Egypt's Sisi takes office to cool reception from West

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mohamedmohsen wrote:

I wish the editor was in Egypt to notice that the brotherhood wrecked democracy, we had militants walking the streets with BinLaden pictures carrying fire arms and sords and knives to carry intimidation, churches were torched, all that made the people of Egypt stand against the brotherhood with its subsidiaries.
If that is against the will of the West, we care less if the humanity has a new meaning!
24 million elected Sisi, no president got this approval in the past although there was no real competition as ALL of us were predetermined.
Please know

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mustafaspeaks wrote:

If, let’s say, one of the two major political parties in the United States was overthrown by the other in the manner that Mursi’s government was, you’re damn right they would “bomb their way [back] into power.” And they have a right to!

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Well said mohamedmohsen, I agree hope things over there change for the better Sisi so far is on the right track.

Jun 08, 2014 7:15am EDT  --  Report as abuse
SR37212 wrote:

It seems wherever the EU sticks its nose ruin and chaos follow. They caused untold hardships on most of the people in Northern Africa and are now doing it in the Ukraine.

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MonitorLizard wrote:

I’m not sure what you are trying to say “mustafaspeaks.” I can’t see the Democrats “bombing” the Repubs just to regain most of Congress. That only happens in dictatorial countries like your own.

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paintcan wrote:

@Monitorlizard – or after an election cycle or two of unlimited campaign financing when the donors don’t think they got what they paid for.

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JohnNico wrote:

Considering the instability in Egypt was caused by the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s lack of foresight in foreign policy, it is laughable that anyone is complaining about Sisi. Remember “The Arab Spring” in 2010 that the media touted? Democratic change? Yeah, right. I said it back then…..when you create a power vacuum, this is what happens. Now the US is more isolated from this new government. And has less influence with Egypt. The US Government in foreign policy is clueless.

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sabrefencer wrote:

Hope he takes off his sunglasses and see’s the tasks before him..hope he does a much better job, than he did in the Sinai

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njglea wrote:

JohnNico, were you around when George Bush, Sr. was defeated by Bill Clinton? Mr. Bush was the head of the CIA before he was Reagan’s vice president and at the end of Bush’s presidential term the top people in his administration ran like rats from a sinking ship to global entities. Apparently when one is the head of intelligence for a country, like Mr. Putin also was for Russia, one finds the path to being a well-paid “master of the universe”. Nice try but you can’t pin this on President Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Doc62 wrote:

The Arab spring brought chaos, sharia law, intolerance of all non-followers and NO money. Tourism, their #1 income has totally collapsed. Just ask any shopkeeper in Cairo. See the Pyramids or see my death? I’ll stay at home.
Iran followed this path when they ousted Shah Pashlavi in their “Arab Spring”. Now look what they got. Did the Ayatollahs treat their people any better than Mubarek?
When Sisi restores the security that Mubarek created, things should return to normal.

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BanglaFirst wrote:

Sisi is a criminal tyrant and he will go in a coffin or he will be hanged along with his civilian thugs for gross human rights violations, murders, tortures and undertaking a coup against a freely elected Government.

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Lilydaisy wrote:

Why would we be for the Muslim brotherhood?

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Saluki21 wrote:

@ JohnNico – the instability in Egypt has zero to do with the US and everything to do with their own culture. I do not support some of Obama’s foreign policy, but please don’t try and blame him.

@BanglaFirst – you must be an Islamist. So Sisi should be executed. And women’s rights should be trampled on. And Christian churches should be burned. And racial minorities should be either kicked out or made servants. Good try there – the MB is an evil organization because it wants to dictate how people think and believe. All so those at the top can amass power and wealth. Look at Iran and the leadership of the Republican Guard. Pure corruption.

A military government is far better than one that does not respect basic human rights.

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sedlenke wrote:

Egypt traded a tiger for a wolf, got rid of the wolf and now put a crocodile in its place.

This will probably not end well.

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westernshame wrote:

“Last month’s election, which officials said Sisi won with 97 percent of the vote”

no mention of the undemocratic act of extending the voting several times because voter turn out was so dismal they feared no one would recognize the election as legitimate… because it is not

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Brunaux wrote:

Egypt is now controlled by a bunch of thugs and crooks.. Under El-Sissy’s leadership, the military government has massacred thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets in protest against the coup and detained tens of thousands in prisons.. European Union observers were expelled from Cairo Seminar because of their report/views on the recent farce presidential election..
“As for those who shed the blood of the innocents, there will be no place for them in this path” quote by El-Sissy..
If he meant what he said above then there should be no place for him in Egypt..
He is the new Pharaoh..
Egypt started a new dark age of military repression..

Jun 09, 2014 1:11pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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