SoftBank to start selling personal robots next year

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thenetisus wrote:

The first true personal robot arrives with the same sub-$2000 sticker price as the most basic MacBook Pro. Japan shows us the future – by being it.

A future made of science, technology and common sense. With a well-regulated economy with a rational sustainable growth rate averaging 2%/annum over the previous three decades and a similar upward trend in GDP/capita as they shed population pounds at a modest 0.1%/annum; with a GDP/land-base 8 times that of the United States; with 67% of its land-base natural forest (compared to the U.S. 30%); with obesity levels 1/10th U.S. rates; with 5 years greater longevity; with crime indices more than twice as good as U.S. rates (1/13th the homicide)- with stats like those Japan proves the virtues of ‘zero population growth’, of well-regulated economy, and seeing what you’ve got before it’s irretrievably lost. Japan – where to look for hopeful future.

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