PM Orban calls for autonomy for ethnic Hungarians beyond borders

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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

“…. but we want support for families to have more children,” Yeppers, just what the world needs right now, more people.

May 10, 2014 2:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
boreal wrote:

In all industrialised countries ingenious birthrates are declining. If whites were another species they would be on the endangered list.

As for autonomy for the Hungarian minorities who were forcibly separated from their motherland in the 20’s and ever since are systematically discriminated, decimated, they have suffered enough already. Their roots are planted there for over a thousand years and deserve at least autonomy. Up and down the globe natives, ex-colonies everywhere get their independence, why can’t Hungarian minorities get the same courtesy?

May 10, 2014 5:17pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SmartThinking wrote:

Hungarians appear white to me, and their language is quite pleasant to the ear.

On another note, it’s sad to see Euro nationalists battling each other over territorial matters. Ah, well.

May 10, 2014 5:31pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
okaywhatever wrote:

The Jobbik party and the Kremlin have their hands all in this. Hungarians can have independence…in Hungary.

May 10, 2014 12:19am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Yoyoisme wrote:

You either put some “” around that Brave Thinking subtitle or do you actually believe that trying to hit a country when it’s down (Ukraine)is in anyway associated to someone capable of brave acts?

May 11, 2014 3:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
nose2066 wrote:

“Ethnic Hungarians” ???

The people in Hungary today do not resemble the Huns that invaded Europe and settled on the Hungarian plain. They have been intermixing with the surrounding peoples for hundreds of years.

Maybe membership to the group is voluntary? Do people decide for themselves whether they want to be called “ethnic Hungarians” or some other name?

May 11, 2014 12:47pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
robert799 wrote:

The treaty, signed on June 4, 1920, at the Grand Trianon Palace at Versailles, France, reduced the size and population of Hungary by about two thirds, divesting it of virtually all areas that were not purely Magyar. Romania received Transylvania, part of the adjoining plain, and part of the Banat, including Timisoara.
4 June 2013 “Trianon Peace Treaty, which ceded two-thirds of Hungary’s territory to neighboring countries, is a memory Hungarians have not been able to come to terms with, declared President Janos Ader on Tuesday, the Day of National Cohesion, which was marked at events throughout Hungary.” quote
If Hungarian are serious, than a trouble similar with Ukraine is emerging in the Horizon.

May 11, 2014 10:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
KeanuR wrote:

It is very sad to learn that Hungarians voted for such far-right extremists which incredibly are making the Russian’s games. Orban calling for ethnic autonomy in Ukraine is in complete disagreement with the EU and US positions regarding Ukraine, and is in complete agreement with Russia’s politics. I truly believe that EU, US and NATO should take a solid position against the Hungarian prime-minister’s new allegations and temper these nationalistic behaviors.

May 12, 2014 9:45am EDT  --  Report as abuse
MrBeowulf wrote:

This is ridiculous!

Everyone seems to want to take a piece of Ukraine when it is weak.

Should the Ukrainian communities all over the world also ask for autonomy??

Orban is a filthy joke!

May 14, 2014 1:06am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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