U.S. military sexual assault reports jumped 50 percent last year

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gcf1965 wrote:

The liberals in Hollywood balk at the thought of promoting traditional morality, throwing in gratuitous amounts of meaningless sexual content in so many movies, often violent and/or in comedic settings. TV producers devote entire episodes to making jokes about sexuality and making light of anything pertaining to devoted loving relationships built on mutual respect. Libs want to demean, marginalize, and ignore the obvious that with the constant erosion of traditional moral values that society becomes more and more degenerate and far more callous to sexual crimes and promiscuity. Want to fix the sexual assault problem, stop teaching kids from the time they are old enough to sit up that sex is something to be joked about, made light of, and something to explore as soon, as often, and in anyway imaginable.

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moonhill wrote:

And they thought integrating women into men’s units was a good idea.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I think it is more of an issue with the men trying to integrate their units with the women. Either way that is a horrible excuse. Men have been working alongside women for decades in the private world.

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Speakerbliss wrote:

@GFC1965 – seriously “traditional morality”??? Who’s tradition? Men and women have been working in the private sector for decades. Men and women go to school together. Most military jobs are back office, ie, support, not in the front lines. The problem is chain of command not treating attacks as criminal acts.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Speaker, this is not just a military issue, as evidenced by even the obama admin wanting to address the increase in violent sexual abuse on college campuses. As the topic of sexual relationships in pop culture continues to be a topic of light-hearted humor and easy money for the increasingly non-creative and unimaginative hollywood types, this problem will continue to get worse. How do we as a culture expect adults to respect each other in this area if we raise our young to believe it is such a meaningless topic and act?

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

gcf1965 no, conservatives want us to believe that is what liberals want. Hollywood is about money, not political agenda and thus morality is non-existent. Just as morality is non-existent in the GOP since all they care about is money. Their contention that they are moral is simply an attempt to coerce the weaker minded minions in the GOP. TV and movies certainly do influence the weak, but the message is just as likely to be a false portrayal of the “american way” and conservativism as patriotic as it is to be a debauched example of existence. Only a moron would buy either one as a definition of reality.

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Speakerbliss wrote:

GCF1965, Then explain why in the 1970′s and 1980, nudity and sex were far more common in popular film and media then today, yet we did not have wide spread assaults on campus or in the military? Since the late 1990′s, you see far less nudity and sex in movies as movie producers strive for a PG-13 to gain a younger and broader audience?

Many of us from the 1960′s treated sex as a consensual and casual, is that morally wrong and by who’s moral standards?

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JL4 wrote:

@gcf1965 and moonhill:

The knee jerk reaction is to “blame women” for joining the military. Why blame the women who want to serve their country with pride for the behavior of those men who can’t control themselves? And why blame Hollywood? Most of the men and women in the military grew up with and watched the same movies, the same TV, but they don’t have any trouble.

How about parents teaching their children to respect the opposite sex? Rather than blame liberals/Democrats/women, why not blame lazy parenting?

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1DukeZ wrote:

I find that Males now reporting sexual abuse interesting.

May 01, 2014 7:31pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Whipsplash wrote:

If we should have learned anything since republicans had to scoop-up the religious nut jobs to stay alive by claiming they hold the moral high ground it’s that they clearly don’t. Oh, lets blame Hollywood, and or Liberals, lets not blame the military for NOT doing their job to control the problem. It won’t be long before the government takes it out of the militaries hands and starts prosecuting these losers.
It appears the military is doing little but grooming a bunch of right wing politicians.

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elsewhere wrote:

Wonder how many borderline personality disorder have not joined the military?

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euro-yank wrote:

@elsewhere – What?!?!?

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Davage wrote:

The military is a special case, but not in the way most people probably think. There is no central reporting function in the civilian world. Sometimes an organization will have one, such as at schools (and stronger ones at universities), some large businesses, etc. None of those have the scale or resources (i.e. to track and report) of the US military.

In short, the military is a sort of spotlight of what’s likely happening, underreported, in the shadows civilian world as well.

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