most, nor economic hits. So while all “justice” rhetoric play’s great for the pols, inevitable solution is already in place, just playing out the script. Big guys “running over small guys”, a USA and world wide tradition, inside and outside the borders. Now we just watch some very good theater and glad no “Free Irag and they will toss flowers at our feet and shower troops with flowers” mentality running nation. But if we “must fight to free them”, please make sure draft in effect so all can “free them”. For now way to easy to troll lower end for “vol military” and send the 1/2% or less “to keep us free”. Full no deferment draft, rationing etc, put nation not DOD contractors to next war. For now, grand theater.

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rocque wrote:

These “pro-Russian” separatists should be called what they actually are: Russian soldiers. The world stands by and watches while Putin(Hitler) takes countries one at a time. Give us Crimea(Sudetenland) and that is all we(I) want. Ok, maybe Ukraine(Austria) too…

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Kuchma and Yatsenyuk both have good ideas on how to solve this, too bad Ostupid and Kerry won’t listen to them. But then, this was never about Ukraine.

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bravo-six wrote:

There seemed a chance the east might stand by its man when regional leaders meeting in Kharkiv backed a resolution on Saturday challenging the authority of the national parliament.

But thousands of anti-Yanukovich protesters on the streets outside forced them to back down. Only in Crimea is there a significant movement among ethnic Russians against rule from Kiev and for a takeover by Moscow.

wierd how a few months ago they were all for pro-ukrainian govt but now they arent… something isnt making sense as to how right after Yanuk was deposed, that there were pro kiev protests in the donetsk region, now it seems they have traded sides less than a month later. thats a pretty drastic change, considering siding with Russia at this point would also impose the possibility of the future sanctions, I think that would eliminate the oligarchs in the region behind this case since they would stand to lose much more money in that scenario…. so whos really behind all of this? I wonder what is really going on….

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pilgrimson wrote:

Yes, somewhat reminiscent of Sudetenland. But “Munich” solved that crisis, just as “Geneva” solved this one, right? Chamberlain reincarnated as Kerry. Qh well, at least Obama got to enjoy his Easter dinner before the deal fell apart the next day.

Looks as if Putin is playing by CIA rules, and why shouldn’t he? After all, how many times should he let America poke him in the eye before responding?

If I’m not mistaken, Russia, through the UN Security Council, voted FOR the resolutions which the US used to destroy Iraq, or at least did not veto them. Same with China. And whatever in Afghanistan. What did it cost Russia and China in lives, treasure and morale? What did it cost the US? The answer is easy. Clever, huh?

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

What goes around comes around, this goes for both sides, best start talking to each other or this will never end…just like the middle east.

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rocque wrote:

Apparently we have at least one Russian working at Reuters. Let’s see if this re-post gets through the censors (read:Russian agents):

Let’s call the “pro-Russian” separatists what they actually are: Russian soldiers. We have Putin(Hitler) taking Crimea(Sudetenland). He says: “That’s all”. Next, Putin(Hitler) says: “wait, one more – just Ukraine(Austria)”. When will the world stand up to this dictator Putin? Playing the part of Neville Chamberlain this time is the entire free world, led(hiding) from behind by Obama who only knows how to bully those weaker than himself.

Apr 30, 2014 6:02pm EDT  --  Report as abuse wrote:

The paid (poorly) Russian writers are taking shots about how they have won a war and we have not? Really; you are proud of beating people that have not even tried to fight you off? Ukraine means little to most in the US. The only part that bothers real Americans is the fact that you do not follow any convention and send in your Special Forces with no uniforms. We do not want war with anybody, but someday will actually need to fight one without regard to our crappy politicians. At least our politicians are not president (dictator) for life. You have won nothing and caused long term problems for your country? Am I wrong? Oh well Vodka for everybody to celebrate us taking something nobody was even willing to fight for. I guess that is a win in Russia! PS Poor leaders (your friends) caused this. People get tired of crooks.

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

@ umkomazi TLDR

Apr 30, 2014 7:44pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Whatsgoingon wrote:

“Would we have learned anything 100 years after the start of World War One and 75 years after the start of World War Two if we resorted to the same methods? No,” said Merkel, who will visit U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday.

Another star is joining the show. Unlike Putin and Obama, She does not seem to agree with the “Go Oil Go” script, and hinted at “buying peace.” Challenge is, even if Germany has the cash to bail out Ukraine economically, armed separatists may be a tougher breed than the Greek type.

Obama needs to work harder to prove his worth. Getting marginalized by EU will lose too much political currency, especially in election year. The path of least resistance is following Putin’s script – leave no chance for peace.

Obama must be congratulating himself on keeping PRISM. Now it’s the perfect time to listen to Merkel’s calls…

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

@ summarex There’s unfortunately nothing magical about a democratically elected president, Hitler was. It’s what they do after being elected that counts.

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pyanitsa wrote:

YesNoMaybeSo wrote: “..It’s what they do after being elected that counts..”

You mean like George W. Bush?

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This is bad news for Ukraine: Russian rule for non-Russians is always bad. Russia can’t even run its own economy well, why do they think they know how to run Ukraine. For example, Russia’s economy is even smaller than that of Italy, even though Russia has twice the population of Italy. Russia’s per capita GDP is only a third that of the United States and one quarter that of Norway. Russian rule means poverty and corruption: look what Putin’s puppet Yanukovych did to Ukraine’s economy. Russia is bad for Ukraine because Russia knows only bureaucracy, not sound economic policy. Join with Russia, join with poverty and corruption!

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styxmiko wrote:

A few well placed sniper shots would take care of these Russian separatist ” heroes”

May 01, 2014 1:27am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Bernie777 wrote:

Draw a new Ukrainian border, let Russia have the obsolete “Ukrainian industrial heartland”. The West should build a new Ukrainian technology heartland in Western Ukraine. Please Mr Putin build another wall.

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Bernie777 wrote:

Draw a new Ukrainian border, let Russia have the obsolete “Ukrainian industrial heartland”. The West should build a new Ukrainian technology heartland in Western Ukraine. Please Mr Putin build another wall.

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