Red herring in hunt for MH370 highlights air traffic flaws

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sygunson wrote:

So lets get this timeline strait Radar reports MH370 made it to BITOD which is east of IGARI, but Malaysia told relatives at Beijing on 29 April that MH370 turned west from IGARI and made it back to west of Penang in the Straits of Malacca in “nearly 20 minutes,” a distance of 240nm flying under radar at 5,000ft where the Boeing 777 is limited to 250kt. Si in effect it would have taken about 60 minutes, not less than 20 minutes.

Then we have radar contact further east at BITOD and contact with JAL750 just after that aircraft took off from Ho Chi Minh at 17:30 UTC?

Then we also have a report from China Times that listening station VTBU Rayong heard MH370 pilots declare an emergency because their cabin was disintegrating advising they would make an immediate landing. Why has Malaysia not mentioned MH370′s distress call in their interim report?

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