NBA bans Los Angeles Clippers owner for life over racist comments

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sjfella wrote:

All this phony outrage is nauseating.

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timebandit wrote:

One of the dumber stories the mainstream corporate entertainment press has flogged to death. Aging, ugly hooker/gold digger looks to get one final paycheck from ancient sugar daddy, hands him a couple of cocktails, tells him she’s screwing Magic Johnson (who wants to buy the guy’s team)and most of the Clippers, turns on the tape recorder, then hands it off to TMZ for another payday.

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RexMax46 wrote:

As long as he’s the owner of the Clippers, silent or not, I can’t in good conscience root for that team.

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PaulBradley wrote:

Donald Tokowitz – legally added Sterling as his last name as an adult and is a son of ‘Jewish’ immigrants . . .

I guess it’s O.K. to insult ‘blacks’ as inferior race. But it’s not O.K. to say ANYTHING against the Zionist government of Israel. If you do, you carry the label “anti-semite” although Arabs are majority of Semites – 99.9% v. 0.1% (I guess) Go figure . . . !!

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RexMax46 wrote:

I also find it amazing that oxymorons feel the need to comment on how much they don’t care about this story.

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PaulBradley wrote:

Well, he is one of the “CHOSEN”, hence, I would imagine that in HIS mind, everybody else is inferior, ‘black’, ‘hispanics’, etc., especially! Simply said – - He is a racist as mostly ‘chosen’ people are !!!

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Zeken wrote:

And it was a private conversation, illegally taped.

The old Jew got jewed. I hope he sues big time.

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SunnyDaySam wrote:

Man, it’s EXPENSIVE being a racist these days… good. It should be painful as well.

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hehaw wrote:

So much for your freedom of speech. The guy can say anything he wants to . And if colored people say something, make sure you do the same to them. You fined him all that money for a remark he made and this country is suppose to be freedom of speech? He is the owner, he should shut it all down and see how everyone likes that too.

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LenicGB wrote:

Anything you say can and will be used against you…

So he was taped without his consent, he said those things… My mother always taught me, if you can’t say something to someone’s face, then don’t say anything.

I really don’t care about what happens in the Sports & Entertainment, but its always interesting when someone really REALLY shoves their foot in their mouth. I won’t be losing any sleep over Sterling’s ouster.

Good riddance.

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Kabooki wrote:

All in all he sucked as a NBA owner; i think his team had only 2 or 3 winning seasons over his 30 + year reign.

He still is poised to make a couple hundred million dollars when selling his team though. He bought them for under 13MUSD in the 80′s and they should now be worth over 600MUSD so that’s not too bad.

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RD137 wrote:

Wow, he must have REALLY p|ssed off his mistress/hooker.

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drummer185 wrote:

Before I listened to the recording, I assumed the guy made some racist comments. However, after listening to the recording it was very apparent this old man was trying make his girlfriend not publicly post or appear with other men that would be construed as one of her lovers. She baited him into saying many of the things he said. I am not impressed with the verdict on this one.

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unionwv wrote:

If a black team owner said such things about white folks, the media would not have been bothered at all …

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eness wrote:

It’s obvious that as an NBA owner, or even a player, coach or other significant employee, that the “No man is an island” adage of Donne has application when it comes to what they say or do. As the Commissioner said, Sterling’s words are no longer private, but very much public no matter how they became such. Importantly, the league’s investigation, that included an interview of Sterling, confirmed that these are his very words. Couple his words with one of the sorriest records of racial discrimination by a major public figure that we’ve ever seen, and you have a very actionable mess that is made actionable by his status as an owner. What he does and says directly affects the reputation and business goodwill of the NBA and has already resulted in a loss of advertisers and revenue for the Clippers. The owners and others having jobs or other interests in the league are understandably upset at the prospect of decreased revenue as well as their good names and those of their teams being blemished by the words and apparently continuing history of a racist. Indeed, they don’t know whether and to what extent their business model has been affected overseas, a brand that they have been carefully developing and nourishing.

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eness wrote:

It’s great that the NBA moved swiftly on this — not just to do damage control to its image and loss of revenue, but also to demonstrate the seriousness of this type of conduct and the attitude that good people must exhibit in the face of blatant racism. It’s great too for the benefit of Fox News that the NBA confirmed that the voice on the tape was indeed that of Donald “Bundy” Sterling. However, I believe a much better approach than a life time ban would’ve been to give Sterling a choice — either a lifetime ban and the other penalties imposed, or an indefinite ban with his return subject to a minimum period of suspension, a $10 million fine to be used for diversity and tolerance programs, and the requirement that he submit to and successfully complete an NBA approved extensive sensitivity and tolerance counseling program, and do a minimum number of hours of labor in a latrine or water supply construction project in Africa or in the “projects” of one of our major cities. This proposed alternative together with an apology and evidence of real contrition would have been preferable for a number of reasons. Lastly, I’m not sure how legal or desirable it is to ban him from attending any NBA games anywhere or at any time given the fact that plenty of non-owner racists attend NBA games and a host of other sporting events. Just look at some of the fans from Brooklyn, NY. As a non-owner, his right of free speech no longer impacts the league as an owner’s ill comments do. As such, how do you ban him as a fan from attending games, albeit as a racist without remorse?

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dd606 wrote:

Rap stars worth millions can write songs with lyrics that blatantly insult white people, cops, politicians… using vicious, violent language… and that’s fine. No problem with that. Some white guy makes some comments to a girlfriend in private, and the world comes crashing down. What a bunch of BS. And I’m sure this wasn’t a conspiracy to try and bring down a team that’s doing well this season… No, just a big coincidence. Doesn’t everybody go around recording all their conversations? Totally normal. Nice job Harvey Levin… You’ve really created a career to be proud of. Selling dirt on TV and being a tool for revenge. What a guy.

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Daleville wrote:

Obama is not black, he is biracial.

The media seems to conveniently forget that his mother was white and he was raised by his white grandmother.


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breezinthru wrote:

We should take a similar approach to Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, et. al.,

They should be banned from the world of finance for life.

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dd606 wrote:

btw… Magic is a millionaire… He leases his whole own box suite at Staples, so why would he ask her not to bring him to a game? That doesn’t even make any sense. The whole thing is a total joke.

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remember helen thomas, she speaks her mind and is trashed by the media. what did she say? something like the jews should get the hell out of palestine? big deal, no name calling, just an opinion, not a good one but an opinion. it pleases me to see this smuck get the same treatment. it is oh so funny!

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Yitzhak wrote:

yet there is no outrage when elected politicians mass murder peoples of other races because they won’t accept Western companies raping and pillaging their land, economy and self worth. What a pathetic, shameful people and culture we live among.

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pyradius wrote:

You can always tell the character of an individual when presented with overt racism they immediately try and make excuses.

Gotta appreciate guys like drummer who apparently believe that “other men” are apparently only black men.

It is also known that this same individual has gotten into trouble in the past for things like not renting to blacks / latinos…but no, let’s here from the reverse discrimination crew about how unfair all of this is.

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1DukeZ wrote:

Just shoot him and move on.

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1DukeZ wrote:

Just shoot him and move on.

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kiwibird wrote:

If he doesn’t want to hang out with a particular ethnic group that’s his right, I thought the U.S. was a democracy? It just shows a person is close minded in their belief, but they have a right to think what they want even if it’s a stupid one. We have a leader of a party here(New Zealand) who is Maori who told his children he didn’t want them marrying white people – yeah it’s dumb but that is his democratic right. Everyone is getting a bit precious.

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moonhill wrote:

SenatorHorn Dog-Perhaps John Kerry should get the same treatment as Helen Thomas for the anti-semitic remarks he made.

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JRTerrance wrote:

sjfella summed it up very well regarding the media’s reports and the NBA’s actions, as well as the comments here. “All this phony outrage is nauseating.”

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SR37212 wrote:

If I were him I’d just put an out of business sign up and watch all the lawsuit scrambling going on. Let’s see how fast those concerned pick up the players salaries and bills.

If I couldn’t enjoy the team at least I could enjoy the ranting and raving.

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moonhill, kerry’s remarks about apartide israel is the truth, there is nothing wrong with what he said. there are two level’s of citizens in the occupied land. israeli’s and palestini’s, the palestini’s are poorly treated by their evil occupiers. the situation is so close to previous south africa that it is rich in comparison.

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AlkalineState wrote:

I don’t delight in watching regular people fall.

But I LOVE watching billionaires fall. This is great.

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smoknfire wrote:

Typical media, CNN, Fox etc. exploiting something that’s not breaking news! So what the guy was caught on tape in his own home voicing his opinion to his mistress. She apparently got upset because he wouldn’t buy her another Ferrari or diamond ring. Was it racists??? I’ve heard worse from politicians, rappers, etc both black and white. This dope however just happened to get recorded and his tramp mistress went public with it. Do you think he cares? Heck no, he will laugh all the way to the bank once he sells the team for millions! The 2.5 million fine is chump change to him. The sad thing is the NBA knew this guy was racist long ago and nothing was ever brought up then…

We live in a world that thrives on listening to the media when they decide to rant about it 24/7… The media clowns are a joke.

Apr 29, 2014 6:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ARJTurgot2 wrote:

This won’t end here. He files a lawsuit, and then starts looking for a tie-in between her and Johnson to force sale of the team. This stuff is never clean. It takes a long time for things to happen quickly, and this happened quickly. There’s more to come.

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Dameion11 wrote:

There’s a lotta damage control in this comments section

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gregbrew56 wrote:

I vehemently disagree with and despise Sterling’s alleged “viewpoint”, but I will fight to protect his right to express it.

Advertisers certainly can (and are) exercising free speech with their money, as is their right. The public can talk with their wallets by not supporting his businesses as well. Players can and should boycott and protest.

But nobody…NOBODY should be able to fine Sterling or force him to give up the team against his will. You listening NBA?

Let market forces decide his fate. The Constitution supports nothing else. It’s called the First Amendment people…

Apr 29, 2014 7:21pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
MitchS wrote:

So more distractions from the real events going on in the U.S. and around the world as everyone in the media considers this to be such an epic story …. nothing done or said for years of Mr. Sterling’s racist behavior; the local NAACP honored him several times, obviously because he donated money to them, where was the outrage from them years ago when Sterling had lawsuits against him?

Why is no one addressing how this recording was allegedly done? Was it legal?

There is no apologizing for Sterling’s disgraceful comments, but to tell an owner of a team that he cannot have anything to do with the team seems a bit of a stretch.

Still waiting for the outrage about John Kerry’s apartheid comment the other day … but that doesn’t come close to Sterling, does it?

Wake up media and cover news not crafted circus sideshows like this.

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SmartThinking wrote:

Mestizo Zimmerman was an honorary white, and so is Jew Sterling.

It’s hilarious to listen to women of both sexes disavow Sterling’s comments as “disgraceful,” “despicable,” “beyond apology,” blah blah blah.

Really, who likes blacks? How many non-blacks can stand to be around them? They’re basically bio-weapons that destroy any area where they attain statistically significant numbers.

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independent63 wrote:

So the right to free speech and the right to privacy (against illegal audio recording when one would reasonably expect a right to privacy) is gone now?

The man’s comments were disgusting, but I think the cost of not being able to have a private conversation with anyone any more is too high a price to pay.

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independent63 wrote:

So the right to free speech and the right to privacy (against illegal audio recording when one would reasonably expect a right to privacy) is gone now?

The man’s comments were disgusting, but I think the cost of not being able to have a private conversation with anyone any more is too high a price to pay.

Apr 29, 2014 8:04pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
independent63 wrote:

Why is this the top story when Kerry’s anti-Semitic comments are completely absent from the Reuters site?

Apr 29, 2014 8:10pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
SmartThinking wrote:

Half-Jew Kerry is anti-Semitic?

Must be one conflicted SOB.

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