Syrian army moves into rebel-free Homs, starts de-mining operation

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AdamNeira wrote:

Is Abdul Baset Al-Sarout part of this last group of 270 opposition fighter ? The Assad regime has a nasty habit of trying to “pick off” the spiritual leaders to try and demoralize the opposition.

BTW, who paid the gun for hire killer of Jesuit priest Francis van der Lugt in the early hours of the morning of Monday 7th April 2014 ? Was it an attempt to break the will of opposition fighters. Machiavellian “Ends justifies the means” (Take note..The Wikipedia explanation of the priest’s murder as described by Talal al-Barazi is flawed. So many lies told in and about Syria)

Is the Homs evacuation…

(A) A ruse by the regime i.e.“We will just kill them elsewhere”. Some Assad Regime propagandists are hailing the imminent “liberation” of the Old City of Homs as if it is a fait accompli. (Milošević called the Central Podrinje campaign in 1995 a “liberation” as well. Srebenica was one of the “liberated” towns…)


(B) A real opportunity for co-operative ceasefires and de-escalation to take root nationwide ?

Time will tell in the coming hours and days.

Prayers for Syria.

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westernshame wrote:

“told reporters in Geneva that the complex deal was brokered by the Iranian and Russian ambassadors to Syria.”

and once again Russia and oddly enough this time Iran look like the diplomatic good guys while all the west can do is continue support for the Al Qaeda terrorist through their gulf dictatorship allies.

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cirrus7 wrote:

What utter LIES repeated foolishly by Reuters.

The utterly ruined areas of Homs are saturated not with “mines”,
but the small percentage of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of RUSSIAN SHELLS that failed to


I suppose the next headline will read:
“”Heroic Syrian Army prevents fanatical Revolution fighters from committing mass suicide by


The brave patriotic rebel heroes only surrendered upon facing the WAR CRIME of enforced


Seriously it’s possible the War Crimes conspirators Russia and Iran (4-5,000 troops in Syria,

many more threatened) were concerned that literally thousands would have to be carted off

starved to death.
Not so easy to hide thousands starved to death if not in Syrian Security Centers headed for

mass graves, the relatives handed a form letter stating “death by natural causes”, as a total

lack of calories naturally leads to death.


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cirrus7 wrote:

“De-mining” is just a cynical ploy to distract from the many tens of thousands of Russian shells that obviously utterly destroyed areas of Homs. Some failed to explode, fortunately for the terrified children hiding in homes, none of which had basements.

The reporter actually dared enter Homs in February 2012, dying in a targeted shelling attack.

“They call it the widows’ basement. Crammed amid makeshift beds and scattered belongings are frightened women and children trapped in the horror of Homs, the Syrian city shaken by two weeks of relentless bombardment.

Among the 300 huddling in this wood factory cellar in the besieged district of Baba Amr is 20-year-old Noor, who lost her husband and her home to the shells and rockets.

“Our house was hit by a rocket so 17 of us were staying in one room,” she recalls as Mimi, her three-year-old daughter, and Mohamed, her five-year-old son, cling to her abaya.

“We had had nothing but sugar and water for two days and my husband went to try to find food.” It was the last time she saw Maziad, 30, who had worked in a mobile phone repair shop. “He was torn to pieces by a mortar shell.”
For Noor, it was a double tragedy. Adnan, her 27-year-old brother, was killed at Maziad’s side.
Everyone in the cellar has a similar story of hardship or death. The refuge was chosen because it is one of the few basements in Baba Amr.
Snipers on the rooftops of al-Ba’ath University and other high buildings surrounding Baba Amr shoot any civilian who comes into their sights. Residents were felled in droves in the first days of the siege but have now learnt where the snipers are…

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