Exclusive: Iran's illicit procurement appears to slow amid nuclear talks - U.N. experts

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What I am hearing is that the Islamic Republic is cheating a bit less while they go through the motions of negotiating a new agreement that they don’t intend to abide by.

Why do we bother?

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moweddell wrote:

Wm. Santana once wrote: “Those who are ignorant of the past are condemned to repeat it.” This article is apparantly arising from a UN source and is misleading. First, Iran already has all the “nuke’ materials they want, in use and stockpiled. Thay may not need to buy more and probably wish to keep up appearances. Second, any deminishment is from poor or undocumented sources and is simply a best quess estimate from the UN and its superficial agents, who’s majority countries, and Muslum/Islamic menbers, it may be noted, opposes the USA. Finally, we must look to the past and we discover decades of deception from Iran. They can not be trusted! They are the enemy of the USA, Isreal, and all other “Christian” and Democratic nations and it is supported by their misguided religion. The US and allies should continue all the sanctions until Iran gives up or go bankrupt. Further, we really do not know, and we must assume, that Iran already has “Nuke” power and the ability to use it. That is perhaps their “ace in the hole” and are laughing at us for being so foolish.

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DougAnderson wrote:

What exactly is the use of the UN anymore? When was the last time it did anything relevant? All it does is suck up valuable tax money from its member (western) states.

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Doc62 wrote:

I’d trust Charles Manson before the Ayatollah. Now that Russia is their ally, it’s easier for them to procure anything for sale, subversively. Putin is good at that and didn’t become the second richest man in the world by accident. Don’t you love how the world’s dictators are corruptly wealthy?
Where’s Iran to get the cash? As soon as Rouhani connvives us into dropping the sanctions.

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blogoleum wrote:

Meanwhile, climate change and antibiotic resistant pathogens were ready to negotiate a lasting truce.

Will humans be able to terraform Mars in time?


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the iranians have not attacked anyone in the last 200 years. israel on the other hand with their 400 plus nukes has a history of cowardly pearl harbor attacks on its neighbors and then occupying captured land.

sanctions should be put on israel until their racist insane government is forced to give up all their nukes. their record of civil rights abuse is on a par with ww2 germans. they have zero regard for goyiem.

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VultureTX wrote:


Sorry since Iran openly funded trained and supported Hamas And Hezbollah then yes they have attacked. taking any other position makes you at best a hypocrite.

Then there is the espionage/assassination attempts since the 80′s.
Iran is the only country to put up a memorial for the suicide bomber of the US marines Lebanon barracks.
“In July 2012, federal Judge Royce Lamberth ordered Iran to pay more than $813m in damages and interest to the families of the 241 U.S. soldiers that were killed, writing in a ruling that Tehran had to be “punished to the fullest extent legally possible… Iran is racking up quite a bill from its sponsorship of terrorism.”

/and if you want to play that way where terrorist attacks don’t count as acts of war, I am sure Mossad would love an open playing field. I know I would. We can a play a little game private military contractors with Drones.

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