Putin yet to seal gas deal on China visit, wins support on Ukraine

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JPHR wrote:

America will live to regret its desperate attempts to hold on to its unipolar world. Its outdated power block thinking is comparable to that which resulted in two world wars in Europe. Now already it becomes quite clear it is driving China and Russia together. America has strained relations with Brazil and India too.
There is next to no light between foreign policy of the the neocons and the Obama administration. Small wonder given the influence of ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI on for instance Clinton. Given her attitude the Reset Button with Russia went nowhere too.
The Grand Chessboard, American Primacy & Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997)

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wilhelm wrote:

one digit, but which decimal place? a buyer’s market among ‘friends’…

May 20, 2014 12:46pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
AlkalineState wrote:

China has been hacking Russia for 17 years. Putin is a puppet on a string.

May 20, 2014 1:00pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
carlmartel wrote:

Russia and China are in a military, political, and economic alliance called the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or SCO. It includes 4 central Asian lands as active members and five other countries as observers. Further, Russia and China do not require Congressional approval to export oil and gas, that, for the US would raise gas and gasoline prices in an election year for voters/consumers. The US has no ability to reach and implement deals as quickly as Putin and Xi.

Further, they are on interior lines, so tanker distances for Russia and China are shorter for gas to the Far East from Siberia and China than they are for US gas, so US Far East allies buy Russian gas. Gas in Russian tankers is cheaper to north and east Africa and to India than from the US. The US lacks the decision making speed and shorter tanker distances that make Russian gas a better bargain for faster growing economies in Asia, India, and Africa. This will become an increasingly bigger problem as these economies develop and need gasoline for more cars in addition to gas for electricity.

The US and NATO have chosen to defeat themselves snd damage their economies over the economic basket case of Ukraine. Since the economies pay for the war machines and develop and pay for the technological tools of the war machines, the US and NATO have chosen to reduce their militaries and their technological superiority and give Russia and China unassailable economic, and in time military, mastery of the world over the economic basket case of Ukraine. US and NATO leaders are committing treason against the US and NATO.

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MrBlue wrote:

I have recently read many posts voicing the opinion that the country of China is backing Russia or that the two countries have become allies, but this is far from the truth. Firstly, Russia needs China more than China needs Russia and Russia is causing political hardship for China due to the take over of Crimea. Russia essentially has set a policy of interference and said that any country should be able to declare independence by voting and then declaring that it wishes to be annexed by another country. China has had a continuing policy of non-interference in the affairs of other countries. What if Taiwan citizens decided to take a vote that they wanted to be independent from China and then wished to be annexed by the United States! China can not openly agree that Russia’s behavior is acceptable. What if the United States told Taiwan that because you have English speaking citizens the U.S. is going to send a fleet of carriers to surround and protect the Island from violence. Yes, its all fairly crazy and sounds a bit over the top, but the last United Nations vote did not have China backing Russia. The only reason China and Russia are speaking now is “business” and to insure that Russia doesnt blackmail them over energy use years from now.

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farkdabankz wrote:

Well Reuters, they have now signed the deal so you need to update this article.

Oh poor US misses out on a cut of the 400 billion dollar deal. You can bet your bottom dollar that the manufactured crisis in the Ukraine/Russia issue and the recent Chinese Military hackers fiasco is the US’s attempt to punish both of those super powers for not using the US’s petrodollar to sell Russian gas which means the US gets nothing from the deal! And so it shouldn’t.

For too long the US has been poking it’s nose into others business, acting like the Italian mafia “you pay us money and we will protect you from any bad things that might happen to your country”, while at the same time the CIA sends in some of it’s own to infiltrate groups and create conflict from within making it look like domestic disturbances. Then they US government denounces the countries governments, send in troops, apply sanctions or whatever and effectively set up a regime that is US backed so that they can gain control of the country. Very simplified but basically that is but one way the US gets what it wants.

But alas for the US, people all around the world are wising up to this and now the US is losing it’s grip. Cracks are starting to appear in it’s economy and the social fabric within the US. Very soon the US will be second place to China economically. This China/Russia deal is yet another nail in the coffin for the US.

Time to move your shares out of the US and look to somewhere else to hide your money, maybe a nice thick mattress? Cause if the US economy collapses it will drag down the rest of the world and your shares will be worthless. This is not just my opinion, even one of their own, Donald Trump commented earlier this year that the US economy might collapse soon. Yep sure the markets seem strong so who is propping up the share market? The ‘privately owned’ Federal Reserve is of course with it’s money printing program. Like the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, or “What goes up must come down”. The champagne is nearly all gone, soon the hangover will step in. Time to invest in physical gold not paper gold, it will be worth much more should the US economy collapse

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canmaestro wrote:

You disgusting liars. They DID sign the deal, you disgusting lairs.

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