Ukraine detains Russian military attaché for spying

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Why are media still talking about Ukraine _accusing_ Russia of orchestrating the unrest? Russia *is* orchestrating the unrest, we know this for a fact, the US state department have released photos identifying Russian black ops among the hired local muscle. It’s not like the Russians are coy about it, those AN-94 Abakan rifles the remarkably well-equipped “gunmen” are using are ONLY used by the Russian military.

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sabrefencer wrote:

A very small step, to taking offensive actions, against the Putinism intel and spetznaz groups, engineering this “internal supposedly”uprising…but a step nevertheless..

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Why is the UN not getting involved? This is complete nonsense. If the United Nations can not do anything about this, then it is useless and should be dissolved immediately. Poor Ukrainian people need to resort to terrorism in Russian to send a message to Mr. Putin. I suggest they go after him and his family. Savages only understand savagery. Good luck Ukraine!

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SalientOne wrote:

That sure looks like an RPK strapped to the pro-Russian in this articles picture, not a AN-94.

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Doc62 wrote:

First Crimea, than Ukraine. Who’s next? Obama sent NATO to guard Poland. He should reinforce all of Putin’s neighbor’s borders.
I pray for Ukrainians sovereignty.

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mjp1958 wrote:

Because former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych and his friend Vladimir Putin want to create problems with the billions of dollars Yanukovych stole from Ukraine, we know have problems in Ukraine. If Russia left the Ukraine alone, there would be NO problems.

Why are the Ukraine people trying to take their country back from the Russian invaders?

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mjp1958 wrote:

The hundreds of militants in eastern Ukraine look just like the militants that were in Crimea a few weeks ago. They wear the same uniforms, the same silly masks, the same guns, and use the identical tactics of taking over public buildings. And, of course, Putin admitted that those militants in Crimea were Russians. It won’t be long before Putin finally admits that lied once again and that the militants in Ukraine are Russians, too. Putin can never be believed again.

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WildBillWB wrote:

“First Crimea, then Ukraine. Who’s next?”
Maybe Long Island with all those Russian speaking mobsters.

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UScitizentoo wrote:

Canceled IPOs, suspended loan negotiations, plummeting share prices—all are part of an estimated $50 billion in private investment that has left Russia since Jan. 1, according to economist Neal Shearing of Capital Economics in London.

At the same time, these companies’ stocks are getting hammered. Shares of Novolipetsk, controlled by one of Russia’s richest men, Vladimir Lisin, are down more than 34 percent this year. VimpelCom, controlled by billionaire Mikhail Fridman, has dropped 32 percent. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Russia’s 19 richest people have lost $18.3 billion since the Crimea incursion began on Feb. 28.
“The business community is freaking out—they’re terrified,” says Ben Aris, the editor and publisher of Business New Europe in Moscow

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will37 wrote:

Russia is kind of like cancer. If harsh action akin to chemo or radiation therapy is not taken, the Russian cancer will spread. The cancer has been in remission for a few decades. But the remission is now over – the cancer is back.

Will the world take action to stop the Putin cancer from spreading? It sure doesn’t look like it. At least with respect to Ukraine, and Georgia before it.

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CanRus wrote:

Obvious. But Putin stopped having any credibility years ago. He’s been lying to the Russian population for as long as I can remember. Sad thing is, many still believe his often ridiculously obvious lies. That’s what happens when the government controls the mass media and humans are so gullible.

May 02, 2014 8:12am EDT  --  Report as abuse
CanRus wrote:

will37 wrote:
“Russia is kind of like cancer…”
Definitely not trying to defend Putin here, but so is the US/UK/NATO. And they’ve done a lot more spreading in the past 10 years than Putin could even dream of. Expansionism and imperialism needs to be stopped, from all sides, not just Russia.

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CdnLady4 wrote:

Heck Ukraine – if 30 armed men can capture a town of 19,000 – WTF??? Is NOBODY standing up to these thugs? Do you just throw up your hands and say “oh well, captured!” … Holy CRAP, I have a church group of women who would have that rag tag, self-important gang of goons streaking out of town wrapped in their dam flags, feeling the butt of every shovel, broom, and yes available gun we could lay our hands on!


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