California primary kicks off divisive election season for Democrats

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morbas wrote:

Democrat Divide,
In North Carolina, when the opposition party usurps the ballot, the minority is not given equal access to state wide representative’s of our choice. In effect the Democrat Party abandons gerrymandered people. Thus, I have registered as an independent.

Northern CA counties, don’t separate, instead propose

Gerrymander Antidote
World Democracies have used partial proportioned electoral systems to minimize gerrymandering. Simply, the percentage of ballots cast for a party restricts the number of seats it may occupy. An unintended consequence is the individual perspective balloting loses traceability, this is unacceptable to the American voter. The following system maintains traceability by involving the balloted elective in the dispersion/sequester of ballots for seat allotment. Since any elected Representative is entrusted by our direct ballot, that person is entrusted to re-allocate ballots per that balloted persons determination. Thus bartering from and to other perspective Representative candidates to achieve a seat or in exchanged of ballots for political favor. In these two ways the minority gains representation. This represents a positive ‘for something’ rather than negative ‘preventive against’ voting strategy.
The People vote for any one statewide legislative Representative candidate in the same manner as in voting for two State wide Senate seats. After the balloting period, each perspective Representative candidate tallies his/her vote, and if equal to or larger than the minimum he/she fills one of the States Federal Congressional House Representative seat (minimum equals total ballots cast divided by number of allotted seats to be filled). If a ballot tally is less than the minimum he/she can politically compromise for the necessary additional ballots with other candidates having excess or insufficient free ballots to re-allocate. After a set period barter time, free ballots are re-allotted by the residing State governor.
morbas(i) ex CA,TX,VA,WA now NC(land of the oligarch)

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donincardona wrote:

well they will still elect democrats so this artical is hogwash.

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