In Europe, Obama gets second chance to explain his Russia policy

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JPHR wrote:

Democrat foreign policy adhered to by Albright, Hillary Clinton:
The Grand Chessboard, American Primacy & Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997) by ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI

So small wonder Hillary’s reset went nowhere.

Democracy is a pretext, because US never talks about democracy or human rights in Saudi Arabia.

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bhockey1 wrote:

The problem is that Europe can’t figure out what it want’s to do. It is a structural and political problem, as the Union itself lacks the central authority to make coherent policy, and the member states are beginning to seriously rethink the Union’s role. Ukraine is not the US’s problem… it is Europe’s problem. But Europe will not, and likely cannot, create a cogent response.

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Tiu wrote:

Don’t worry Poland, Obama is right behind you! He will send in the drones and lotsa freshly printed money if there’s any trouble.

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Calfri wrote:

@JPHR: Saudi Arabia isn’t invading other countries.

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stambo2001 wrote:

@Calfri No, it sponsors terrorism and suppresses it’s own people all with money and guidance from the USA. Once the Greenback falls, so does Saudi Arabia.

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MonitorLizard wrote:

“his policy?” I thought Putin was in charge in Russia. I can only imagine the response from readers if the article had been about Putin and “his plan for the US.”

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ahrcs wrote:

The US has an ambiguous foreign policy as it deals with the devils they know which basically deals with alliances not policy or morals.

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lub wrote:

Crimea was not annexed but reunited with Russia. It could not be annexed because it was a part of Russia for centuries until 1954.

Crimea decided about its fate overwhelmingly in a faultless referendum in March. But still, Obama is “expected to address criticism he has not done enough to push back against Moscow after it annexed Crimea in March”. What a crazy world!

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lub wrote:

Obama: “NATO only intervened after the people of Kosovo were systematically brutalized and killed for years.”
Is this how much time the Kiev junta should be given for killings before Russia intervenes in Donbass?

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lub wrote:

Obama: “It is absurd to suggest, as a steady drumbeat of Russian voices do, that America is somehow conspiring with fascists inside of Ukraine but failing to respect the Russian people”.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine is Oleksandr Sych, a member of far-right Svoboda party. Far-right politics is a term commonly used to describe fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist or reactionary views.

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bajram wrote:

President Obama can not avoid “conversation” face to face with President Putin. I spent time tracking that “policy that cold.” Russia’s Putin Is not it time that communism. Rusai today is the billionaire capitalist Russia the biggest planet. To refuse to talk or to infer on some problems that are vital for the world is the same as to “conceal heads in the sand” when the opponent put in front.

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SamuelReich wrote:

Of cause he and Europe will not use military force. The EU with a population of 500 million to the US 300 million and as big GDP has a smaller military. Russia may only have 147 million but like all force makes right mind set nations it has guns and solders.

Of cause the US and the EU can only use hot air power. FDR after Japan and Germany started act up big time got a Naval Re-armament Act. The US sand the EU are pushing further defense cuts. Without a central taxing and conscripting euro-zone wide organization, free trade competition in among members means eventual low spending on public goods except for spending on subsidies for favored industries. Further more the EU voters voted for reduced central power not more.

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SamuelReich wrote:

The EU has a bigger population than the US or Russia and as big a GDP and is not opposing China. Russia should be the EU’s problem. If it is built not spend on public goods shared by all members like an army. The Russian problem should show it need structural changes in a direction it is running from.

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Neurochuck wrote:

A less paranoid view of the agendas of the powerful in Washington would be that they:
Will shift “defense” spending from the “halliburton days” of logistics companies providing frozen meals for ground troops in the most difficult locations, and armies of contractor mercenaries – to the “high tech”, “cyber warfare”, “stealth drones”, “robot battlefield” etc sector.
Will pressure “allies” and “dependents” to spend at least 2% of their GDP (already announced) on their militaries, and buy lots of new Made in USA hardware and systems.
For this they need a “calibrated” conflict with evil bad guys that look like Chinese and Russians.
And their money is where their mouth is.

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Russians are pulling back regular forces, while sending mercenaries, probably under command of GRU. The only “diplomacy” they understand are sanctions and force.
Frenchmen are new Russian hacks. Le Pen wants special relationship with Russians and Hollande has the same agenda as the far right. Freaking lobbists are working hard to sell a rope to Russians on which they will hang us on.

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yurakm wrote:

“Eastern European statesmen” – is not it an oxymoron?

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1Piper wrote:

The US policy in Europe is garbage now that they all but broke relations with Russia.
Obama should sit at home and figure out why the US hates Russia and Russians. Maybe he’ll find that the US has self brain-washed with Russiaphobia propaganda.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

America and the West are reaping their own medicines because their beloved Israel and India has annexed Arab and Muslim lands for decades; same goes with China which is occupying other peoples land for decades. So telling Russia to relinquish Crimea will not bother evil Putin as the West did nothing against Israel, India and China instead the West has been trading and rewarding these evil countries.

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xcanada2 wrote:

As babeouf12 says: “No matter what Obama blathers out for CNN the Ukrainian coup funded by the US State Department was a huge miss step for US foreign policy.”

Yes, and I am hoping Europeans make him eat it.

The sooner US administrations and their leaders get over their megalomania, the better for everybody.

As ahrcs says: The US “basically deals with alliances not policy or morals”.

As soon as American leaders get back to policy and morals, then we Americans can again be proud of our government. But, with corporations and special interests running us, it not likely going to be anytime soon. I do find some hope though, in the apparent fact that Americans are rejecting putting their boots on the ground, in foreign countries.

The US government is being reduced to spreading their phony money around the world, using corruption, propaganda, and mercenaries to get their plans satisfied.

One hope to get American leaders (corporations, big money, and special interest influence) back into small boxes, would be to destroy their money. That is, the removal of the American dollar as the world reserve currency. China with 11% of US Debt , perhaps with Japan (9.6%), could do that if they thought is was in their long-term interests. As China, with Russian, Iranian and other world resources, grows, it will become easier.

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Art16 wrote:

Junior High Obama and his Pinhead Flotilla have no foreign policy that can be identified or deduced from his stay in office so far, and it is running a little late in the game to try to convince people something is real and not something fabricated to try to fit the moment. The sad thing is that the US elected someone as president who does not now have, or has ever had, the skill set to qualify for even an elementary school hallway monitor. We need a new introduction piece of music, “Fail to the Chief” would be appropriate.

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sspider wrote:

He has a policy? I like what some Congressman said: Putin’s playing chess and we’re playing marbles (at least I think that’s the way it was worded).

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sabrefencer wrote:

Obama doesn’t need a second chance to explain a zero policy, when it comes to dealing with Putinism….

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pbgd wrote:

Eternally disunited Europe has already cost the USA hundreds of thousands of lives in two world wars. When will America learn not to get dragged again and again into their hopeless quagmire?

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tatania wrote:

very interesting if you know the history.
the great Napoleon. he subdued the whole of Europe. he made enemies and allies. in 1812 Napoleon moved his army to the East and it has even reached Moscow. but then he had to go back to Paris with the remnants of his army. in 1939 Adolf Hitler began to dominate European countries. not many resisted. he had a plan and were allies. in 1941 he moved his troops to the East. no success. and in a few years this aggression has ended.. .in Berlin.
It is the lessons of history. you may say that now different times and technologies, but people have not changed. and man, if you want to dominate the world remember— this has already been

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Calfri wrote:

Lech Walesa is, of course, correct

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Overcast451 wrote:

0bama has only one policy: to serve his corporate masters.

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carlmartel wrote:

My comment is missing. I want heat and fire for America.

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