Iran has briefed U.N. nuclear agency on detonators: ISNA

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UrDrighten wrote:

Iran admitted, years ago, that it received some information about nuclear bomb production from a Pakistani scientist. This research, however, was during the regime of the Shah (a conveniently omitted fact). Every IAEA report since then has the same, now-tired, confession about rudimentary research in the 1970s.

Any nation with access to its own uranium could build a bomb in less than 40 years. If Iran was going to build one, it would have done so years ago.

Once again, this entire sanctions business is about the US bullying Iran in revenge for the US loss of control over Iranian oil fields when the Iranians took out the US puppet “Shah” Reza Pahlavi.

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jrpardinas wrote:

I hope they reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Nonetheless, the Iranians would be complete dolts if they scrap their nuclear infrastructure and know-how.

Who knows what variety of neocon ends up in the White House come 2016. And make no mistake about it, Left or Right, it will be some sort of neocon.

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AZWarrior wrote:

Iran will develop nuclear weapons. This will cause the Saudis to built (or buy from Pakistan) their own nuclear weapons, starting a middle eastern nuclear arms race. Jordan will then acquire nuclear wapons and the lesser powers in the reagion will fall under the nuclear umbrellas of Iran and the Saudis with Egypt possibly asking Isreal for nuclear protection. Egypt will then demand the US to place them under our nuclear umbrella by treaty or provide them with tactical nuclear weapons. This arms race will involve the Russian Federation as well as China and effectively spell the end of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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2Borknot2B wrote:

The nuke stuff at this point is fairly common knowledge. It should just be assumed that anyone with $ who wanted to could. That is so wonderful that humans can destroy this world in the blink of a eye. That is not OK and it is suicidal/homicidal. L.

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pbgd wrote:

Oh, and I thought that the peace-loving Iranians use their atomic energy solely for peaceful purposes.

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In this article; it was stated that, “fast-functioning Exploding Bridge Wire (EBW) detonators, which can be used to help set off an atomic explosive device but also has civilian applications.” As an Iranian, this sort of statements seems not only annoying but really hilarious!

As an engineer I know almost anything can have dual usage in almost any industrial sites! As a matter of fact we need welding machines, bolts, pipes, motors, furnaces and etc to set up a civilian nuclear facility yet to make an atomic explosive materials, same facilities are needed as well! These sorts of statements are solely made to deviate the readers mind from the reality and fuel the dying flames of suspicions in the readers.

We engaged the P5+1 negotiation to have our activities verified! To gain mutual trust and reassure the world powers that we are not going to trigger an arm race in the region. The path Americans are going through is not constructive because at the end of the day civilian nuclear activates is an international right for any nation and this right can’t be denied to Iranians as well.

I’m following this dispute for a decade and I saw how radicals -Mr. Ahmadinejad- can come to power if win-win solution fails to come along after long negotiations. I can recall after western’s intensive pressure on Mr. Khatami -prior President of Iran- hardliners gained the public interest to defy west’s Excesses toward our civilian nuclear program and I’m pretty sure not even the world like to see someone like him again.

The point that is really interesting in all these articles is, although it is now over ten years passed from this dispute, still magazine editors and TV commentators are speaking about WESTERN’s SUSPICIONS! It is just like Iraqis WMDs”"weapon of mass destruction”"! Right? The ones which never found! Yet over 100,000 people were murdered by Mr. Bush and Blair.

I believe it is the time that western governments finish this ridiculous game and start a new one. I believe many people worldwide are getting tired of this and we welcome some diversity! People know that main problem lies somewhere else, it is all about money, power, controlling nations and silencing any opposition against western’s will!! As in this article with capital letters was clearly stated “WEST WANTS MORE”

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ChangeIranNow wrote:

Like the North Korean nuclear weapons program, Iran’s nuclear weapons program is clandestine, mostly underground, mostly inaccessible to international inspections, and impenetrable to U.S. national technical means.

Iran, with access to copious unclassified information on nuclear weapon designs, working with 21st Century technology, helped by the A.Q. Khan network, North Korea, Russia, and China, supposedly has been unable to build the bomb — after thirty years of trying. This is an implausibly optimistic assessment.

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