Dark tale of love and murder in Pakistan's rural heartland

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WestFlorida wrote:

If you execute each of the participants in this murder it might send a message. But that is not happening. Instead, the authorities ignore it, or soft-peddle the so-called investigation.

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Flifla23 wrote:

Anyone else notice the wave of B.S. (yes, as in PHONY) news stories coming out of all of the “Muslim-ey” sounding countries? Oh there’s no propaganda involved at all… Number one- Nobody CARES about some beheading in Pakistan (sorry but the honest truth) no American truly gives a rat’s behind about them at all. Why run these possibly made up stories? Think about it folks- it’s all mind-bending human interest garbage designed to brainwash you into creating an opinion of Muslims as a whole. Where are the headlines in our papers out of Morocco that show Jews, Christians and Muslims working and playing side by side, or the villagers who use “street justice” on European perverts who come to take advantage of their homeless youth? Where are the headlines showing how utterly corrupt the state of Israel is, and how the entire nation-state run by Netanyahu prides itself on it’s creation of a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah? You talk about some woman who may or may NOT have been murdered- what about OUR murders by illegals, or in the streets of L.A. and Detroit? You are a bunch of hypocrites and liars. No one here is going to Pakistan to corroborate this BS story you can make up any nonsense you like- and the people eat it up. Disgusting.

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XianSheng wrote:

WestFlorida: I agree. To quote from a movie I once say on Pakistan: “Pakistan is sodomized by religion”. Too bad for ordinary non-fanatic Pakistanians there who can’t really do much to change anything. The system is simply f#cked by religion there. Oh well.

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XianSheng wrote:

WestFlorida: I agree. To quote from a movie I once saw* on Pakistan: “Pakistan is sodomized by religion”. Too bad for ordinary non-fanatic Pakistanians there who can’t really do much to change anything. The system is simply f#cked by religion there. Oh well.

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julielouie wrote:

I have a difficult time absorbing such barbaric treatment of a human being in this day and age, Surely these countries must be embarrassed by their ridiculous laws that allow a family to forgive the murderer. Do they know or don’t care how the civilized world views their archaic system. A father actually participating in the murder of his daughter is so disgusting it sickens me. Its obvious women have absolutely no worth in their country,if those countries were destroyed it would be for the best, I know I’d rather die than live there,that poor woman,how great her fear must have been.

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Reality2Day wrote:

@ moneyzoo wrote: not acting like a proper muslim womens (all blessings to Allah and Muhammed his prophet)….. under Sharia be, of course, dispatched to become virgins in the afterlife.

@ XianSheng wrote:. The system is simply f#cked by religion there.

So Muhammed Iqbal murders his first wife because he loves another woman and is forgiven by his sons under Sharia law and granted freedom. Then he marries Farzana against her family’ wishes and ignorant pride and is then murdered by them, and they will receive the same punishment as Muhammed under Sharia law. Freedom! Wow!

Your religion is misogynistic and utterly barbaric, maybe it was fitting 600 years ago but not today. To treat a human life like that, like squashing a bug. Most religions are supposed to project compassion and understanding towards others, but they all fail to some degree, Islam more than others. I’m not religious so I don’t claim yours is the worst because I don’t want mine to be. I believe in a good moral philosophy and number one is you don’t murder people, especially for such reasons.

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CaptRichie wrote:

Barbarians who treat women like cows and use brutality to keep them in line.

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JoeSchmoe123 wrote:

@Reality2Day: I may disagree with you on another topic, but in this one you’ve made a convincing argument that Islam is just another Power & Control grab.

Like, really really well.

May 30, 2014 7:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
wims80 wrote:

All of the Abrahamic religions are just about power and control. In fact, all of the Abrahamic religions are basically the same, they are variants of judaism, most of the sacred texts are sacred in all the religions. If you read, for example, the bible you’ll see lots of disgusting things. For example in Deuteronomy 20:10-14 you’ll see that the god of the desert is advocating massacring the men in a village, then taking the women and children as slaves. In Deuteronomy 22:23-24 god is claiming that women that gets raped in a city should be stoned to death. In Zechariah 13:3 it is said that if somebody is operating as a false profet then they shall be killed by their parents.

These are the kind of horrible things that are written in all of the “holy” books of the god of the desert, the god of death. These abrahamic religions are the biggest source of evil around. It needs to be dealt with

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