Ukrainian foreign minister calls on West to impose tougher sanctions on Russia

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Goo12 wrote:

G7 sanctions todate are merely a pin-prick on Putin’s butt !

G7 industries continue to lobby their respective governments not to impose harsh sanctions on Russia so as to protect billions $ of trade

G7 nations are playing the optics of doing something to help the Ukraine but in reality the G7 is allowing the Russian bear to brutally maul the Ukraine as it wishes

Since Germany, France and Canada are major players regarding sanctions the weblinks below make worthwhile reading

Moore, Garry R – Solutions Inc

EU sanctions against Russia would be huge cost to Germany:

EU sanctions – France will deliver military ship to Russia as planned:

Canadian sanctions – optics over substance:

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boreal wrote:

Neither Poland, nor Slovakia nor Hungary are gas producers. So whose gas are they going to give to Ukraine, and how does Ukraine plan to pay for it, or they want it for IOU free?

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havryliv wrote:

Much tougher sanctions must be instituted to deter Putin’s aggression against Ukraine.

Under the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 the US and Britain gave security assurances to Ukraine when Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal. Russia was also a signatory to this agreement but has cynically violated it.

The least the West can and should do to assist Ukraine is to ramp up sanctions to the maximum. Otherwise there is a real risk of a Yugoslav-like disaster unfolding in east Ukraine.

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JPHR wrote:

Screaming about a “hidden war” clearly intended to have us forget about a real war against their own population in the east of thousands of troops a few hundred armored personnel carriers, attack helicopters (a few still marked as UN).
$300 is not a market price but something he made up himself.

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JPHR wrote:

So who’s been meddling?

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carlmartel wrote:

The Kiev regime wants to drag the US into their conflict. They elected Yanukovich to be president twice and overthrew him twice. He was likely a crook although the Kiev regime has not yet gone through the legal processes to prove it, but he was THEIR crook! Ukraine has racked up $250 billion in private bank debts to EU banks and $55 billion in public debts. Why do the US and EU need to pay for them? Our economy only grew only 0.1% in the first quarter of 2014, and the EU fell 0.2% or -0.2% growth. In 2013, Russia and China each had better GDP growth rates than either the US or the EU, so Kiev should have stayed with the Russian plan that China would have backed with purchases of Ukrainian grain to pay Ukraine’s debts.

Instead, Kiev mobs drove out their elected president who went to Russia and made a legal written request for Russian military aid to restore order that Putin granted in Crimea although not in the way that Yanukovich or the Kiev regime wanted. Why is this a US, NATO, or EU problem? Ukraine is not a member of these entities. NATO has a border of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. That is the border that the US has agreed to defend. If anyone wants to defend more than that, they should stop being cowards and go to Ukraine to fight.

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