One wounded in Ohio hospital shooting, suspect in custody

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jw_collins wrote:

I worked for VA for over twenty years. I can tell you that every single sort of human being that you might find anywhere in America is working at a VA facility. The people there are good, kind, giving, bad, angry, selfish, smart, witty, happy, stupid, arrogant, depressed, rich, quick, classy, poor, slow, dullard. You name it, they work there. That’s because the VA will hire from the population around it, and like all other federal offices they do not discriminate age, race, gender, situation, but rather whether or not they feel the worker can do the job at hand. As it should be. I’m disgruntled to hear so much speculation about ALL Veteran Affairs facilities based on the incidents or mishandling of or by one single person at one single facility. The VA is staffed by imperfect people, just like you and me.

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