U.S. Army will not look away from any Bergdahl misconduct: Dempsey

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BeRealistic wrote:

By all first hand accounts, it seems as if there is little question about his guilt, it is now just a matter of due process. Even the father should be put on the watch list it seems.

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duclod wrote:

He must account for and be held responsible for leaving his post. I think a General Courts Martial would be appropriate and the truth will come out.

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towntile wrote:

Leaving one’s unit when on the battlefield is a serious offense.

If one is accused of committing this act then the military should open a fair inquiry and the facts should be made public and if the facts reveal that he might of committed a breach of the law then he should be tried.

The inquiry should not be tainted by politician’s input.

If the President of the United States desires to issue this individual a full and unconditional pardon that is his right and he should do so but then explain to the citizens of the United States his reason for doing so.
If t

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lag46 wrote:

I suspect Bergdahl will not face charges, will get his back pay, and will get full VA benefits (including disability compensation). General Dempsey will be trumped by our President and Secretary of Defense – politics rule. If he is proven quilty, it’ll be a crying shame. It seems the French Foreign Legion is a better judge of recruits than the US Army.

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lag46 wrote:

Bergdahl told his father he hated the Army and the United States and was going to leave and walk into the mountains of Pakistan. His father replied: “Follow your conscience”. Bowe Bergdahl did and bears responsibility; his father bears responsibility for his guidance to his disturbed son. Both are a real piece of work.

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