Republican senator spars with veterans groups on care delays

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sabrefencer wrote:

Can you imagine that..someone finally wanting the head manager of a govt organization to pay for this cluster…. with his job>>.whatever, the General did before, with distinction, doesnt excuse him from this horrible net result…he needs to go. along with a great deal of other VA business, this would have been done long ago…many of the needless passed on vetss would still be with us..that is what counts..forget politics for once..these vets earned their nations gratitude and you screwed them royaly

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REnninga wrote:

“You clearly represent the worst of politics in this country,” leaders of the Paralyzed Veterans of America said in a letter to Burr.
The VFW said in a statement that it would take a harder line with Congress on funding and legislative issues.
“Your allegations are ugly and mean-spirited in every sense of the words and are profoundly wrong, both logically and morally. Quite frankly senator, you should be ashamed,” wrote VFW commander in chief William Thien.
“The volley comes as Republicans are formulating plans to keep the VA care delay scandal in the news this summer and paint it as an example of Obama administration mismanagement that could boost their chances of recapturing control of the U.S. Senate.”

Yep, … just all-politics-all-the-time for you, Senator Burr. You’re disgraceful! You’re the ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, which means it is also YOUR job to help provide oversight of the VA. Have you been dozing, Senator?

You, who have never served a single day in the uniformed service of your country have the temerity to criticize and slander these distinguished American Veterans organization, simply because they have refused to parrot the current Republican political sound-bite mantra (which accomplishes nothing but partisan showmanship).

Senator you should be deeply ashamed for your words, and should publicly apologize to these Veterans organizations immediately!

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