Senators in deal on veterans health scandal; 18 deaths confirmed

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timeecho wrote:

I don’t understand the point of having such health care for Vets separate from the rest. In todays world it would seem more feasible to incorporate VA with Obamacare.

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sophie11rose wrote:

Good!! My only question is WHAT took them so long vets have been dealing with the mess that is the VA since Viet Nam. What do you bet the House wastes a lot of time on “drama” and never approves anything?

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Let me guess ,the GOP in the House will do something wacky like only approve this if the Bush tax cuts are made permanent.

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sabrefencer wrote:

get rid of the VA..turn some of the hospitals into rehab facilities…get rid of obamacare..write off another two trillion to cover it all,…then let the vets have the same healthcare, as all the rest of us…..allow, all healthcare companies, to compete in all states…allow max awards to be set, rather than feel good awards, that sap the entire system… ,, there simple, if we have the guts, to call a halt, to failed obama play experiments in socialism… the way, i didnt think, the senators voted for obamacare as a tax? if it was ruled one, by the surpreme court, how come , with all the changes from the original bill, it was not sent back to the congress , for a revote…isn’t what we have today illegal???

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4825 wrote:

Senators trying to clean up more of the administration’s mess. 18 confirmed dead. Would this be manslaughter, negligent homicide and/or grounds for impeachment?

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Rich_F wrote:

throw money at it. that’s all the government knows how to do. they do it every time there’s a failure in results somewhere. never mind the regulation, inefficient processes, bad plans or any other factors throw $ at it and kick the can down the road. this is how you get $17.5 trillion in debt in a nation that has been the most prosperous in all of recorded human history. hey at least our veterans are getting some of the crumbs.

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xyz2055 wrote:

“Sanders, who chairs the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, said lawmakers from both parties are “appalled” by the delays and cover-ups in Phoenix and elsewhere.”

This is 1 of two Congressional committees that are responsible for oversight of the VA. It was their responsibility not the President’s to address these issues. That’s what those committees were formed for. If these people aren’t doing their job..then what’s the purpose of having these committees. I’m sure they appreciate that some of you are letting them off the hook and putting the entire blame on Obama. Presidents are not responsible for oversight of the various departments within the government. Congress is!

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4825 wrote:

Obama campaigned on cleaning up the lines and issues at the VA. I am sure he greatly appreciates you letting him get away with yet another misrepresentation (nice way of saying lie). It is up to the president to pick the head of the VA. When you are hired to do a job you are pocked by the person that is responsible for your performance. Funny how the wild eyed extreme liberals are always looking to place blame on anyone but Obama.

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jimw1016 wrote:

Come on guys, the entire government is a waste of flesh and oxygen that does nothing! What took them so ling? Their effing backs are against the wall. It’s the fault of the Senate and Congress for allowing this BS to continue, do you really believe they don’t realize VA Healthcare is a very dangerous joke. I’m in it, trust me. I dealt with an impassable kidney stone for over a year before they did the procedure, then outsourced it to a state run hospital which botched the procedure. Everything we know of as pertaining to government is in the same boat. Google Crumbling America on YouTube. Our infrastructure is all but disintegrating, and the GOP has shot down Obama proposed infrastructure improvements at least 3 times. Katrina mayhem may have been avoided if Bush didn’t stop a proposal to rep[air the levies. Look at our streets. Google the Wolf Creek dam in Cumberland Kentucky, built on limestone 60 years ago. Holds back enough water to cover the state of New Jersey with one foot of water and it is on its last leg. When it lets go, millions of gallons of water will blast down that river valley, destroying everything and everyone in sight. Think about property owners who can’t sell and get out? Infrastructure issue, then we can discuss bridges?

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