India's pro-business Modi storms to historic election win

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Afghan1 wrote:

Not a rocket since to win election in India. If you have history of supporting anti-Islam movement (i.e. between 2000-2001 killing of Muslims in Indian Gujarat state) and use anti Pakistan speeches, which will attract EU and US leader (Boris Johnson special visit to India few year ago) you will win the election.
I call this very clever and all the best to War on Terror.

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PKFA wrote:

China and, now, India move toward business; the US moves against business. The results are apparent today with the lack of good jobs (why, for example, are fast-food workers clamoring for a higher minimum wage and unionization? Because in the US fast food has become a new career path!) and high unemployment. 10 years from now Americans will look to emigrate to India and China for their high-paying technology and manufacturing jobs.

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njglea wrote:

Our 401K money hard at work, folks, “foreign investors have poured more than $16 billion into Indian stocks and bonds in the past six months and now hold over 22 percent of Mumbai-listed equities” Their man is in place, poised to line their pockets with India gold, stolen from the good workers of India. We Americans can say bye-bye to more jobs as the insatiably greedy Wall Street/corporate “masters of the universe” move our money around the world to exploit yet another government of a mass of people who will work for a pittance.

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KyleDexter wrote:

@Afghan1, Modi won becuase he is seen as an economic reformer. It had nothing to do with religion, despite what the Western media likes to spin.

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123Man wrote:

Biased Indian media’s “43 year old chant!”

Remember always media mentions “the 43 year old Rahul” and they don’t mention his opponent Smiriti’s age even though she is 38 and much younger than him.
Now that blessing came true.
The 43 year old could get only 43 out of 543 seats excluding his seat.

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hardquestions wrote:

The pseudo-secular propaganda of western media failed miserably. The western [heavily biased] press does not really understand SECULARISM. Modi got a clear mandate from Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists,etc. as well as agnsotics and aethists. The entire subcontinent practiced secularism LONG BEFORE the concept was conceived in the heads of Europeans.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Can you imagine that..a business country, electing a pro business leader….wow, intelligence at work….maybe those of us in the good old USA, could learn something from this in time, to save us from a clintonian queen…

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Afghan1 wrote:

@KyleDexter, One can argue that there are many in India with business bind like Mohdi but other dont have so much anti Muslim or anti Pakistan. I am speaking from facts of past and Western leaders who control the media are in likes Mohdi. read other comments who are saying that he is best person for rich wall street or Liverpool street bankers.

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Varoon wrote:

If anti-islam rhetoric works in India, may I know what works to gain the votes of Talebans in Afghanistan? Wait, no need to answer, we already know the answer

The whole world kept silent when Pakistani Armed forces murdered hundreds of thousands of Hindus during the Bangladesh War in 1971 killed only because they were Hindus, so I don’t think India has any lessons to learn from its neighbouring countries on how to treat minorities

Muslims in India have a higher standard of living than in failed state like Pakistan, so why not discuss the fate of Hindus or Christians in that country just to compare?

Being judged isn’t a problem, as long as it’s not by people who don’t have the legitimacy to do so

May 16, 2014 12:17pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
mwab wrote:


“Muslims in India have a higher standard of living than in failed state like Pakistan”

lol, I have been travelling to India & Pakistan numerous times on my business trips. Go to Pakistan and see yourself, who have higher standard of living. Pakistan has a higher standard of living even better than Hindus in India. Muslims & minorities in India are living in miserable state beyond imagination.

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delta5297 wrote:

A nationalist leader promising economic reform comes into office…yeah that hasn’t really led to good things on the international scene in Asia lately.

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carlmartel wrote:

“Modi…promised…investments in power, road and rail projects to revive economic growth.”

That has been China’s growth model. It works because power plants allow manufacturing facilities to operate, stores to stay open longer hours, workers to work longer hours for more pay and taxes, and customers to come and buy more. Road and rail projects move raw materials and workers to factories and move products, workers, and customers to stores for sales. Furthermore, power plants, roads, and railroads need construction workers who earn paychecks to become customers and tax payers. India can do the same thing smarter because it can learn to avoid China’s mistakes while duplicating the successes. In some ways, it is good for India that another giant country did things first.

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Kahnie wrote:

Let us wait and see. Abe in Japan a nationalist. Modi a nationalist. Wait and see how he delivers and stays “secular.” He might. But wait and see. The Hindus are not noted for pacifism, especially against Muslims. Look at his record at the state level. Wait. Watch. Then decide.

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Kahnie wrote:

The questions are: 1) can he end the corruption in India; 2) Can he ent the religious intolerance in India; 3) Can he end the caste system in India; 4) Will he end the cronyism in business or just bring in another group aligned with the Hindu Nationalist Party; 5) What kind of international partner will he be or will we be trading electronics and jobs for mangoes? We shall see.

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emu wrote:

Nationalists winning on a pro business platform, yeah. Seen it before.

Over here it was getting out of the early 30′s deflation crisis: „Gebt mir vier Jahre Zeit, und ihr werdet Deutschland nicht wiedererkennen!“

Unamused greetings from Germany.

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