McConnell coasts to Kentucky win, Tea Party falls in key primaries

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It’s not just McConnell, carnivalchaos. What does Ms. Grimes offer to the citizens of the Commonwealth that her Democratic party, including her father Jerry has ever done? They (the Democrats) have been a mainstay in state politics in Kentucky and it’s more of the same with Ms. Grimes. If by chance she pulls an upset and the Republicans retake the Senate overall, she will be relegated to non-existence in the US Senate due to her lack of political experience. McConnell is a necessary evil at this point, and honestly, Washington needs the balance. The political gridlock created by both parties who are determined to follow partisanship instead of common sense isn’t working.

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Whipsplash wrote:

And the tea party rapidly fades in to oblivion…..

May 21, 2014 3:38am EDT  --  Report as abuse
carnivalchaos wrote:

smokeymtnblues: If the Republicans manage to take the Senate, next this they want to play the stupid game of shutting down the government they may also succeed at forcing the US to default on it’s debt obligations. Everyone but the Republicans knows that would be a disaster.

The Democrats certainly have the problems–the entire US government is corrupt–but at least they try to do some things for the American people, like making healthcare available to all, or trying to pass job creation legislation, or trying to stop corporations from avoiding their tax obligations to this country. Corporations DO have an obligation to the people of the United States. Democrats know this. Republicans deny it.

As I said, we know McConnell is worthless. Worse than worthless. I say give Alison Lundergan Grimes a chance. McConnell had his chance and flubbed it.

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FuzzyTheBear wrote:

All the same i cannot phatom why the Americans are voting in people that constantly lie to them , misrepresent their intentions to get elected then only dowhat their rich campaign contributors tell them to do. That’s republicans , a party for the rich by the rich that screws over and over the electorate. Guess Americans are just flat plain dumb and cannot think for themselves.

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gcf1965 wrote:

Hey Fuzzy, you do realize that when it comes to taking money from and doing the bidding of the wealthy contributors, that there is little difference between politicians. Obama just had a $32,400 per couple dinner at Democratic donors Jeff and Lora Drezner at their sprawling $5 million bungalow on five acres in Potomac, Md. George Soros is filthy rich and some DNCers even take money from the Kochs.

And btw, when it comes to lies, obama is right up there with the best of them trying to win the title.

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COindependent wrote:

do not underestimate McConnell’s experience. He is a seasoned veteran of how to get things done in Washington (contrary to the POTUS who prefers to issue EO’s rather than do the work.) While I do not always agree with McConnell’s positions (nor that of ANY politician of either party)) he does a reasonable job of representing conservative interests. As a majority leader, should the GOP take the Senate, he will be a welcome change to the senile and corrupted Harry Reid.

The Tea Party may be diminished, but it is not dead–McConnell knows that, as does every other GOP member. Surely, the TP is not any worse than the far left wing of the Democratic Party headed by the POTUS, Reid and Pelosi (and we are only beginning to experience the damage these three have served on our country.)

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TheNewWorld wrote:

See McConnell waiving. He is saying bye to the relevance of the Tea Party.

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‘do not underestimate McConnell’s experience. He is a seasoned veteran of how to get things done in Washington ‘

So crafting filibusters for EVERY bill brought up during the 2008-2010 Senate, even if they where policies you previously supported, just to make ‘Obama look bad’ (McConnell’s words not mine own words) is ‘getting things done’?

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USARealist wrote:

While these tea party candidates are not winning (probably a good thing since they are not electable in the general election), the movement has had a huge impact on both parties. See the attached link from RCP:

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4825 wrote:

@carnivalchaos wrote: “The Democrats certainly have the problems–the entire US government is corrupt”

Finally. I agree with you.

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