Thai protesters force PM to flee meeting after three killed in Bangkok

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JPHR wrote:

Guess one might consider to mention that “against Thaksin” is a pretext only. It is about democratization. The Thai political system is still rife with nominated and NOT ELECTED officials cementing the royalist “democrat” minority’s hold on power:
- The 74 nominated of 150 seats in the Senate
- The Constitutional Court
- The Election Commission
Widely acknowledged is that these “democrats” don’t stand a chance on winning any election.
What really touched of the P’d'RC was the proposal to go for a fully selected Senate. The amnesty, which the P’d'RC has stated to object to was a blanket amnesty which covered Suthep too. Suthep got some serious issues to answer for still.
So lets go for a fully elected senate (no real democrat can object to that) and no amnesty so Suthep can complain from jail of Thaksin abroad.

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uliqmadiq wrote:

Right, I agree with JPHR…the democratic space has been increasingly constricted since the 2006 coup. The last time Suthep and Abhisit and their so-called “Democratic Party” were in power they thought with the largely nominated Senate and “party list” system for parliamentary elections that they set up after the so-called “Constitutional Court” (actually the residue of a tribunal set up by the post coup military government) abdicated the earlier democratically elected government, that they could slam dunk elections under the facade of democracy from then on…But much to their chagrin even that didn’t prevent overwhelming popular will from giving them the boot. Over the past several months therefore they have been back to their old royalist games under the banner of “reform” which is really a code-word for leeching the last few drops of democratic substance from the political system so in the next “election” there will be no way votes of the 30 million plus Thais that voted for the current government will carry any political efficacy.

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buztr wrote:

The headline and text of the story seem to imply that the anti-government protesters stormed into an official meeting out of retaliation for the death of protesters. Nothing reported by other news media indicates the protest leader and his followers were there for any other cause than to disrupt an official meeting taking place to select a date for elections. Elections that they do not want to take place. The ant-government protesters have already disrupted a previous attempt to have an election (which had to be nullified). The are seeking to install a “people’s assembly” of unelected members chosen by themselves.

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lphock wrote:

I have an inkling that the shooters are from the military – shooting at both camps for spontaneous civil unrest and invoking emergency rule. The coup will see military high ranking officers reap in large rewards from indorsing parties and contracts awarded. The opportunity to tapping a few trillion Baht into personal accounts is a life time wait.

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gradtaai wrote:

Both sides of this coin is dirty. The party in power had the slogan “Thakin speaks, Pheu Thai does” He lives the rich life, has regularly spoken to the government ministers though closed circuit TV. The government is not transparent making it difficult to know how much money has been lost in their vote buying project to buy the farmers rice at up to 50% higher than market value. This has moved Thailand from the worlds number one rice exporter to number 3 and has filled storage facilities with old and rotting rice.

The latest trouble started when the government tried to push though a piece of legislation that would have allowed Thakin to come home a free man and get his ill gotten gains returned to him. This was done a 3 in the morning without letting the opposition debate.

I could go on but as I said in the beginning, but the truth is this is just a power play to see who gets to collect on the corruption.

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aPeacea wrote:

Have you ever questioned as following:
-why millions of Thais from every groups of occupations of all provinces (without any monarchy related) became anti-Thaksin and anti-Thaksin’s government.
-why last year his government tried hard to pass the Amnesty bill. (when injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty for all Thais)
-why Thaksin didn’t get back to Thailand to prove himself in the case and some other cases if he believed he was innocent.
- why Thaksin, his families and his alliance became richer and elites while majority of Thais got poorer and tended to surrender to his power
- why news media tend to believe what Thaksin said and specific sources rather to seek facts on what he have done to Thailand.
- why our Thai election system couldn’t stop wrong doings, like buying votes.
- why Thai police couldn’t arrest a killer of more 20 innocent Thai protesters during past 6 months
- why millions of Thais need to reform Thailand.

wish to have a good governance like US

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