Parents of California gunman describe 'hell on earth'

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njglea wrote:

So much tragedy for so many. Bullet-riddled bodies do not lie. Guns kill. Get them off the streets of America.

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“The parents of Elliot Rodger, the gunman who killed six college students in a rampage in southern California, are suffering “hell on earth” knowing their son caused such a tragedy, they said in a statement on Thursday.”

Again, the media fails to talk about three of the four weapons used; A knife, a car AND a twisted mind.

But..let’s keep talking about the gun. Keep twisting the story.

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PJBinMI wrote:

My heart goes out to Chin and Peter Rodger. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the agony they feel. May they and the therapists and Sheriff’s Deputies who met with their son be surrounded by support and care. May they find peace.

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Riversong wrote:

“The parents have not read their son’s manifesto…They are mourning the victims more than they are mourning their son.”

That’s the core of the problem. These parents have chosen to ignore their son’s distress, remain in denial of their own culpability in his descent into violence, and put everyone else before their own flesh and blood.

In their overly attentive but often misguided attempts to deal with Elliot’s problems, they moved him from one house to another (7 or 8 homes in LA alone), and from one school to another (2 kindergartens, 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 3 high schools and 3 community colleges), and lavished things rather than love on him, finally giving him the BMW car he used to mow down young people and enough allowance to purchase three expensive firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The parents offered poor role models for their son, demonstrating that affluence and celebrity status were the goals of life, and gave him only bandaid professional help – he was never diagnosed with any condition and the Aspergers was only assumed.

May 29, 2014 11:03am EDT  --  Report as abuse
gagekko wrote:

We need to outlaw all knives as they killed as many innocent people as the guns did.

May 29, 2014 11:11am EDT  --  Report as abuse
ZINNIA25 wrote:

I know from personal experience what a difficult position the parents are in. This tragedy might have been avoided if someone asked the court for an “involuntary commitment” order and the court granted it. Then he would’ve gone to a psychiatric hospital where he could receive appropriate medication. However, he evidently refused medications earlier, which happens often with mental illness because they have bad side effects. Someone cannot be held once the doctor believes the person is no longer a threat to himself or others. It takes YEARS to successfully treat this condition and requires constant monitoring. No facilities exist to deliver this kind of care. The parents were virtually helpless and so is the medical profession. Since medical records are confidential, there’s no way to put a person on a list to disqualify him from buying a gun. As to the police doing a “wellness ck” they had no authority to search his apt & since he hadn’t broken any laws, no authority to arrest him. As sad as it is that this happened, remember that of the millions with a mental illness, this is a RARE event.

May 29, 2014 11:16am EDT  --  Report as abuse
JakobStagg wrote:

I see the mentally challenge comments blaming firearms are showing up with boring regularity. The dude used a knife also. Why no blaming of sharp objects?

The problem is violent people. Deal with them. Stop harassing the law abiding.

May 29, 2014 11:59am EDT  --  Report as abuse
CF137 wrote:

Hey njglea…what about all the people he stabbed to death with his knife? Should we get “every knife off the streets of America” too? Wow.

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zigo wrote:

Insecure people need guns to make themselves feel “powerful”.
Mostly chickens and cowards.

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zigo wrote:

Why did the NRA make “law-abiding citizen” synonym with “thug”?

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crabbysam1 wrote:


No offense, but it was a mentally deficient deranged individual that killed the innocents, it wasn’t the BMW he rammed people over with, nor the knife that he slaughtered his roommates with even before he picked up a sidearm.

The very day of the Sandy Hook tragedy another deranged individual walked into a elementary school in China and slaughtered 23 children with a steak knife.

What do we do outlaw anything sharp as well as automobiles. Get real. Had California had looser gun laws,someone could have stopped this kid.

I’ve personally been in an armed home invasion, and trust me, my sidearm saved lives. –PERIOD–

May 29, 2014 3:46pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
VultureTX wrote:


please walk up to US Law Enforcement and call them chicken and cowards because they feel the need to have a gun. Next tell us how you feel uncomfortable knowing that people around you have guns. Please show us your intellect on this issue.

/as for “thug” , well I suspect that your own mental problem, not the NRAs. 35 million is larger than the US military and all US Laq enforcement, so you think someone else besides you would have noticed all the “thugs”.

May 29, 2014 6:34pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
AndreLeonard wrote:

Sad legacy this family leaves us with. Most would ask who could birth such a monster and why. Sad as it is. They (family) will be hiding from society for a long time.

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Centurian wrote:

Chicago cutlery and Ginsu should be shutdown IMMEDIATELY. And we need to put a ban on BMW’s from entering the country. BMW, Bavarian Murder Weapon

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jbeech wrote:

Instances like this lead me to wonder what it would be like if we Americans weren’t so blue-nosed and sexually repressed by the Mrs. Grundies of the world, e.g. the busybodies. What I mean is, what if prostitution were an open and above board business? Would there still be so many sexually maladjusted individuals, many going off the deep end, as we have now have? Specifically, not just this poor hopeless fellow, but also the sexual predators we have seeking congress with children, plus the high-ish incidence of date rape as well as violent rape, which perhaps occurs as fellow misread the signals of the opposite sex. Look, I’m not making excuses, I’m trying to understand; why it is we have so much sexual crime? I’s basically wondering if it’s related to there not being an open way for sexual desires to be met without the stigma of it either being a crime, or somehow, just because folks pay for it.

Anyway, I suspect this young man simply lacked confidence. Both with the opposite sex as well as with males of his cohort. This, due to what I have read saying he was nearly friendless. My amateur psychoanalysis continues with this (because opinions are like bellybuttons, e.g. we all have them); was his angst the consequence of his nearly complete lacking in interpersonal and sexual experience? Is this what led directly to his feeling rebuffed and rejected, especially by girls his age? Did this lack of sexual experience thus, leave him feeling trapped and helpless in a situation when his hormones were raging? Was all this due to having no adequate sexual release? In short, could all this have been short circuited by his simply going to prostitutes without the risk of disease, or arrest? Could the availability of prostitutes have somehow changed the dynamics of what was going on in his mind?

Basically, his being the son of a ‘somebody’ in the movie business likely led to heightened expectations amongst his few friends. E.g. for him to have some influence with the ladies (of which he had none), as well as a presumption of sexual prowess (again, of which he had none), plus other pressures to achieve. Add to it; his being financially secure (witness his driving a later model BMW and the means to purchase handguns an ammunition) means how, despite being quite obviously loved by his parents – proof being, a) they paid for mental counseling, and b) expressed concern to law enforcement when this didn’t succeed – he nevertheless had no way to gain what he really needed. Expressed crassly, he simply needed to get his ashes hauled to gain experience (and realize there are really no mysteries and girls like sex every bit as much as boys do).

My point is thus; the conversation shouldn’t be about guns because this is a red herring, e.g. a distraction (especially because he knifed half the victims). Instead, it should be about what led him to be so hapless sexually. Specifically, whether decriminalizing prostitution would result in better outcomes, e.g. fewer sexual crimes. Especially because we quite likely have data in Europe, which could help us learn whether this might be the case. Anyway, I urge the investigation and publication of this information (despite it likely being met by resistance to change) because we simply must find some way to head off further crimes like this tragedy.

John Beech

May 30, 2014 9:20am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Evo1 wrote:

He stabbed to death just as many people as he shot to death, so why is he a “human” and not a “knifeman”, or far more accurately than either, just a “killer”?

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Evo1 wrote:

He stabbed just as many people to death as he shot to death, so why is he a “gunman” instead of a “knifeman”, or far more accurately, just a “killer”?

May 30, 2014 2:49pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
pyradius wrote:

I would agree that he should be simply called killer, but I can tell you this, he would never have killed me with a knife, the gun quite easily so. We don’t know what happened in the apartment, but I would wager he either killed some or all of them while they slept.

Ease of use should be a valid concern in these discussions. It takes some effort and the element of surprise to kill someone with a knife. Point and click, not so much. If a weapon was invented that all you had to do was push a button and the person you were aiming at would fall over dead, would you think this a valid instrument for people to keep in self-defense?

May 30, 2014 4:55pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
pyradius wrote:

Another question for all the gun-cowards out there, if you think that knives are just as useful why don’t you just sell all your guns and carry knives with you? I’ll be waiting on your answer.

May 30, 2014 4:56pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
pyradius wrote:

One more point for you gun nuts out there. This kid had plans to kill hundreds more…yeah not with the knife he used to kill his roommates (who he likely ambushed/killed in their sleep) and did he pack his bag full of knives to do it? Nope, tons of bullets.

May 30, 2014 4:59pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
LA90210 wrote:

“Chin Rodger received a telephone call form her son’s therapist about the manifesto on Friday night, and the two parents raced separately to Isla Vista.”

Why on earth didn’t the therapist immediately call the POLICE?

May 31, 2014 2:20am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Ralphooo wrote:

“Chin and Peter Rodger vowed to help finds ways to deal with mental illnesses “not only to avoid any more innocence destroyed, but also to identify and deal with the mental issues that drove our son to do what he did,” their statement said.”

I believe that should read “innocents destroyed” , NOT “innocence destroyed”.

May 31, 2014 3:54am EDT  --  Report as abuse
dolfhi wrote:

Hell on Earth?
This is from the parents?
They are the one created it for him

May 31, 2014 7:22am EDT  --  Report as abuse
nforce wrote:

Reading up on his past, his parents (Dad/Step Mother) were horrible to him.

His father apparently cheated on his mother at a young age, ripping the family apart, his step mother was apparently sadistic and cruel towards him.

When a kid is already hyper sensitive (in this case autistic), this is a really bad combination.

And the media, as expected, focuses on the guns…

May 31, 2014 9:18am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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