Texas gun groups clash with NRA on armed protests in public spaces

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REnninga wrote:

This should be clear evidence that America has a very serious ‘guns problem’, when there are “armed groups” flaunting their lethal weapons in public, and that they are so fanatical and fixated on their guns that they think that even the NRA is not “pro gun ownership” enough for them!!!

This is getting to be beyond scary for the 200 Million Americans two-thirds) who DO NOT own guns nor feel any need to own guns, knowing that the 100 Million Americans (one third) who DO OWN guns now collectively possess more than 320 MILLION guns!

It is getting to the point that one of the most concerning and real threats to average, law abiding Americans, is becoming the victim of a “law abiding gun owner” who “acquired their guns legally” and who “is legally carrying”, … but had a bad day!

Jun 02, 2014 5:18pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Ralphooo wrote:

NRA Position: Whatever is good for gun manufacturers’ profits.
Open Carry Texas Position: We are all Rambo! Liberals, tremble before our might!
Conclusion: Parking lots full of Rambos may be bad for gun manufacturers’ profits.

Jun 02, 2014 6:49pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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